Plain Language – What All You Should Consider Before Using It?

Writing and impressing the readers was never an easy task. The writers and bloggers need to be extremely creative and innovative when framing something for their readers. Earlier when the competition was less on the blogging side, the writers had the advantage of dedicated readers. But with the present time and higher awareness about the importance of blogging, the field is witnessing much higher competition.

Don’t you think it’s high time that the writers should use some language that can be easily understood and accepted by all types of users? The same can be expected by the highly useful plain language. The language has been accepted hand to hand by the users because of its amazing features and advantages. Let us take a dip in the offerings of this phenomenal language.

What is Plain Language?

Plain Language – What All You Should Consider Before Using It

If you have been looking for a language that can stand high in all the parts of an effective communication with your audience, then your search ends on plain language. Plain language can simply be defined as the language that helps you to communicate with your audience with a language that they can understand in the first time. You don’t require adding any of other supportive text to explain the meaning of your writing. The text written in plain language is self- sufficient for explaining what it actually wants to say.

Plain language makes sure that the readers can understand and adapt to the language and text completely and thoroughly without any difficulties. Plain language is one of those languages that are easy to use, read and understand for both the presenter and the readers. A language is said to be plain language if it delivers full justice on the following three points:

  • The users can easily find what they are looking for in the content
  • The users can understand the exact meaning of the content when they read it for the first time itself
  • The written content can satisfy their needs and expectations

Plain language has been doing wonders in the blogging and writing industry with its higher rate of adaptability and numerous features. One can easily check if the written content will match to the level of expertise which the writer wanted from the content.

The plain language leaves no gap in being the language that is easy to understand, use and is clear with the proper elimination of the unwanted and not so necessary words. Thus you can just get quality writing from the use of plain language.

What Benefits does Plain Language Offer?

The plain language is not just for an easy understanding of the text but has a number of other benefits for both the readers and for the users. The entire world has been impressed with the varying benefits that the language offers to the users and therefore the use of the language is highly recommendable for the beginners as well as the experts. Here are some of the benefits that the plain language offers:

1. Simple to use:

You don’t have to do any special training course or internship before using the plain language. You just simply have to understand the basics of the language along with its structure and designing to use the language to the fullest. Moreover, the same language can be easily learned by the beginners and thus can be used without any hassles.

2. Lesser Words:

The plain language highly promotes the use of lesser words for expressing the thought of the user. It makes sure that the readers are served with less number of words so that they can easily and quickly understand and find the exact meaning that they have been looking for.

3. Less confusing:

Since the plain language emphasis on the use of lesser words which are familiar to the users, it tends to be less confusing for the readers. The readers can easily and instantly get the true meaning of the content. This also tends to use less time for the reader which they can use somewhere else and thus becomes time convenient. The use of plain language increases the chances that your content is highly understood and thereby reduces the chances of any misunderstanding.

4. Time Efficient:

The plain language has been so designed and structured that it can be instantly and quickly understood by the readers which make it a time-efficient language. Not only for the readers, the language is time efficient for the users and writers as they just have to make use of the words that their audience can understand and can relate to.

5. More Business Opportunities:

If any business and organization are using the plain language, then there are higher chances that they will succeed than their competition in the market and will be able to make more business than the rest. The main reason behind this is the number of happy and satisfied customers. You don’t have to be a genius to guess that the happy and satisfied customers can bring in more business anytime.

6. Transparent and Effective Communication:

Communication is an integral part of any business. If there is no effective communication in between the business parties then making the business run smoothly will be very difficult. A content drafted with the help of plain language can bring in transparency and increased efficiency when communicating with the audience along with increasing the trust and confidence level between the working parties.

7. Increased Conversions:

When the readers will find the needed content in what you have presented them then there will be more chances that your content will have a higher conversion rate. Also, it will also increase the sharing, commenting and liking your content which will increase the publicity of your content in the market. As an additional benefit, you will have dedicated and loyal customers for your writing and blogging.

8. Easily Searchable:

The plain language is so used that it makes the use of familiar words with which the users can relate easily. It has been observed that the users generally use the words which are familiar to them during their searching. Thus whenever any of the users search for a content that includes those familiar and specific words, there are higher chances that your content might show up.

What should be taken care when writing in Plain Language?

When working with plain language, the main idea is to make the understanding easy for the readers. Thus, while you are using the plain language, make sure that you focus on some of the essential factors that can help you to achieve the desired result and deliver the best understanding of the audiences.

1. Purpose of writing:

While you are using the plain language, do keep in mind the purpose for which you are using it. Even if the purpose is small enough, don’t let that move you aside from the straight path. Having a clear purpose is just like having a clear vision that will help you to move in the right direction. Along with this, do keep in mind the audience for whom you are writing the content as it will help you to be more specific with your work.

2. Structure of the Language:

While framing the structure of the language. Do make sure that you are aware of the structures that are most commonly used for these types of communication. Decide the sequence in which you want to proceed further with your writing so as to reduce any confusion and misunderstandings. Again while you are deciding the structure of the content, keep the choice of the audience in mind so as to deliver the needed structure as per their requirements.

3. Design of the language:

The designing of the plain language should be kept very simple and easy. You should avoid the use of jargons or slangs for making the content look for appealing and easy to understand. Also be sure that you check text quality when you are designing the context of the content.

4. Expression of the language:

Do test your written work against the thought that you wanted to present to your audience. Compare if you are successful in putting the same thought that you had in mind during the initial stage when you had begun with the writing work. Analyze the tone, the types of sentences, etc. that you have used to be sure that the text is doing complete justice to your idea.

5. Evaluation of the Language:

Once you have completed the final edition of your work, make sure that you do read it well before presenting it to the readers. Look for the possible grammatical and spelling mistakes, etc. in the text before publishing the final copy. One of the possible ways that you can use is by reading your content loud to a third party that can help you find the possible errors in understanding the work. You can also make the use of testing tools for being completely sure about the quality of your work.

Can Plain Language be used by Experts?

If you are thinking plain language as a language that can be best used by only the beginners then this might require you to re-think about it. Plain language is the language that is being used by even experts in the industry. The simplicity, ability to express and ease that the plain language has offered to the writing professionals is sufficient enough for attracting even the experts of the domain.

In the present time of immense competition in every field, who doesn’t want the advantage for sustaining and attracting the audience from the vast pool? Many experts from different fields like science, medical, technology, blogging, etc. have rated plain language as one of the best languages that helps them to be very specific according to their audience’s choices.

The experts have been using the language as it can be easily understood, scan, draft and framed for the readers. The readers can easily relate themselves to the context written with the help of plain language. And who doesn’t want a tool that can help them to present something that is accepted by the readers hand to hand? The plain language also allows the presenter to use the common and easy understandable words.

It has been observed that the language is being widely used by the experts worldwide. The reason behind is very simple that the experts want their image to be maintained amongst their audience. Thus they always are looking for something that can make them stand unique and distinguished amongst their competitors. Plain language allows the presenter to state and presents their thoughts with minimum and most familiar words.

How can You Assure the Maximum Benefit while Using Plain Language?

Since now it has been clear that making the use of plain language delivers beneficial results in writing. However, the benefits of plain writing can further be enhanced by following some of the easy ways. Have a look:

#1 Understand the basics:

It is always better to be aware of the basics and initials when starting to use a new language. This can improve the entire process of communicating and writing via online means. Before you jump deep into the details of the language, invest some of your time in knowing what all the language can offer you along with knowing its scope. Once you are sure about the fundamentals of the language, you will also be able to check the quality of writer-up which will further help in making the writing impactful and attractive for the readers.

#2 Identify the Potential Audience:

Once you have understood the basics of the plain language, the next step that you should consider for yourself is to know your audience. There would be no use of using the language if you are not aware of the people for whom you will be using that. Thus, be sure that you have identified your true pool of potential audience before you start.

#3 Know the Audience:

This goes without any doubt that the more better you know your audience there are more chances of you to impress them with your writing style and quality. Thus, once you have known and identified your potential audience pool, spare some of your time in knowing what they actually need and what they are looking for. This can help you to improve your writing style by adding the needed requirements in it and thereby increasing your chances to attract more number of audiences.

#4 Use Familiar Words:

There is no use in writing with big words which nobody can actually understand. Rather what can be more beneficial is to use those words in your writing with which your audience can relate to the maximum. Just keep in mind, if you are writing to please everyone, you will end up impressing no one. But if you focus on one particular type and write words that they can understand that can actually leave an impact and influence on the audience.

#5 Focus on Readability:

You may have many ideas in mind and have framed them perfectly well in the writing form but if your readers are not comfortable reading and understanding the sentences, then even the best-framed work will make no difference. Thus, most of the writers put the main focus on enhancing the readability and keeping it as simple as possible so that the readers can easily relate to the content.  It is always advisable to keep the readability quotient to that similar for the 10th to 12th-grade people. If your writing can be easily understood and read by them then it can be easily understood by the other people as well. Thus make sure that you are keeping the readability factor in your mind when working on your writing.

#6 Use Shorter Framed Sentences:

The simple logic of writing is the shorter the better. Most of the well-known writers keep this simple rule in mind that they frame smaller sentences. Larger sentences have the tendency that they are easily misunderstood or are confused with their meanings. Thus, smaller sentences are used when framing the context of the writing. Moreover, it has been observed that the smaller sentences make an impactful influence on the readers. Try and express your thoughts in as lesser words as possible. Remove the unnecessary words that just are adding to the length of the sentence. The best way of doing so is by reading and drafting the sentences again and again until the desired result has been achieved.

#7 Go as per the Rules:

It is very important to set your flow as per the specified rules of writing to avoid any blunders. You would surely be disappointed when you have completed the writing but then come to know that you have missed some of the important rules while framing the content or writing the samples. Thus, to avoid being in such situations it is always advisable to write within the specified rules of the writing format. You can get the idea about the same while you were analyzing and knowing the basics and fundamentals of the plain language. This is the phase when you have to implement those basics in real.

#8 Make Use of the Available Tools:

One of the best ways in which technologies have helped us is by providing us tools and software for almost everything. The various tools and software can also be used for making the writing more effective and excellent. Even the well-known writers make use of such tools so that they can be sure that they are serving nothing but the best to their audience. In the same manner, you can make use of the various tools that make your writing in the plain language much more effective. You can make the use of tools for readability or for checking the mistakes in your writing. The best part of these tools and software are that they can be used even by the beginners who are not that much familiar with the field.

These are some of the basic tips that every writer even the beginners should keep in their mind when trying their hands on the plain language. These tips will certainly help the writers to write exactly the same thing that their users want and are expecting from them.

Some Quick Tips:

Here are some of the quick tips for making the plain language more appealing:

  1. Make more use of pronouns
  2. Talk about the main points first and then move to the other points
  3. Always move around your topic
  4. Frame the sentences in active voice
  5. Control the use of passive voice
  6. Eliminate the unnecessary words whenever possible
  7. Make use of paragraphs
  8. Focus on making the reading easy by dividing the content using headings, bullet points, tables, lists, etc.
  9. Think as your reader
  10. Proofread your content before you submit it for the final publication for the readers


The times have changed. Today, the audiences are not impressed by the false or wrong impression but are more impressed when they are served with clear and transparent talks. Thus plain language has become a necessity of the present time. Making the use of plain language can help you in delivering the same. Plain language forms the basis of a clear communication in between the organization and its audience and thus can be beneficial for both. The only thing that should be taken care is – framing the language in such a way that it serves the desired output and result.

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