Predictor Aviator Apk Download (Email And Password) 2024

The widely-used online casino game application, Predictor Aviator, enables users to place wagers and anticipate the aviator’s crash point.

Created by MobisMobis, this Android app offers an exceptional and thrilling gambling experience. Boasting extensive leverage multipliers, swift payouts, and user-friendly betting options, it has emerged as a leading choice for casino enthusiasts.

Impressively, Predictor Aviator has garnered more than 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store and maintains an impressive average rating of 4.8 stars, highlighting its immense appeal to players.

Predictor Aviator Apk

Downloading and Installing Predictor Aviator

Downloading Predictor Aviator is quick and easy. The APK file can be found on various casino game download sites. Be sure to download from a reputable source like Myquickidea to avoid malware.

Once downloaded, open the APK file on your Android device to trigger the installation prompt. Your device may warn you about installing from unknown sources. Enable this in your security settings to proceed. The Predictor Aviator file size is 27.1MB.

The app necessitates a minimum Android version of 4.4 and higher. To support the app, your device must satisfy this criterion. The installation process merely lasts a few seconds. Following completion, you can establish an account and commence playing.

Apk NamePredictor Aviator Apk
Apk Versionv2.6.2
Size20 MB
Device NameAndroid

Creating an Account and Making Payments

To participate in Predictor Aviator and unlock its full functionality, it is necessary to establish an account. This process entails providing your email, chosen username, and password. It is crucial to furnish accurate details since email verification will be required.

Subsequently, you must deposit funds in order to commence placing wagers. Predictor Aviator accommodates major credit and debit cards, such as American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. Additionally, digital wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller can be utilized as specified in the FAQ section.

The minimum purchase threshold is 1000 coins. Your chosen payment method will convert your currency to USD within the application. Upon the successful completion of your transaction, the coins will be promptly credited to your account. You are now fully prepared to commence your betting endeavors!

Understanding the Gameplay and Interface

Predictor Aviator has an easy-to-use interface. On the main screen, you’ll see your coin balance and options to add coins, change leverage, enter a prediction, and place your bet. There is also an auto cashout toggle.

To play, first add coins to your balance if needed. Next, use the slider to choose your leverage from 1.05x up to 100x. Leverage multiplies your betting amount for bigger potential payouts.

For example, if you bet 100 coins at 10x leverage, you are now betting 1000 coins. This allows you to stake small but win exponentially bigger.

Then enter your crash prediction, which can be anywhere from 1.00x to 1000x. This is where you predict the aviator will crash. Select your desired payout zone for more precision.

When ready, tap the fly button. The aviator will take off on screen. Once it crashes, if your prediction was close, your payout will be added to your balance automatically. The interface makes betting seamlessly simple.

Key Features and Benefits of the App

Predictor Aviator stands out for its convenience, ease of use, and profit potential. Some of the key features include:

One-Click Betting – Place bets seamlessly without hassle. Just set your prediction, leverage, and go.

Fast Transactions – Deposits and payouts reflect in your account in less than 60 seconds according to their website.

Big Leverages – Leverages up to 100x let you stake more for huge payouts.

Automated Cashouts – The auto cashout feature withdraws your earnings at preset points.

Major Payment Methods – Large variety of accepted payment methods for deposits.

These features create a smooth user experience. The high leverage allows you to stake conservatively but win big. Automated cashouts eliminate manual intervention. For casual and serious players alike, Predictor Aviator offers an engaging, rewarding platform.

Is Predictor Aviator Legit and Safe to Use?

Given the nature of real money gambling apps, safety and transparency concerns arise. Predictor Aviator is not available on official app stores like Google Play, so it does not go through the same review process.

Some users on forums like Quora have reported withdrawal delays and difficulties collecting winnings. Others have accused the game of fraud due to its unclear operations. These are factors to weigh when depositing real money into the app.

However, there is no definitive evidence proving the app is unsafe. Thousands of players use Predictor Aviator successfully daily according to the Google Play store statistics. The developers have not acknowledged any technical issues on withdrawals on their site. User errors may also contribute to some problems.

On the security side, Predictor Aviator requires account registration with an email and password. Users report no cases of data or identity theft. The app likely implements standard protections of user information. Still, risks are inherent when playing with real money.

Pros and Cons of Using Predictor Aviator


  • Generous leverage multiplies your betting power
  • Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Intuitive interface for a seamless experience
  • Accepts all major international payment methods
  • Automated cashouts simplify the gameplay


  • Lack of regulation as an APK download
  • Allegations of delayed withdrawals by some users
  • App cannot be audited or verified externally
  • Requires real money bets – no free play mode
  • Potential privacy/security risks inherent in gambling apps
  • Some reports of poor customer service response times

To summarize, Predictor Aviator excels in ease of use and player experience. The high leverage and automated features enable big payout potential. However, players should be cautious with unregulated apps and assess their personal risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Does it accept all currencies?

Yes, Predictor Aviator accepts payments from all major international credit cards and digital wallets. Your currency is automatically converted to USD within the app. This allows players worldwide to deposit funds easily.

FAQ 2: Is registration mandatory to play?

Yes, you need to register an account with your email, password, and username to access real money features. Your email will be verified before playing.

FAQ 3: How long do withdrawals take?

Per their website, withdrawals are processed within 12 hours but can take 1-3 business days to reflect in your account. Larger withdrawals may have an additional waiting period.

FAQ 4: Can I try a demo before depositing money?

Unfortunately no – Predictor Aviator does not currently offer a free demo or practice mode. You have to deposit real money into your account to start playing.

Final Verdict

For casino game enthusiasts seeking a simple, convenient real money betting app, Predictor Aviator is worth considering. The smooth interface and lightning-fast payouts provide an engaging user experience with big profit potential thanks to high leverage.

However, be sure to assess your personal risk tolerance for unregulated APK downloads. Do your due diligence on community reviews and reports before depositing significant sums. Responsible betting is advised as with any real money casino game.

Try the Predictor Aviator APK today and experience the easy aviator crash betting platform for yourself! Let us know your experience with the app in the comments.

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