How to Remove Malware from Your Android Phone Or Tablet?

Google is constantly improving its ecosystem to make it safer for millions of its users. Being a Google product, Android is also getting regular threats from malware and malicious apps from the cyber-criminals. Android has become more secured place for the users, however there are still hundreds of infectious apps and files available on the platform to harm your Android device.

Being an open source platform, there are hundreds of developers who publish their apps and games on the Play Store for the users. There are active cyber-criminals who also provide different types of paid software and apps for free for the users. To attract the users, the cyber-criminals use attractive terms so that they can install malicious files and apps from the third-party sources. Such malicious files can steal your phone’s personal info, banking info, contact details and more of your phone’s data. Such apps are very dangerous for your phone and if you find that your Android device too is infected by such malware, here we will present you some ways with which you can remove such malware from your Android device and can make your device more secured.

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How To Remove Malware From Your Android Device?

How to Remove Malware from Your Android Phone Or Tablet

Solution 1: Shutdown Your Device Until You Find The Problem

Malware on the phone spreads out gradually to your entire device, so whenever you found that your device got attacked by some malware, you need to Shut down your device immediately. This way, you can stop the malware from spreading to your entire phone.

Do not turn on your device until you find the malicious item on your device. You need to recollect the information of your past activities on your phone. Recall the previously installed apps on your device. If you have installed any third-party app or game or software without the consent, find it out. Collect as much information as you can to find out the infected items from your device.

To narrow-down the issue, you can search on the internet about the issue which is currently happening to your Android device. If you can’t find the reason, you can turn on your device and look up for the newly installed apps and games. This way you can short out things.

Solution 2: Reboot to Safe Mode

Android device lets you boot it to safe mode. By switching on your phone to Safe Mode, you can simply stop the malware from spreading to your device. You will be able to make use of your Android device and can explore all the apps and games and can make calls through your device. Safe Mode is very helpful for the users who can’t turn on their devices normally.

If you are not aware about switching your phone to safe mode, following steps will guide you to turn your device to Safe Mode easily.

How To Turn Your Device To Safe Mode?

  • Press and hold down the Power button for a couple of seconds.
  • You would see Power screen with a few additional options.
  • Here, you could see an option Reboot to Safe Mode, select this phone.
  • Once you choose this mode, your device will be rebooted to Safe Mode.

If you are unable to turn your device into Safe Mode, you can simply put your device into Airplane Mode. This will cut down your phone’s networks and this way malware and other infectious files won’t affect or harm your device.

Solution 3: Make use of Settings App

Android device lets you explore a variety of options within the Settings app. You can easily locate the infectious app from the Settings app. In order to locate the app, you just need to go to the Settings options. Scroll down until you see the Application Manager or Apps option, select this option and you would be presented with a list of all the installed applications and games. You need to go through the names of the apps and this way you can figure out which apps which you have installed recently to your device.

Solution 4: Uninstall the Infected App

Once you locate the infected app by scrolling through the Application Manager, you need to uninstall the infected app right away from the device. You need to open the infected app within the Apps or Application Manager. On this app, you would see Uninstall button. Once you click the Uninstall button, the device will remove this app right away.

For some reasons, you won’t be able to uninstall the app from your device. However, you could see Disable option on the same page. You need to disable such app from the device which won’t harm your device in future. On the other hand, you might also want to check out the Downloads section from your device. This way you will get to know if you have downloaded any infected files from the Internet. You need to immediately remove such files which are of no use.

Solution 5: Install Anti-Malware App to your Android device

If your device is infected by viruses or malicious files, you need to have some protections for your device. There are plenty of anti-malware applications available on the Play Store, you can download an appropriate Anti-Malware app to add protection to your device. Such anti-malware software can scan for viruses and it can easily remove the junk files from your device. You can locate such malicious files and apps from the device with the use of such Anti-Malware software on your device. Once the app shows you such files and apps, you can remove or uninstall them from the device to protect it.

You can explore the Play Store from your Android device and can install a variety of software such as Avast Security, AVG Antivirus, 360 Security etc. which are available for absolutely free of cost. You can try any of these security app on your device to protect it from future malware attacks.


To stop malicious apps from taking over your phone, you also want to keep it constantly updated. Installing the newest versions of the operating system will help keep your phone safe from attacks. Knowing what apps you are downloading, getting a good security app, and keeping your Android updated are the best ways of preventing malware attacks from happening.

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