Payment Revision Needed at Amazon – Here is the Fix

Payment Revision Needed at Amazon

Know why Amazon has asked you to revise your payment and solve your issues with the help of the tips and tricks mentioned below. 

Did Amazon ask you to revise payment or try another method after charging for the item? Don’t worry, it’s one of the common problems faced by Amazon customers. 

Are you searching for tips to resolve payment issues? Then continue reading the blog to know tips and tricks that will help you analyse the issue and resolve it with ease. 

What does “Fix Amazon Payment Revision Issues” actually mean?

The “payment revision needed on Amazon” message keeps popping up asking to change the payment method or to revise the payment method. This means there has been some issue while making the payment. Either Amazon couldn’t accept the payment at that particular time or the process might have collapsed at your bank. 

Let’s see the reasons causing the rise of payment issues. 

What are the reasons for this issue and how to resolve them?

1. Insufficient Balance in The Bank Account

The most familiar logic causing this issue is insufficient balance in the bank account. You might have forgotten to check the balance or the bank account might have a minimum balance and so it doesn’t allow you to pay for the items. 

How to resolve it:

Amazon accepts a wide range of credit and debit cards. Try using other cards. Check the balance and type of account before paying for the purchase. 

2. The Card Might Have Expired During the Payment Process

Credit and debit cards come with an expiry date. It’s obvious that humans forget about the expiry date. Amazon asks you to revise the payment method when the card used for payment is already expired. 

How to resolve it:

Expiry issues are quite easy to sort out. You can use other cards if one has expired. If you have a single credit or debit card use another payment method like cash on delivery, etc., Or else contact your bank and apply for a new card. 

3. Entering Wrong Credit Card Details

Humans commit mistakes and it’s conspicuous. Amazon will ask to check payment details before confirmation. Confirming without checking is a fault. That is when Amazon requests to go revamp the payment process. 

How to resolve it:

All you have to do is enter every detail properly without any mistakes and check before confirming the details. If the process still fails, it’s mandatory to contact your bank and take resolving measures. 

4. Account Already Has Pending Payments

Most people use a credit card to take loans and purchase goodies. Amazon doesn’t accept a credit card with too many pending payments and bad repayment history. Hence payment fails when a credit card with bad remarks is used.

How to resolve it:

It’s always recommended to repay loans in time. Check the actual account balance by removing the pending payments that are to be done and then making a purchase. 

5. The Account Might Have Reached the Daily Limit

A daily limit is usually put in order to track illegal activity. And sometimes it is good as it increases the credit score. If the credit card used for payment has exceeded its daily limit then Amazon will call on for a pay revision. 

How to resolve it:

Check the daily limit of the account and then make a purchase. Or else use any other card for the payment. 

6. Using Updates Cards

Amazon saves payment details once you permit it to. Using the same details even after updating the card might generate an issue in the payment process. That’s when Amazon requests a payment revision.

How to resolve it:

Check whether your card is updated. Cross-check the card details saved in Amazon. Enter accurate details of the updated card or use any other card. 

7. Amazon Tries to Avoid Complicated Methods 

You might receive a “purchase successful” message but Amazon still suggests a payment revision. This is because the payment method used might be complicated and hence Amazon tries to shift to an easy method. 

How to resolve it:

Shifting to simpler payment methods is the best thing to do. By doing so, there will be no problem for future purchases too. 

8. Issues at The Bank

Server issues frequently arise at the bank and there are a lot of reasons for it. If your bank account couldn’t process the payment then Amazon pleas for a payment revision. 

How to resolve it:

Using other payment methods is one of the options. You can even wait until the bank issue gets fixed and then make a purchase. 

So, this is how you can resolve your payment revision issues. It is always better to have a wide range of options while making a purchase so that there’s no loss of money. 

Frequently asked questions about “Amazon Payment Revision”

Let’s know the answers to a few frequently asked questions about Amazon payment issues. 

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Bonus points:-

Many scammers use Amazon payment revision as a way to steal money. Here’s how you can identify and escape from them

  1. Never open spam emails. 
  2. If you’ve received a payment revision mail, cross-check by logging in to your Amazon account and then proceed to the revision. 
  3. Never click on revision pop-ups and text links. Probably it’s the fraudster who is trying to get your money. 

Final Words

  1. Before proceeding to payment revision check if Amazon is really requesting it or if it’s a scam.
  2. Analyze the reason behind payment revision.
  3. Take necessary measures and complete the Amazon payment revision process. 

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