Oppo F5 CPH1723 Flash File | Firmware Installation Guide

Oppo F5 CPH1723 Flash File

If you have an Oppo F5 CPH1723 Phone and you think that it’s time to discard it away and buy another phone just because there is some software related issue that you cannot access, then you are completely wrong about this.

Even if your phone shows issues like it gets hanged while working or the screen stops in the middle, or if your phone doesn’t start itself and is stuck on the logo, or if it keeps on restarting itself or boot restarts, there is a tool that makes it possible to use your phone without any worries and it won’t touch any of your files. This tool can even unlock phones from which you have forgotten your password. The firmware and flashing tool can also be used to remove lock password or pin completely. 

If you have a computer for yourself, then you don’t need to worry about anything. Because a computer is what you require if you want to fix these issues. To fix the same, you need to first download the Oppo F5 CPH1723 flash file on your PC, which you can download from the links and steps mentioned below. After that, follow the procedure step by step so that you can resolve all the issues on your phone. There might be a major problem if you don’t do it properly as it may result in the chance that your phone would be bricked. So, follow the instructions carefully. 

Oppo F5 CPH1723 Flash Tool Download

Usually, when it comes to flashing tools, the best tool that is available in the market is the SP tool. This is because of the fact that the SP tool works universally and resolves all the issues within the phone. It is available for free and can be used without any difficulties. But, the company has installed a MediaTek chipset inside the Oppo F5, and this is exactly why there is it’s firmware that scatters without loading. Thus, since the SP tool is based on the power of scattering after loading the device, the SP tool cannot be used in this situation.

Thus, you have to download the flash file and the tool that is required for the flashing process. The tool is called DownloadTool 1728.31 and it works best for the Oppo F5 CPH1723. The tool itself is very easy to use and download but to configure it is a bit tricky, and it isn’t some cheap trick because it is 100% working. That’s why here I have compiled a list of steps that it would take to configure the tool.

Configuration of DownloadTool 1728.31.


Before we go on into the flashing process, we need to first configure the tool that we are going to use. Otherwise, the product activation would fail and flash would not occur. Thus, the steps to configure the tool is as follows:-

1. Download the file from the link that is mentioned at the top of the paragraph. You can also download it from here.

2. Now that you have downloaded the file, go to My Computer and select the download section.

3. Here you would find in your recent downloads a file named “OPPO_ALL_TOOL.rar”.

downloads a file named “OPPO_ALL_TOOL.rar

4. If your PC supports unzipping, unzip the file and save it under a different name. If not, you can download and unzip the file app from the Windows/Mac store.

5. Now that you have unzipped the file, save it on your desktop only to minimize the time required to find the same. Open the folder and you would find two names. These would be “DownloadTool_v1728.31 & Oppo_all_tool”.

find two names.

6. Open the second file. Now you need to configure this exact file for the product activation. Follow the steps below:-

A. Now once you open the file, you would find two files which would be named PDA.net and CodeMeterRuntime.exe.

B. Install PDA.net software on your PC from the folder.

C. Install the CodeMeterRuntime.exe also and then activate the software with the OPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2001.WibuCmRaU file.


D. Now that you have the exe file in your hand, enable the same and run the file.

This is all that you need to do to configure the file. Now let’s move on to Step-2 so that we can complete the flashing of Oppo F5.

licence activated


This tool is a premium software tool that can be used to flash Oppo F5 phones without any difficulties. But, the major problem with this tool is that it requires a license key to be used to activate the tool. And the license key or the product activation key is a bit expensive and is rarely available. It can be found in one of the Oppo service centres. But if you don’t want to purchase the key, there is another option left where you can activate it. For that, you need to modify some files.

Because of this issue, many users fail to do the product activation and thus abandon their phones. It is not advisable to do that because this process is really easy to do. It won’t be rocket science, trust me. I have compiled below the complete process into two steps. This would make understanding it a lot easier. The first step would be to configure the tool, of course, otherwise, it won’t start or work on the phone. The next step would be to install the flash file and then flash your ROM using the DownloadTool 1728.31. Let’s start with configuration first.

Flashing Firmware On Oppo F5 CPH1723 Using The DownloadTool 1728.31

This is the last step in the flashing process, please be careful with the flashing process as failure to do so would result in bricking your phone. Your phone would die and you won’t be able to

retrieve it.


1. Firstly, click on the link that is given at the start and then download the same. If the link is not working, click here.

2. Now, unzip the file that you have downloaded from the link.

3. Extract the file, give it a name and then save it on your desktop.

4. Open the file and then copy everything from here into the folder that you made earlier. Move it into the Oppo F5 CPH1723 flash file folder and then keep the same. You can see the photo below for reference.

transfer files

5. Now that you see the exe file, right-click on the file and then select run as administrator.

6. By now, the tool would be launched and there won’t be any issues with the same. If there exists any issue, troubleshoot the issue by going through the steps again.

7. Select start all and then scan all the flash files and firmware that are installed onto the same.

Firmware loads

8. Take your Oppo F5 phone and switch off the phone. Make sure that it is charged at least 40%.

9. Hold the power off, volume up and volume down button for 15 seconds and then connect your device with a USB cable.

connect your device with a USB cable

10. The tool would automatically detect the file and then it would start the flashing process.

12. It does take some time to load so don’t worry about the speed. Keep it going as it is. Please do NOT by any means try to remove or stop the process.

13. Once the process is done, you would be notified and a green bar would appear on the screen.

process is done

14. Again, don’t remove the USB even now. Wait for some time and then check your phone.

15. Now you would find that your phone would reboot itself.

16. You are free to remove the cable now. Congratulations! You have successfully flashed your Oppo F5 CPH1723 phone.

Final Words about Oppo F5 CPH1723 Flash File

The flashing process although is a bit tough, it would remove all the issues with your phone. You can completely renew your phone and it won’t cause any trouble now. The only thing that you need to consider about the phone is that you need to make sure that you follow all the steps mentioned above and make sure that you follow them correctly. A single mistake of the file or the software would result in a breakdown of your phone. We will recommend you to follow this method only when you know what you are doing.

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