Pingomatic: Let’s Your Links Get Indexed Faster


Pingomatic is an online tool that helps indexing faster into search engines. It submits/ping the blog links to search engines like Google, and other directories My Yahoo, Collecta, etc.

This tool is used by many bloggers to index their blog links faster. Most of the bloggers I know recommend Pingomatic as an essential tool to ping links.

Earlier, I was confused with the pinging mechanism because here on Myquickidea, I don’t feel any need of using pinging service.

My blog links automatically get crawled and index by the search engines.

However, there are many cases in which indexing takes longer than the standard time duration.

To reduce this time span between publishing and indexing a blog post, you can use the ping service like Pingomatic.

Now You Will Be Thinking That How My Blog is GETTING CRAWLED AUTOMATICALLY?

Well, there is a reason, and it’s simple to understand how things take place.

WordPress has inbuilt feature of pinging to search engines.

If you have PING SERVICES in your wordpress installation, then every time you publish or edit a post, your blog will send a ping request to all the services which have been added to the ping service list.

If you don’t want to ping automatically, then use the following procedure:

  1. Go to Setting in your wordpress dashboard and choose Writing.

go to setting and then choose writing

2. Scroll down and find “Update Services”.

remove everything from update services and click on Save

To enable automated ping, just put here some pinging services and click on Save Changes.

Why did You want to Disable Automated Ping?

You might have two reasons to turn off the ping services on your wordpress.

  1. You don’t want to ping every time you edit or publish a post/page.
  2. You need to make frequent changes in the already published post because each time you make changes it sends ping request. If you’ve done 10 changes just after publishing a post, it directly sends 10 ping requests, which isn’t good practice.

It’s better to use manual ping service like Pingomatic if you are frequently posting on your blog. I’m talking about five or more posts in a day.

Let’s talk about the Pingomatic.

What does it this Tool Do?

The Pingomatic sends multiple ping requests at a time to different directories and search engines. Thus, it updates them about the blog update.

If you are running a news portal where you need to publish frequently, Pingomatic becomes handy to send manual pings to major search engines.

 How does Pingomatic Work?

send pings in pingomatic

Using this tool is very simple. First of all, head over to Pingomatic.

In the Blog Name, write the title of the post.

Next in the Blog Home Page section, put the URL of the post without having an HTTP:// or Https://

Click on the Check all in Common Services to select all the services in the list and finally hit the “Send Pings” button to send a ping request to all registered services in one go.

Benefits of Using Pingomatic:

  • You can index your links faster than usual.
  • You can also ping your backlinks.
  • It has multiple services at one place, so you needn’t go on different sites to ping the links.
  • It gives expected outcomes most of the times.
  • It is trusted by many bloggers and webmasters.
  • Easy to use

How to Check the Working Capability of this tool?

I can’t read your mind, but being a professional, you would also love to check where this tool works or not.

A simple method will verify it.

Head over to

Put your blog or any URL in the search box that you have pinged through the Pingomatic.

For example, you got this URL.

Directly put this URL into the Google.

put the url into google search

Check in the results, if your link is there, then Pingomatic is working for you.

Note: Don’t expect the link just after publishing the post. It might take some time that varies site to site or blog to blog.

If you want to learn more about SEO, the following posts will help you a lot.

Final Words

Ping has been a most desirable method to index the links faster in the search engines. The fast indexing also helps in ranking in the Giant search engine Google.

IF you want that the backlinks you create on the daily basis will get indexed sooner, use Pingomatic.

Shout out your query related to this post in the comment section. I would love to answer them.

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5 thoughts on “Pingomatic: Let’s Your Links Get Indexed Faster”

  1. Pingomatic is the services that I am using since years. It’s the basic tool that every Blogger should be aware of.

  2. Hi, Thank you very much for this post. I submitted sitemap use ping service and also submit post to some social media sites but my website index very slow. First I used Yoast sitemap but I didn’t know why but crawl rate was very low with that so I switched to Google Sitemap but still my recent posts are not indexed. The post which indexed is only because I used fetch as Google option. It didn’t indexed automatically. Can you plz help me.

  3. Hi Nikhil,

    Great post indeed. I am using Pingomatic whenever I have a new post alive in my blog. I started doing just before 3 months. I am really happy with that type of service cause now my posts are indexed within 1 or 2 hours. 🙂

  4. The above blog is very informative…gives an idea about the pingomatic…
    Keep instantly updating these of the informative blogs….


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