PPSPY Review 2024: Does This Ai Tool Worth Spending Money?

PPSPY is a popular tool for researching products in the dropshipping world, especially for those using Shopify.

It’s both a platform and a Chrome add-on made to dig deep into Shopify stores and find those winning products.

With it, you can see where products are advertised, save heaps of product details into CSV files, watch and get updates on actual sales as they happen, look for apps used in these stores, and even spot the top competing stores and their products.


  • Gives an in-depth look at what rival stores and top products are up to.
  • Keeps tabs on sales as they happen.
  • Helps you discover the hidden apps competitors are using.
  • Unlimited downloads of product details and images.
  • Works with several Shopify review apps.


  • Sticks just to Shopify. Doesn’t play well with other online shopping platforms.

PPSPY’s Top Features:

Track Sales and Get Reports: With PPSPY, you can peek into how your competitors are doing. It keeps tabs on their sales and pops out regular sales reports for you.

Dive Deep into Shopify Stores: Want to see what’s up in a particular store? PPSPY gives you the lowdown on store details and products, whether they’re sorted by type, the person selling them, or some other tag.

Analyze Rival Products: Get the 411 on what products are hot in competitor stores. PPSPY digs deep, providing you with details on the top sellers.

Stay Updated with Live Sales: Keep an eye on your ongoing sales, see what apps are in play, and download reviews to gauge how products are doing in real-time.

Handy Chrome Extension: This neat add-on for your Chrome browser lets you quickly check out store analytics, product lists, real-time sales, and feedback.

Simple and Smooth Design: Using PPSPY is a breeze, thanks to its straightforward design. Everything you need is right there, easy to find and use.

PPSPY Product Demo

Why PPSPY is Your Go-To Tool

PPSPY is a top choice for ECommerce ventures and dropshipping hubs. It levels up the game by offering insights on what rival shops are up to, especially their hot-selling items. If you’re hunting for a trustworthy source to fuel your trending product sales, this is your spot.

Here’s What PPSPY Can Do for You

  1. Dive Deep into Competitors: With PPSPY, get a clear view of your competition. Thanks to smart AI, you can find out the best-sellers, keep an eye on how competitors are doing sales-wise, and get a handle on which areas are the most profitable. Armed with this, you’re ready to make decisions that put you ahead.
  2. Store Insights Galore: Want to know how other stores are doing? PPSPY has you covered. Filter shops by how much they earn, what people search for, and more. Peek into where they get their visitors from, which ads they use, and where most of their customers are located. Using this, you can figure out what the top stores are doing and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  3. Get Design Inspiration: Wondering how to make your Shopify store pop? Check out design ideas on PPSPY. Review designs from big players, see where their traffic’s from, and even check out sites in other languages. It’s all about giving your customers an online experience they’ll love.
  4. Traffic Know-How: Find out where the buzz is coming from with PPSPY. See which stores ace it in SEO, who’s smashing it on social, and who’s getting attention through ads and emails. Knowing this lets you tweak your strategy to get more eyeballs on your store.
  5. Keep Tabs on Sales: Want to know how you’re doing sales-wise? Or curious about your competitors? PPSPY lets you track sales and orders, giving you a full view of how you’re doing compared to the rest. Using this, you can set clear targets, see where you need to improve, and make choices that supercharge your dropshipping game.

Easy Steps to Get Started with PPSPY

Step 1: Get the PPSPY Extension Head to PPSPY’s official site and hit “Install PPSPY”. Or, simply go to the Chrome Web Store and type in “PPSPY”.

Step 2: Sign In or Create an Account After you’ve added the extension, press the “Log In” button. Already got an account? Cool, just enter your info. New here? No worries! Hit “Sign up”, pop in your name, email, and a password, and you’re all set.

Step 3: Dive into Shopify Stores Want some insights? With PPSPY on your browser, you’ll automatically get info about Shopify stores like top products, how the store’s doing, and what apps they’ve got.

Step 4: Get the Lowdown on Stores When you visit Shopify stores, the extension gives you a peek into their world. See what products are hot, how the store’s performing, and spot any gaps they might have.

Step 5: Hunt for Products Click on “Product Research”. This is where you’ll see the top-selling items and find some gems for your own shop.

Step 6: Grab the Product List Want to keep a list? Easy! Just download it in CSV, which works perfectly with Shopify. Now you’re ready to boost your business game!

PPSPY Pricing Plans

PPSPY does offer various pricing plans made for fulfilling different user’s needs. The detailed pricing plan is mentioned below.

PPSPY Subscription plansPriceFeatures
(For Beginners in Dropshipping)
$19.9/monthSale Tracking: 10 stores
Live Sales(extension): 100 daily
Reviews(extension): 100 daily
Shopify Analysis: 1000 credits
(For Businesses looking to Scale)
$39.9/monthSale Tracking: 20 stores
Live Sales(extension): 200 daily
Reviews(extension): 200 daily
Shopify Analysis: 5000 credits
(For Pro Dropshippers)
$99/monthSale Tracking: 100 stores
Live Sales(extension): 1000 daily
Reviews(extension): 1000 daily
Shopify Analysis: 50000 credits
(For Large Corporate Teams)
$299/monthSale Tracking: 350 stores
Live Sales(extension): 10000 daily
Reviews(extension): 10000 daily
Shopify Analysis: 500000 credits

Get 30% OFF on purchasing the yearly plan

PPSPY’s Free Trial: Jump in and try their basic package without spending a dime. No credit card? No problem.

About Refunds: Heads up! PPSPY’s so sure about what they’re offering, they don’t do refunds. So, give the free trial a spin before diving into a plan.

Our Two Cents: After digging deep, our vote goes to the “Unlimited Plan.” It’s got loads of features for a fair price. Compared to other options, this one packs the most punch without breaking the bank. If the pricier Enterprise plan isn’t on your radar, the “Unlimited Plan” should be your pick.

Getting Help from PPSPY

Right now, PPSPY’s got your back through email and ticket systems. Need a hand? Shoot them a message at service@ppspy.com.

PPSPY Review


Sales Tracking
AI research
Data Accuracy
Pricing Affordability


For sure, PPSPY is top-notch when it comes to Dropshipping spy tools. If you’re into Shopify dropshipping, this AI tool is a game-changer. It helps you spot top-selling items, catch onto trends, and even peek at what your rivals are up to. With it, you can boost your chances of winning by over 50%!


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