Oppo CPH1801 Flash File Download- How To Flash Oppo A71 CPH1801

Are you looking for the best guide to flash Oppo A71? Then you have landed on the right page; as in this article, we have given a step-by-step guide on how to download Oppo CPH1801 flash file and flash your Oppo A71.

By using the Oppo A71 CPH1801 firmware, you can unbrick your device, update your device to the latest Android version, fix all the boot loop issues, revert the device back to stock and fix several other issues that cause problems on your device. There had been at least one instance in your life where you had forgotten your Oppo phone’s password and after countless tries, you had to go to the mobile store to get your password broken for you.

Oppo CPH1801 Flash File Download

Remember just how much they charged you for that? It might have been hell to break through the lock and you might be thinking that there would be a guy in the store with a matrix wall running behind with codes to unlock your phone. However, the process is too simple. So simple that you can do it at home. This is the sole reason as to why these stores don’t sell out these secrets. Or, you might be the store guy himself.

There are just 10-15 steps that you might need to follow and some files that you need to download. Except that you have to do nothing else. The process by which this is done is called flashing and it is a very simple process.

Note: Before you download the Oppo CPH1801 Flash File, ensure that your mobile device is Oppo A71 CPH1801. If you flash any other version with this firmware, your device can get bricked.

How To Download Oppo A71 CPH1801 Firmware?

  • File Name: Oppo_A71_CPH1801_11_A.05_180214.zip
  • File Size: 2 GB
  • Android OS Version: 4.4.2


  • File Name: Oppo_A71_CPH1801_11_A.01_171230.zip
  • File Size: 2 GB


  • File Name: Oppo_A71_CPH1801_EX_11_A.14_181015.zip
  • File Size: 2 GB


  • File Name: Oppo_A71_CPH1801_EX_11_A.16_190216.zip
  • File Size: 2 GB


How To Flash Oppo A71 CPH1801 Stock Firmware?

Step 1:First, download the firmware using the above-given link. Then you need to extract the Oppo A71 CPH1801 firmware on your computer.

extract the Oppo A71 CPH1801 firmware

Step 2:When the extraction process is over, you will find flashing tools, USB drivers, and firmware files on your computer.

Step 3:Now you need to install the drivers on your computer. Here we are installing CodeMeterRunTime

Note: You can skip this step if you have already installed the driver on your PC.

install codemeter
installing codemeter

Step 4:Then launch the firmware flashing tool and then load the Oppo A71 CPH1801 firmware files inside the flash tool. The flash tool used here is MSM download tool.

Step 5: Now you need to connect your Oppo device to the computer using a USB cable while pressing Volume up and Volume down button together.

Step 6: Once the flashing process completes, a prompt displaying a success message will appear. And you are done.

Step 7: You can now disconnect your Oppo A71 CPH1801 device from the computer and then restart the device.

FAQs Related To Oppo CPH1801 Flashing

These are some frequently asked questions. They are as follows:-

Ans. Yes, you can. But if it bricks again while flashing, you need to change your firmware and install the latest version.

Ans. No, the software update doesn’t affect your battery backup but it does remove malware and viruses so it would make your battery more efficient.

Ans. Restart your phone, and insert your SIM card and SD card (if any). You would be greeted with the initiation process as it does reset the phone too.

Ans. You just erased everything on your SD card then. Read the instructions properly.

Final Words:

That’s how you can flash your Oppo A71 CPH1801. Using this simple guide, you can easily do the flashing process on your own. However, if you don’t have any prior knowledge about the process, you should equip yourself with the necessary knowledge before doing this process. Apart from this, it is recommended to take a backup of your mobile data before you start the flashing process. This is because all the files in your device will be deleted once you flash the stock firmware.

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