8 Online Writing Tools for College Students 2022

Ability to write well is an important skill for college students, but unfortunately, not all of them can boast of being successful academic writers. In fact, lots of students struggle with their research papers and essays, and start searching for websites where they can purchase a cheap model paper, buy a custom essay or order editing services.

How many students prefer buying research paper online when they suffer from writer’s’ block or are afraid to fail. Buying papers can be an option, but if you invest an effort into your work and practice writing academically on a regular basis.

You can master the art of essay writing and be able to produce well-written plagiarism-free academic content. And due to the advancements of new technologies, there plenty of online tools that can help you achieve your writing goals. Here are 8 most helpful online tools you can use to boost your writing skills.

8 Top Online Writing Tools for College Students

8 Online Writing Tools for College Students (1)

Get a list of top online writing tools for college students which help them to improve writing skills-

1. Grammarly


It’s a popular free online tool that will help you check an essay or a research paper you have written. It can catch different types of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. If you upgrade for a premium account, you will be able to take advantage of many other useful features, for example, get some style suggestions.

2. Readable


It will help you check readability, grammar, and spelling of your college papers and other texts you have written. The tool will detect if there is something wrong with your text and suggest how to make improvements to make your writing more appealing to your audience. This tool will help you learn to express your thoughts clearly and concisely and impress your audience.

3. BibMe


It can help you create correct citations for your college essays. You can use it to find sources for your citations among websites, journals, and books. The tool supports a number of citation styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago. There are also citation style guides which you can read online to learn the fundamentals of correct citations.

4. Thesaurus


It will help you find precise words to express exact meaning. Using synonyms will make your papers more diverse and stylish and will help you convey your thoughts more effectively. This interactive online dictionary will show you multiple synonyms to a specific word. You can use it to expand your vocabulary as well.

5. Cliché Finder

It has the purpose of checking the content and detecting clichés in your writings. If you use it regularly, you will learn to avoid clichés in your essays and write original content that will have a powerful impact on your readers.

6. MindMap


It’s a free online tool for mind mapping. Many students know how to do research and come up with great ideas, but when it comes to organizing their thoughts, they fail. MindMup will provide you with the help to create and share amazing mindmaps. You will be able to create an unlimited number of mindmaps and store them in the cloud on Google Drive. There is an option to add icons and images. Mindmaps are great for brainstorming, creating documents’ outlines, and presentations.

7. WordCounter


It’s a tool that can help you count words and characters in your texts and improve your word choice and writing style as well. There is an option to detect plagiarism and spelling and grammar mistakes. Besides, you will see the top 10 keywords and keyword density, which may be helpful to prevent you from overusing certain words and phrases.

8. Freedom

It limits the time you can spend on time-wasting websites and helps avoid distractions. This useful tool will help you stay productive when you are working on your assignments. When the time you allotted for staying on the blocked website is over, you won’t be able to get access to that site for the rest of the day.

Final Words:

These are some amazing online tools to increase your writing efficiency. They help to write better content for educational purpose, blog, websites, research paper, etc.

Do let us know which tool do you use for your daily work and how is your experience with it?

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