What is “Request was Throttle” on Robinhood and How We Can Solve it in Easy Steps?

Robinhood offers a variety of services to make the lives of investors easier. However, there are times when you can’t use these services and you’re left frustrated without a clear explanation as to why. Sometimes when you use a Robinhood account you might get a message “Request was Throttled” or we can say the application was rejected. This may increase your frustration about Robinhood.

But if you understand the reason behind this message your frustration might reduce. Over some time, there are lots of applications received by the company. So to limit the number of service users that go through via IPA getaway, companies use throttling. This IPA Getaway helps the companies to limit the requests at a certain number and at a certain time. This whole process ensures the safety of the brokerage firm that causes a threat due to request flooding.

So, what exactly does the “request was throttled” mean in Robinhood? Let’s understand deeply in this blog.

What does “Request was throttled” mean on Robinhood?

The “Request was throttle” on Robinhood is the process of limiting the requests submitted by you for a specific operation at a specific period. 

“Request was throttled” on Robinhood is a process whereby Robinhood limits the requests you or authorized developers submit to a specific operation at a specific period. It could be submitting your request list or ordering a report. This is because it protects the web from requests to give every service user access to the web service.

Companies achieved this process by using throttling filters. Now it is the work of filters to continue the process of task configuration that a particular client has done on specific applications. Once the client exceeds the number of applications that are predefined for a specific request the “request throttle” response ends because the filter fails for the messages exceeding the predefined limit.

How does “Throttling request” work on Robinhood?

You can relate the throttling with permission. Whenever you ask for permission. Whenever you are seeking permission, it is a bit obvious that a decision is made before the authority. The throttle position is temporary and the requests made by the clients are usually through API-controlled throttle. The API is throttled for non-authenticated requests and lower limits may apply to authenticated requests.

Besides this, whenever you want to have different restrictions on a different part of API, you just need to apply multiple throttles, this is because some services are more resourceful. And when both burst and continuous throttling rates are running the multiple throttles comes into consideration.

Throttlers can be used as a storage service as per throttle bandwidth. You can block access to specific records with the help of data service throttle.

Whenever you violate any restrictions the API Gateway behaves according to the next policy failover path configured in the Throttling Filter. The signals you send are manually controlled by Robinhood. Robinhood does this because a lot of people send signals and all of them need attention. So to provide better services, ensure sensitivity, secure customer assets, and better management, Robinhood always receives signals in bits. That is why sometimes it is difficult for you to sign in to your Robinhood account.

How Can I solve the “request was throttled” on Robinhood?

To successfully proceed with your submissions and feeds, you can apply the below-suggested ways so that you can get a better experience and on-time service.

Understand the Throttling Limit of the Request you are Submitting

There are lots of requests in Robinhood, and every request is different from each other. So different requests have different throttling limits. You need to understand the throttling limits of different requests. Once you understand the limits of specific requests you will proceed with caution. Because it gives you an idea that filters are there to stop you from exceeding the limit. And when you send the request by considering the limit, you can submit your requests successfully.

The request system can be automated. If you can understand how it works using automation, then you can save time. Your system will get an idea about the time and number of requests you submit for a particular period. It also helps in getting the number of request quotas remaining so that you can plan your next request as per your quota.

Request Distribution

If you want to increase the availability of the services you can opt for request distribution. You must submit your request at a variable period. Always keep in mind that the request should not be sent at the same hour as the previous request. Track the low traffic hours and submit your request accordingly because low traffic hours can enhance the chances of successful submission of the request.

The best time for submitting a request is early morning or early evening hours, this is the time when Robinhood receives low traffic.

Contact to Robinhood

If you are still facing the “request was throttle” issue, you can contact Robinhood directly. This is the best way to reach out to Robinhood and to solve your issue.

Just go to their website and tap on “contact us”. Or you can click on “help center”, you will be then forwarded to a new page where you will see a message “Hello! How can I help you”. Reply to this message by submitting the “request was throttled” issue.

Robinhood is also available on social media. They have their verified accounts on Twitter as “@RobinhoodApp” and on Facebook “Robinhood” or have email as at “@robinhood.com”.

For any query, you can contact them on Social Media by DM them or you can also post the issue you are facing and tag them. They will see your post and reach out to you as soon as possible. They always give priority to emails as whenever you email them they take your issue seriously. Even every organization gives emails a serious shot. So email might save your time and effort.


That’s all..!!

We hope that we have been able to solve your query related to “request was throttle”. If you also have any way or solution to solve this issue then you can share it in the comments.

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