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Today’s guide include Oppo A37f Flash File & Tool. I have decided to write this guide because Oppo is a popular brand and many of my friends use Oppo A37f smartphone. Nothing is perfect. The problems can occur anytime in anything. Smartphones are not out of this statement. If your Oppo A37f phone is in bricked condition, and you want to unbrick it then it can be done by flashing stock rom on Oppo A37f variant. Moreover, you can unlock your phone with just flashing only.

Flashing removes all the software related issues from your Oppo smartphone. To start this process, you have to Download Oppo A37F flash file or Oppo A37F firmware and Oppo drivers. This is a full-proof guide to repair software issues in your dead Oppo a37f mobile. Don’t need to go on a shop to repair your mobile, just follow our guide to unbrick your phone.

Oppo A37f Flash File & Tool

We perform flashing on Oppo A37f in edl mode or download mode with the help of Oppo A37F Flash File. Flashing is performed irrespective of device is in boot condition or not. This guide will help you debugging the issues in your phone. You will be able to use the phone without having any issue. Once learn how to flash Oppo A37F flash file on your device and get a fresh software for your mobile.

What you will get able to resolve after flashing

  • You can unbrick Oppo A37f phone by flashing stock rom
  • You can unlock the phone
  • You can fix the software related issues in oppo a37f
  • You can resolve network issue
  • Upgrade or downgrade mobile software or rom
  • Remove frp lock by flashing Firmware on Oppo A37f

Download Oppo A37f Flash File & Tool

Oppo A37F Flash File With Tool

Oppo A37f Flash Tool [Loader]

How to Flash Firmware on Oppo A37F

Read all the instructions carefully in order to flash the Oppo A37f smartphone. To get a working phone at the end of the process, it is mandatory that you will follow each of the step carefully. Implementing things with caution gives better results. Keeping it in mind let’s begin with the process and flash Oppo A37f file on your device.

Steps to flash Oppo A37f file

1 ->> To initiave the process, put your mobile into download mode.

[Press and hold volume up & volume down button together and along with it connect your mobile with pc]

To make sure your device is connect in edl mode or not,

Go to – Mycomputer>>Right click>>Device Manager>>Ports (Com & LPT)>> Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008

If it is unable to detect the device then install again the Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008 driver?]


[CautionEach step is crucial to follow. If you follow it without reading the entire article and perform any wrong step then it may brick your phone, so do it on you own risk]

2 ->> Once you are sure about it, the move to next step.

3 ->> Download & install the Oppo A37f drivers on your pc.

4->> Now Download and Extract the Oppo A37f firmare file on your pc. [this file also includes flash tool]


5->> Open A37fEX_11_A.07_160614 folder and run Msm8x39DownloadTool.exe file as administrator on your pc.

Msm8x39DownloadTool as administrator

6 ->> Once the tool run on the screen, click on verify to confirm the connected device.

7 ->> At last, click on Start button to flash Oppo A37f Flash file on your device.


8 ->> It may take few minutes in completion of entire process.

flashing under process

9 ->> At the end of the process, it shows green sign on the screen. It means you have successfully flashed the mobile.

flash sucess message appear

10 ->> Now you can disconnect your mobile from pc and restart it normally.

11 ->> Congo. You all done

You might find some issues during the flashing process. I have encountered some issues that our readers have notified us. I’m sharing the situation and the solution with you.

If you are having any issue flashing your mobile with Msmdownloadtool, then perform the following checks:-

The device should boot into edl mode.

The device is attached with pc in edl mode [Qualcomm HS-USB QDloader 9008]

If one of above situations is not in your case, then install the Qualcomm drivers again on your pc.

Another scenario is  – the Msmdownload  tool is not working properly or you can’t click on start button. Then download Msmdownload tool loader from the given links and move it into Oppo A37f rom folder.

I hope you learned how to  how to flash firmware on Oppo A37f and how to download Oppo A37f flash file both in one article. If you still see any trouble while following the steps given in the post, do intimate us with your comment.

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