A Quick Flashback to Jaipur Bloggers Meet

Bloggers meets have been an interesting part of my blogging journey so far. I have attended many blogging Summit so far. I had an idea in mind to organize a meet in my city Jaipur too. So, I have just decided and have successfully organized the Jaipur Bloggers meet on 20th March 2016.

Flashback jaipur bloggers meet

Meeting with awesome Jaipur bloggers was awesome. Bloggers got to know each other through this event. They shared the knowledge about their projects currently they are working on.

We had three guest speakers for the meet.

  1. Pawan Kumar
  2. Piyush
  3. Ravi Handa

I would like to give a short intro for three of these amazing guys.

1. Pawan Kumar:

Pawan started blogging in 2009, following his passion for tech niche, and since then, he had come a long way, learned a lot, started and managed many blogs, have been a content writer, and finally joined the pro league of blogging. He has been a full-time blogger since day one. He is a Geek and Wanderlust.

2. Piyush:

He is into blogging from a long time. He was the most experienced blogger in the meet. In addition to blogging, he is successfully running his company in the Jaipur offering SEO, plugin development, web development services worldwide

3. Ravi Handa:

Ravi did engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He is successfully running his business through his website in Jaipur. He is utilizing content marketing to grow his business. He believes in building a sustainable business.

Summary of Jaipur Bloggers Meet

The Meet turned on with my welcome speech then our guest speakers shared their experiences. First of all, Pawan has shared his blogging journey and encouraged the attendees to ask questions. As I hadn’t any prior experience organizing blogging meets, so Pawan helped me a lot to maintain the flow of the event. He politely answered the questions of bloggers according to his vast experience in blogging.

Then, Ravi sir took the responsibility to educate us. He shared the importance of content marketing as he is already using it to build a sustainable business.  Moreover, he talked about the resources that help him to get targeted visitors to his website and also the way how he utilize them. He also solved the queries related to product/service promotion.

Our third speaker – Piyush sir answered the technical SEO queries. He has a huge knowledge of SEO. We have asked him so many questions related to link building, white hat SEO, black hat SEO, keyword research, etc and his answers were really enlightening.


I want to say thanks to the Myquickidea team which includes Manish, Vishnu, and Hari. Without you guys, I couldn’t make it. These guys helped me arranging all the things for the event.

Thanks again buddies.

Now Get into Flashback of Jaipur Bloggers Meet

What do you have to say about this event ?

We made few mistakes throughout the event. We will try not to attempt those mistakes next time. This was a simple yet memorable event for me and all the attendee bloggers.

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13 thoughts on “A Quick Flashback to Jaipur Bloggers Meet”

  1. Hi Nikhil
    Would Like to congratulate you for holding this one of its only kind of Event. This video is great and provides great insight to the todays blogging scenario.

    Thanks Nikhil!

  2. Hi Nikhil,
    First of all congratulations on your very first successful bloggers meet event. This is really a wonderful initiative that you take.
    I hope it will help you and all the other bloggers from Jaipur.

  3. Wow,Just awesome video & Many congratulation for your first bloggers meet in Jaipur.Keep it up Nikhil.It help me a lot.Also nice to here that this bloggers meet featured in News.

  4. Congrats myquickidea.com – Nikhil for this great arrangement for this bloggers event meet at Jaipur. Happy to see everyone there. Keep doing events a lot, it will help you more to present you online. Also don’t forgot to invite me for your next time bloggers meet. May i will surely join with you all guys.

    Thanks for sharing !!


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