QLM IMEI Repair Tool v1.0.2 Free Tool All Qualcomm [Latest] 2022

Download QLM IMEI Repair Tool

If you are searching for repair tool for almost all Qualcomm devices then here is the solution for you in this article.  You can download IMEI repair tool for all Qualcomm devices. The tool works for Android, Tablets and keypad devices. The tool name is QLM imei tool b19. QlM IMEI tool has amazing features which make it dual IMEI repair tool for Qualcomm devices including Android and feature phones.  

If you are looking for a multipurpose tool, then check out MRT Dongle latest setup download link.

QLM IMEI Repair Tool
QLM IMEI Repair Tool 

QLM IMEI repair tool is very beneficial for users in case their Qualcomm feature phone, android phone or Tablet is having null imei issue, invalid imei after performing reset or having bugs in imei. The QLM IMEI repair tool can be used “without box”.

Use of this tool is very simple and no special technical skills required. You can repair Qualcomm devices imei number with just few steps using QLM IMEI repair tool.

Important Points:

  1. QLM IMEI Repair tool is recommended only for Qualcomm devices.
  2. Keep the device in ON condition while flashing IMEI.
  3. Enable DIAG mode in device to repair IMEI using QLM IMEI tool. It’s a must have process. DIAG mode enabling methods can be different for different devices.
  4. Once the IMEI writing process is done. Make sure you reboot your device. It’s essential to activate the modification.
  5. IMEI alteration/changing is illegal in some countries, so never try to change the IMEI of the device.

Download QLM IMEI Repair Tool Free [ Qualcomm IMEI Tool ]

You can download the latest version of QLM IMEI Repair tool B19 from here:-

About: Qualcomm IMEI Repair Tool

Size: 20 kb

Support : All Qualcomm Device [ Smartphone/Keypad/Tables]

Qualcomm drivers for windows 7/8/10:-

How To Use QLM IMEI Repair Tool To Write IMEI

You would know if you have read the article from the starting that QLM IMEI Repair Tool is a recommended tool for the Qualcomm CPU or chipset based devices like tablets, keypad phone and smartphones. QLM IMEI Repair Tool can be used to flash any single SIM imei or dual SIM imei number. Your prior experience with any IMEI repairing tool then it is enough to handle the QLM tool on your own. You will be able to understand the working of QLM IMEI Repair Tool. Most of the Qualcomm devices support this tool so it’s enough to repair buggy or invalid IMEI in these devices. No need of using any other paid Qualcomm IMEI repairing tool when you have it in your computer.

While using this device you need to make sure that you use it for Qualcomm CPU only otherwise it can create problem into the device.

As per our research and personal experience the Qualcomm IMEI repair tool [QLM IMEI Repair Tool ] worked perfectly on keypad phone like Jio F90m & Jio LF 2403n and android – Redmi 4 Santoni – Smartphone.

As per my responsibility I want to aware of the caution that IMEI repair tool can change the IMEI number of the device. Changing IMEI number comes under crime in some countries. We neither support this type of work nor we will do in future. We never encourage changing old IMEI numbers with the new IMEI numbers. You shouldn’t try to replace old IMEI with new IMEI number.

Steps to To Flash IMEI On Qualcomm Phone Using QLM IMEI Repair Tool

  • First of all you need to install the qualcomm drivers on your pc so the pc can detect the device. If you have already installed the drivers on your pc then skip it if not then first install the Qualcomm drivers on your pc.
  • Now extract the downloaded Latest QLM IMEI Repair Tool zip file on your pc.
  • Now enable DIAG mode in your device.

Note: DIAG mode must be enabled to flash IMEI numbers in the Qualcomm devices using IMEI repair tool. And Enabling DIAG mode can be different in different devices. So before doing any further processing, find out the right method to Enable DIAG mode in your device with a simple search on the Google.

  • Now connect the device with the pc after enabling the DIAG mode. If the DIAG mode enabled properly and no any other problem is there, it will show the “Qualcomm HS-USB  Diagnostic 9091 port” under “device manager” section.
  •  Now open the OLM IMEI Tool on your pc and it will automatically detect the COM Port automatically. See the below screenshot for reference.
  • Next Type the IMEI1 & IMEI2 in the blank area and click on “Write IMEI” button.  

Important: In case you are using the single sim then put the same IMEI numbers in both IMEI1 & IMEI2.

  • Once the IMEI flashing is done, it shows the ‘DONE’ message on the tool screen. It means IMEI has been completed on the device.
  • Unplug the device from the pc and reboot it. Reboot it mandatory in this case.
  • Once the reboot process is done, dial *#06# and confirm for the proper IMEI numbers.

This way you can flash IMEI numbers in your device using QLM IMEI Tool.

Final words regarding QLM IMEI Repair Tool

This was the method to repair IMEI numbers on Qualcomm mobiles using QLM IMEI repair tool. If you liked the article, please share it with your friends as well. There is no expert skill needed to use this tool. You can simply remove the IMEI errors with this tool.

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