10 Real Money Earning Apps In India (Updated List 2024)

In today’s digital age, mobile apps have become a lucrative avenue for generating income.

In India, there’s a plethora of apps designed to help users earn money in diverse ways.

If you’re keen on boosting your earnings, it’s essential to stay informed about these apps and understand their workings.

Real Money Earning Apps In India

Let’s dive into our overview of some of the most effective real money-earning apps available in India.

A Glimpse into Money-Earning Apps

Several apps enable users to earn money, and they can be broadly categorized into:

  • Task-based Apps: These apps reward users for performing simple tasks. Whether it’s taking surveys, watching videos, or shopping online, there’s potential to earn.
  • Gaming Apps: For those who love playing games, certain apps offer monetary rewards for indulging in your favorite pastime.
  • Cashback Apps: Shopping enthusiasts can benefit from these apps. Every time you shop online using these platforms, you receive a fraction of your spendings back, either as cash or points.
  • Referral Apps: Word of mouth is powerful. By recommending these apps to friends and family, and having them sign up using your link, you can earn commissions.
  • Freelancing Apps: Those with specific skills, be it writing, designing, coding, or marketing, can find freelance opportunities using dedicated apps.

Our Top Picks:

Here are the Top 10 Money earning Apps in India

  • EarnKaro
  • TaskBucks
  • Swagbucks
  • Roz Dhan
  • Cointiply
  • Current Rewards
  • Pocket Money
  • The Panel Station
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Streetbees

Key Points to Earn Money Through Apps:

  • Research the app in detail before using.
  • Read reviews and comments from other users.
  • Understand the app’s Terms and Conditions thoroughly.
  • Be cautious of apps requesting an upfront fee.
  • Genuine money-making apps are usually free to join.

List of 10 Real Money Earning Apps without Investment in India

1. EarnKaro


Introducing EarnKaro, your ticket to effortless online earnings. This user-friendly app has already paved the way for students, homemakers, and part-time enthusiasts to reap substantial financial rewards. The cherry on top? No initial investment is needed to get started with EarnKaro. Simply dive into the app, discover deals from renowned brands, and share them with your near and dear ones. By partnering with top retailers like Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Mama Earth, Adidas, and several others, you’re given a golden chance. Every time a purchase is made through your shared affiliate link, a commission lands in your pocket.

Key Details about EarnKaro App:

  • Launch Year: 2015
  • User Ratings: 3.8/5
  • Downloads: Over 1M
  • Compatibility: Android 5.1 and above
  • Installation: [Visit for Android]

How to Earn:

  1. Download the app from the Google Play Store.
  2. Get on board by signing up with your email or phone number.
  3. Browse and share deals or craft unique product links for promotion.
  4. Spread your affiliate link far and wide.
  5. Cash out your earnings, starting from as low as ₹10.

Potential monthly earnings? Brace yourself for a range between ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 50,000!

2. TaskBucks:


Looking for a fun way to earn some extra cash? TaskBucks is your answer! This app allows you to play quizzes and games to accumulate coins. Once you’ve gathered enough, you can exchange these coins for real money. But that’s not all! Engage in simple tasks, take part in contests, and you might just win free mobile recharge. By recommending TaskBucks to your friends and acquaintances, you can boost your earnings. Plus, enjoy complimentary talk time as a bonus. On a good day, you can earn up to 10,000 coins.

Key Details about TaskBucks:

  • Launch Year: 2014
  • Ratings: 4.3 out of 5
  • Downloads: Over 10 million
  • Compatibility: Android version 5.0 and above
  • Installation: Visit for Android

How to Earn:

  • Referral Bonanza: Earn ₹20 for every successful referral you make.
  • App Adventures: Get between ₹5 to ₹20 for each app you download.
  • Speak Up: Complete feedback surveys and earn from ₹10 to ₹50.
  • Game On: Play games on the app and earn cash.
  • Contest Craze: Join the daily contests for even more earnings.

3. Swagbucks:


Swagbucks is a renowned online platform that allows users to earn in various ways, including discovering new products, taking surveys, shopping with preferred brands, and even submitting grocery receipts. Recognized as one of the top online earning apps, Swagbucks sees daily redemptions of over 10,000 gift cards by its users. If you’re considering joining, there’s a cherry on top: a $10 welcome bonus awaits you!

Key Details about Swagbucks App:

  • Year of Launch: 2013
  • User Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Total Downloads: Over 5 million
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 13.1 for Apple devices and Android version 9 and above for Android devices.

How to Earn:

  1. Getting Started: Install the app, log in, and instantly earn 100 SB.
  2. Stay Updated: Sign up for the Morning Brew daily email. Open the first two emails and earn 65 SB.
  3. Try Your Luck: Play the “Luck is On Your Side” game to bag 25 SB.
  4. Loyalty Pays: Join Exxon Mobile Rewards+ and be rewarded with 30 SB.
  5. Shopping List Bonus: Add your initial grocery item to the list and claim 10 SB.
  6. Browser Bonus: Install the SwagButton extension on Chrome and earn 25 SB.
  7. Know Your Credit: Get a free credit score from SoFi and take home a whopping 1,000 SB.
  8. Survey Rewards: Complete at least five surveys and earn 5 SB.
  9. Discovery Earnings: Explore new products and services, and earn anywhere from 2 SB to a massive 10,000 SB.
  10. Consistency Counts: Redeem Swag Codes daily for a week and pocket 15 SB.
  11. Quick Queries: Answer ten short question sets and earn 20 SB, which totals to 140 SB per week.

4. Roz Dhan:

Roz Dhan

The Roz Dhan app is a fun way to make some extra cash just by being active on it. Imagine earning money by simply checking your daily horoscope, solving puzzles, browsing websites, or catching up with the latest news! Not only that, but you can also dive into a variety of free games and earn rewards when you come out on top. To sweeten the deal, Roz Dhan welcomes everyone with ₹50 upon signing up. And if you tackle the ‘instant cash tasks’, you’ll find yourself ₹300 richer, ready to cash out in just 2 days.

Key Details about Roz Dhan:

  • Launch Year: 2018
  • User Rating: 4.1 out of 5
  • Downloads: Over 10 million
  • Platform: Android (Click to Visit)

How to Earn:

  1. Download apps through special offers and dedicated offer walls on Roz Dhan to earn cash.
  2. Fancy a glimpse into the future? Check your Daily Horoscope and get rewarded.
  3. Get in the game! Play games and participate in surveys within the app to earn more.
  4. Stay fit and earn by walking and burning calories. Yes, you get cash rewards for that too!
  5. Dive into Prime offers, Instant Withdraw Tasks, and High Earning Task offers to boost your earnings.
  6. Be entertained and earn simultaneously by watching videos on Roz Dhan.
  7. Spread the word! Refer and invite your friends to join the fun and earn an unlimited amount of money every day.

5. Cointiply:


Cointiply is a platform where you can grow your cryptocurrency collection, including Bitcoin. By engaging in daily surveys, playing entertaining games, viewing videos, interacting with ads, and even chatting with fellow users, you earn coins. Once collected, these coins can be converted into popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Doge, LTC, or Dash. To sweeten the deal, Cointiply offers loyalty bonuses that can double your rewards. Additionally, users can benefit from regular bonus days, coin boosts, and exciting giveaways.

Key Details about Cointiply App:

  • Launch Year: 2020
  • User Ratings: 4.6 out of 5
  • Downloads: Over 1 million
  • Compatibility: Android version 5.0 and above
  • Installation: Visit for Android

How to Earn:

  1. Take online surveys and receive between $1 and $5 for each completed survey.
  2. Enjoy games and simultaneously earn in Bitcoin, DOGE, Dash, or LTC.
  3. Regular logins can amplify your loyalty bonus, reaching up to 100%.
  4. Accumulating 35,000 Coins? Enjoy a 5% interest on your balance.
  5. Undertake tasks and level up to gain reward points, which can be traded for tangible prizes.
  6. Try the exclusive sci-fi themed multiplier game to bolster your Coin count.
  7. Refer friends and earn: 25% of their faucet claims and 10% from their offer earnings.

6. Current Rewards

Become a member of Current Rewards and transform your leisure time into earnings! Love listening to your favorite bands or tuning into the latest radio stations? With Current Rewards, you can enjoy your music and get paid for it. But that’s not all. Dive into surveys, try out fun games and apps, or watch quick videos to boost your earnings. Shopping addicts, rejoice! Get cashback on your purchases. Plus, if you spread the word and refer the app to friends, you’ll see a nice bonus in your account.

By engaging with all these features, you could potentially pocket around $600 annually. Not bad for just using an app, right?

Key Details about Current Rewards App:

  • Launch Year: 2018
  • User Ratings: 4.3/5
  • Downloads: Over 10M
  • Compatibility:

How to Earn:

  1. Tune into radio stations via the app and watch those points climb.
  2. Shop your heart out and earn points for every dollar spent.
  3. Have friends looking for cool apps? Refer them to Current Rewards and get points when they hop on board.
  4. Share your thoughts through surveys and add more points to your tally.
  5. Game enthusiasts, earn points based on your playtime.
  6. Keep the app open while charging your device and earn effortlessly.
  7. Set the app as your lock screen and accumulate points with zero effort.
  8. Review content and watch your points grow faster.
  9. Feeling lucky? Enter the weekly raffles and stand a chance to win big.

7. Pocket Money

Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a versatile application that offers users opportunities to supplement their income. Through the app, individuals can engage in a variety of activities such as seeking out high-paying offers, completing specific tasks, viewing videos, and participating in the game of tambola. Over time, the app has garnered a substantial user base, with millions having benefited by securing free mobile recharges amounting to millions. The developers of the app claim that by maintaining an active presence, users can potentially earn up to ₹7000. For those looking to offset expenses like bills, movie tickets, or even cab fares, Pocket Money serves as a handy solution.

Key Details about Pocket Money:

  • Year of Launch: 2014
  • User Rating: 4.3 out of 5
  • Total Downloads: Over 1 Crore
  • Compatibility: iOS (requires version 9.0 or later) and Android (requires version 6.0 and up)
  • Installation: Direct links available for both iOS and Android users.

How to Earn:

  1. Users can download applications listed on Pocket Money and avail cashback benefits.
  2. The app showcases a range of offers categorized as Featured, Popular, and High Earning, allowing users to select what suits them best.
  3. Specific tasks associated with certain apps, like opening them on designated days or consuming a certain amount of data, can also result in monetary rewards.
  4. For those looking for more, additional applications can be explored on platforms such as Appzone and App Gallery.
  5. Pocket Videos is a section dedicated to trending and viral content, and watching these can also contribute to earnings.
  6. Playing the Tambola Game is not just fun but can also lead to rewarding outcomes.
  7. Referring the app to friends and acquaintances is another avenue for earnings, with the potential to earn ₹160 daily.
  8. The app’s promise of free mobile recharges and limitless transfers via Paytm adds to its appeal.
  9. Lastly, for those always on the lookout for a good deal, Pocket Money aggregates various deals and coupons, making it a one-stop-shop for savings.

8. The Panel Station

The Panel Station

If you enjoy completing surveys, The Panel Station is an excellent way to make some extra cash. These surveys come from various sources, including government agencies, communities, and businesses. They typically take between 30 seconds to 10 minutes to complete, with longer surveys offering higher compensation. Notably, major brands like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm use these surveys to gain insights about consumers. So, when you participate, you are being compensated for your input.

Key Details about The Panel Station:

  • Launched in 2014
  • Rating: 4.1/5
  • Downloads: 10L+
  • IOS Requirement: iOS 12.0
  • Android Requirement: 5.0 and up

How to Earn:

  1. Join The Panel Station community.
  2. Engage in app-based surveys.
  3. Collect rewards and use them as you like.
  4. Stay updated with instant notifications for offers and surveys.

9. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

While many might be skeptical of paid surveys, Google Opinion Rewards is an exception. Available on the Play Store, this app offers a genuine way to earn. Once downloaded, Google will ask you some personal questions. After this, you can anticipate monthly surveys. For each completed survey, you’ll receive around $1 credited to your Play Store account.

Key Details about Google Opinion Rewards:

  • Launched in 2017
  • Rating: 4.6/5
  • Downloads: 5Cr+
  • IOS Requirement: iOS 14.0 or later
  • Android Requirement: 5.0 and up

How to Earn:

  1. Complete surveys and earn PayPal cash (for iOS users) or Google Play Store Credits (for Android users).
  2. Use the credits to purchase apps, subscriptions, and more.
  3. Surveys often relate to shopping, travel, and more, maximizing your earning potential.

10. Streetbees


Streetbees is a unique platform, leveraging AI to analyze surveys and public reviews. Once registered, you can embark on recommended surveys or share details about your daily life in chat form, complete with photos or videos. Surveys are typically short, taking 3-10 minutes. Payments vary, but a brief survey might offer Rs. 8-10, while lengthier ones can reward up to Rs. 50. This data benefits companies such as Unilever, Carlsberg, and Sony.

Key Details about Streetbees:

  • Launched in 2015
  • Rating: 4.3/5
  • Downloads: 10L+
  • IOS Requirement: iOS 13.0 or later
  • Android Requirement: 6.0 and up

How to Earn:

  1. Install the app and register as a ‘bee’.
  2. Explore available ‘stories’ or surveys. If there aren’t any, stay patient. More will come as the app learns about you.
  3. Most stories are quick, ranging from opinion polls to more engaging photo or video responses.
  4. Some stories even offer up to $5 or entry into prize draws, with payments sent directly to your PayPal.


Earning cash doesn’t have to be a drag. A variety of apps let you engage in activities you enjoy, from listening to tunes, assisting shoppers, to gaming, all while padding your wallet. All you need is an Android or IOS device, and you can embark on your money-making journey today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which apps can I use to earn money without any upfront investment?

Here’s a list of the top 10 apps:

  • EarnKaro
  • TaskBucks
  • Swagbucks
  • Roz Dhan
  • Cointiply
  • Current Rewards
  • Pocket Money
  • The Panel Station
  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • Streetbees

2. Which apps provide real cash returns?

Several apps offer genuine money returns, such as EarnKaro, Google Opinion Rewards, TaskBucks, App Trailer, and Swagbucks.

3. What’s a great money-making app for students in India?

EarnKaro stands out for students. Without investing a dime, students can hop on board. By joining EarnKaro, students can affiliate with over 150+ renowned brands like Myntra, Flipkart, and many others. Potential earnings? Up to ₹30,000 or more, based on transactions made via your EarnKaro affiliate links.

4. How can students in India boost their finances?

Options for Indian students include affiliate marketing, freelancing, blogging, online tutoring, and even becoming social media sensations. Virtual event management is another avenue.

5. Can I trust these money-making apps?

Absolutely! These apps are legitimate. There’s no law against using them to earn some side cash.

6. What kind of earnings can I expect?

Earnings vary. Factors include the specific app, your dedication, and task performance. Typically, you can pocket a few dollars daily with most of these apps.

7. How do these apps function?

Your potential earnings from these apps are influenced by the app’s nature, the time you invest, and task execution. Most apps can yield daily earnings of a few dollars.

8. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these apps?


  • Flexibility in work hours.
  • Minimal starting costs.
  • A chance to earn extra.


  • Earnings might be on the lower side.
  • It might eat up a fair bit of your time.
  • Privacy can be a concern.
  • There’s a risk of stumbling upon scams.

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