How to Protect CCTV Camera From the Rain

CCTV camera is an ideal solution for public safety needs. Be it a home or business, CCTV cameras are always there to protect you by capturing any mishappening nearby your place. But do you ever think that this small object also needs to be protected?

How to Protect CCTV Camera From the Rain

Yes, CCTV cameras also need protection to work properly and effectively. Various elements like Rain, Weather conditions, etc., impact too much on CCTV cameras. ANd people are always worried about protecting CCTV cameras from rain.

But don’t worry, in this article, we will let you know the best ways to protect the CCTV cameras from the rain so that you can provide proper safety to your CCTV camera and safeguard your object from any damage.

Let’s dive right in.

Is Rain Affect My CCTV Camera?


You cannot deny that rain can adversely affect the footage of your CCTV camera and even interfere with the actual equipment.

But if you have the right knowledge of proper installation, you can minimize this environmental impact on your CCTV camera that affects your CCTV footage or equipment.

However, it is impossible to eliminate the threat of the weather, but there are some ways you can follow to reduce it and can save your important footage.

Let’s know how to help you protect CCTV cameras from rain.

Ways to Protect CCTV Camera from Rain

If you think your security camera has been damaged due to rain or other weather conditions, then you have to find out the ways to fix it. So why do you wait for the extreme weather conditions?

You can follow many options to protect your CCTV camera from rain to give you extra peace of mind and save your money. Here they are-

1# Proper Installation

The best way to protect your CCTV camera from rain is to install it properly. Proper installation means installing your camera in the best-protected areas in your home and having the best viewing angles.

One option I can suggest you mount your camera at height. You can mount above the roof or below the design space of the building. If you don’t find any design pace in your building, you can protect your CCTV camera using a shield, tent, or plastic.

If you can’t use the above option, the last option you have to install your CCTV camera is a pole. But you need to make sure the camera and pole are safe. These days homes are designed for pole-mounted cameras and provide extra protection to your CCTV camera.

2# Use Safety Mount

These days the CCTV cameras specially designed for outdoor use come with special heavy-duty security mounts that help keep their surveillance cameras safe. These safety mounts not only protect your CCTV camera from heavy rain but also save you from theft, damage, and vandalism.

The solid mount might not 100% protect CCTV from Rain, but it does protect it from the high winds that generally come with rain.

3# Use CCTV Cameras Specially Designed for Outdoor

Many people buy a CCTV camera but forget to buy it for a specific use. So whenever you go to buy a security camera, you must take care of its usage area. It must be designed to be used outdoors, and if you fail to buy the camera specially designed for outdoor usage, let me tell you, you are risking your camera and wasting your money.

The cameras designed for indoors don’t have the protection from wind, rain, or heat, whereas cameras designed for outdoors are designed by keeping their outdoor usage in mind.

4# Waterproof or Weatherproof

Most of the manufacturers often swap these two terms. But you are the end-user, so it’s your responsibility to check the usage properly. Always keep in mind that the weather camera is not waterproof.

So before buying a waterproof camera, you must check its IP66 or IP65 rating. These cameras withstand heavy rain and safeguard their interior and camera housing by keeping them dry.

5# Fogging or Condensation

The areas which receive heavy rainfall can sometimes be complicated for outdoor CCTV cameras. Over time, the CCTV camera housing seal is getting weaker and allowing the moisture to enter into the camera housing. And after some time, this moisture started accumulating on the camera lens and reducing the video feed quality.

So to protect your CCTV camera, you must ensure the proper fitting of camera housing so that no moisture can enter into it. Besides, you can also place silica gel packets inside the camera housing; these silica gel packets absorb the moisture from the camera lens and make the CCTV camera lens clear and fog-free.

6# Freezing Snow or Rain

If you live in the cold weather, where the temperatures go below freezing point at any time, then extra protection is needed for your CCTV camera. Freezing snow or rain is more dangerous than normal rain. It would help if you protected your cameras from freezing rain.

There are small crevices on CCTV cameras, the freezing rain enters into the camera housing from those tiny cracks, and when it freezes, it spreads and expands, and this process quickly destroys the camera housing. It would be best to protect your camera from freezing rain using a camera shield.

7# Electric Shocks

If your CCTV camera is mounted on a metal pole or metal building, then your camera may be exposed to electric charges in the air during rain or storms. In that case, an electric shock may damage your camera.

So, whenever you place your CCTV camera, you have the only option to place it on a metal pole, then make sure that the metal pole is properly grounded. This will reduce the camera damage by mitigating the electric shock.


That’s it..!!

These are some of the best ways to protect CCTV cameras from rain and save the extra bucks that you will spend on buying a new CCTV camera.

If you follow these ways, you can enhance the life cycle of your CCTV camera and get the best results over time.

If you, too, have the best way to protect CCTV cameras from rain, you can share in the comments.

Waiting for another best tip to save CCTV camera from rain.

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