[Resolved]- Unable To Send Port Message in Aircel

I usually don’t write such articles but it’s related to mobile users’ life and I started this blog to help people, so it’s my responsibility that I will provide the solutions what I know.

Few days back, I was looking to change the mobile network from Aircel to Jio. The major problem was that the Aircel’s connectivity is damn poor in out of my city area. I tried a lot that I never wanted to switch to any other mobile service provider, but I couldn’t help myself.

In order to opt other network services, I needed to send a PORT message to 1900. I tried to send one, but it didn’t work. I was able to send messages on any other number, but 1900 number was block. I tried it many times, but nothing worked for me. I even searched for the solution on the Internet.

There are many methods which claims to sort out the issue – ‘unable to send port message in Aircel’. They might work for other technical problems, but in my case nothing worked.

[Resolved]- Unable To Send Port Message in Aircel
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I observed that I am able to send to message on any number, except 1900. This raised a doubt that the Aircel did it intentionally. Let me justify this statement.

With the launch of Jio, each of network service provider is struggling to keep its customer base, but JIO attracted huge masses due to its low call rate and internet plans. Aircel was already offering affordable call and net plans, but not as cheap as JIO did. They are also having poor connectivity in rural areas. To stop the users from switching to another network, they put restriction on PORT.

Then, how did I find the solution?

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Not Able to Send Message to 1900 [Resolved]

I never accept the defeat when I am right at my side. I called up customer care number many times, and wasted amount Rs 50 without any resolution.

Then I wrote an email to Aircel customer care email….


I send them an email and received response that they have sorted out the issue. I tried again to send PORT message to 1900, but it declined.

first email to aircel customer care

The next thing what I did was sending an email to higher authority. I send an email to-


And received this response. It was my last email. I got a call from Aircel executive and she promised for proper resolution in next half an hour.

sent an email to aircel another email id

I tried to send a message and this time I received the PUC code.

So you can also use this email. Try to send mail to first id as per you state. If you didn’t get proper resolution, then try the second mail id if you are staying in Rajasthan.

If you are from any other State then just change the state name in email id.

E.g. If you are from Assam then the mail id will be appellate.assam@aircel.co.in.

You can also Google your appellate email id with your state name.

If you find any problem in this entire process, do comment your problem down below. I will try to get you solution.

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