QuickShortcutMaker for Android -[Latest Version 2.4.0]

Quick Shortcut Maker is an incredibly useful Android app that allows you to create custom shortcuts for quick access to your favorite and most-used apps. The premium version available through the APK file unlocks additional powerful features.

In this detailed guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Quick Shortcut Maker APK, including its best features, uses, new capabilities, and why it is so worth downloading.

What is the Quick Shortcut Maker APK?

QuickShortcutMaker apk

The Quick Shortcut Maker is an Android app that lets you create home screen shortcuts for any app on your device. The Quick Shortcut Maker APK allows you to bypass the Google Play store and download the premium version directly.

The premium APK unlocks extra functionalities not available in the free version, like removing ads, using custom icons, and accessing hidden app menus. This makes accessing your most important apps faster and more convenient.

Best Features of Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK

The premium version enabled by the APK file contains several excellent features:

Free and Easy to Use

The Quick Shortcut Maker app is completely free and simple to use. Creating shortcuts only takes a few taps and you can customize them however you want.

Make Shortcuts

You can make a shortcut for any app on your device, even ones hidden in the app menu. This gives you quick one-tap access.

Make Shortcuts of Hidden Apps

In addition to normal apps, you can even create shortcuts for hidden or system apps inaccessible in your app drawer.

Customize Shortcuts

Fully customize shortcuts by changing the icon image, name, color theme, and other attributes to your liking.

Small Size

The app only takes up a tiny 2 MB storage space. This makes it great for devices with limited storage.

Paid Features Unlocked

The premium APK unlocks all advanced paid features for free including no ads, premium icons and themes.

What is the Use of Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK?

There are several great uses of the Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK:

  • Access most used apps faster right from your home screen.
  • Organize apps neatly into folders and categories.
  • Customize shortcuts to match your phone’s aesthetics.
  • Create shortcuts even for hidden system apps and menus.
  • Remove annoying ads present in the free version.
  • Unlock premium icons and color themes for shortcuts.

New Features of Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK

The premium APK version contains useful new capabilities:

Use on Any Mobile Device

It works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices. You can access the same shortcuts seamlessly when switching devices.

Make Smartphone Use Easier

Cut down on digging through apps by putting your most-used apps as shortcuts on your home screen.

Make Shortcuts of Programs

Even create quick shortcuts for computer programs when using your mobile in desktop mode.

Ads Blocked

The irritating ads present in the free app are completely blocked in the premium APK.

Why Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK is Worth Downloading

There are many great reasons to download the premium Quick Shortcut Maker APK:

  • Immediate access to your most used apps saves time and effort.
  • No ads or popups interrupting your experience.
  • Completely free to use with all paid features unlocked.
  • Customize shortcuts to match your phone screen aesthetics.
  • Organize your app layout in a cleaner way.
  • Quickly launch even hidden apps inaccessible in the app menu.
  • Small file size doesn’t take up much device storage space.
  • Seamlessly transfer shortcuts between Android and iOS devices.

Final Words

In summary, the Quick Shortcut Maker Premium APK provides an extremely convenient way to access your most-used Android apps faster.

It streamlines your mobile experience by cutting down on digging through menus and folders.

For full functionality with no ads, download the premium APK version today and customize shortcuts that perfectly match your usage habits and preferences!

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