Online Blogging Jobs: 5 Fantastic Ways to Get Hired

Online Blogging Jobs

The blogging world is full of earning opportunities.

Here are many bloggers who make million dollars each month via their blogs.

It’s the potential of blogging that gives multiple opportunities to make passive income and fulfil all your dreams.

I would like to feature here some screenshots of income reports those were shared by the authority bloggers on their blogs.

Blogging income report from Shoutmeloud

ShoutMeLoud January 2016 Blog Income & Traffic Report

Blogging income report by Matthew Woodward

My Monthly Blog Income Report List Reveals My 6 Figure Secrets

These are the live examples to get you believe over the money aspect of Blogging.

However, if you recently started blogging, then you might not have trust on these figures.

This happens with every blogger because for most of the bloggers can’t even dream of touching such high number.

But all these become possible via blogging only, so you have to believe it.

You can also make such huge amount, but it will take time and immense of hard work.

First of all, you need to start earning few bucks for your survival.

Money is the most crucial element that you require for perusing blogging as a full-time career.

There are many blogging jobs are available all over the internet, but to get them; you need to find effective ways to pitch the employers.

Today, in this article, I am going to remove your biggest problem which is to start making few bucks.

You might have the several outstanding skills, but if you don’t know how to present yourself in the front of potential clients, all is a waste.

I will share the most effective ways that help you getting hired as soon as possible.

I would also mention some best places that offer the best online blogging jobs in every niche.

6 Marvellous Ways to Getting Hired

A. Use Social Media:

As per my experience, social media is the best platform to find out the blogging jobs.

Being a blogger, you get lots of option to make money online on social networking sites.

You can work as an SEO, link builder, and Content writer for many companies or other bloggers like I’m doing.

Social media removes the role of mediator, and you get the full payment for your work.

One important thing that you need to keep in mind is – always optimise your social profile according to your industry type.

I will talk further in this article about profile optimisation.

There are many niche-specific communities, or social media platforms are working actively, but the following three platforms work best for each industry.

1. Twitter: Twitter is my favourite channel to promote my services.

Being an expert in a field, you can easily promote yourself on Twitter.

Here are some following optimisations that you need to do for getting hired on Twitter.

1. Optimise your Profile:

Optimising your twitter profile is crucial in all the way.

Let me give you a perfect example of Twitter profile optimisation.

Look below towards the screenshot of Problogger Founder Darren Rowse’s Twitter Profile. He has optimised his profile very efficiently. If someone wants to know what he does, s/he can easily get a clear idea about his profession which is what the employers want.

Collect all the relevant information about you at one place and then brief them to adjust in Twitter bio because it doesn’t give you much space.

Darren Rowse (@problogger) Twitter

Be specific every time.

Properly optimise your Twitter profile according to your working industry.

The next thing is to have a cover photo for your Twitter profile and mention some information on it.

If you analyse the cover picture of all the prominent bloggers, you will find one thing common in all.

They have optimised the cover pictures to share the crucial information directly to the prospects.

This information can include details like contact no, email, industry name, and everything that you find relevant to share.

But don’t fill up the complete image with info. Also, have the space for other things too so that it will look authentic.

Darren Rowse (@problogger)

Above is the cover image of Darren’s Twitter Profile. You can see the awesomeness of it.

You can clearly spot what profession he is into.

2. Follow People:

Now you need to start following the influencers in your industry.

First of all, follow only those influencers who are popular.

Then go for mid level bloggers, who are less popular but have a solid follower base.

In the end, follow the bloggers who are at your level.

Thus, the other bloggers will start following you, and the total number of followers in your account will increase amazingly.

To look professional and authentic, you need to have enough followers in your Twitter profile.

Get More Twitter Followers_ The Non-Nonsense Guide

3. Build the Relations:

The most important phase is developing relations with the followers and following.

Give likes and retweets to the Tweets post by the other Twitter users.

Directly send them a message and express the love for being in connection with you.

For direct message I used Crowdfire. It’s such a fantastic tool. By using such a tool, you can automate the message sending to your followers.

I receive such messages most of the times when I follow someone on Twitter.

The primary benefit of using such tools is that you can boost your Twitter profile in less time along with presenting yourself an expert in your industry.

2. Facebook: Next, come over Facebook, which is world’s largest social media platform.

According to Statista, the Facebook had 1.65 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2016.

Number of Facebook users worldwide 2008-2016

So, you have lots of opportunities to sell your skills because Facebook is a playground of all sorts of industry people.

I am sharing some tips which I use on Facebook to get the work from clients.

1. Share your work:

Whatever you write on your blog, share it on Facebook.

If your content is worth, you will get appreciations as well as some long term contracts from the big players in the industry.

So whenever you publish a post on your blog, get it human eyeballs.

2. Participate in FB Groups:

Facebook groups are the most targeted spot to find the potential clients.

IF you are a CONTENT WRITER, then target the active content writing groups.

Similarly, for other skills set, there are related communities over Facebook.

Put your keyword in the Facebook Search box at the top bar and find the most active groups as I said earlier

Join them and post what you are offering. Also, how you could be more beneficial from other if someone hires you.

3. Directly Send Message:

This approach may give you good results if applied properly.

Before making any direct approach, build relations with the FB friends.

Share their content and comment on their status.

Once they notice your work, prepare a short message including your expertise area.

Whenever they need to any such work, you will receive a message from his or her side.

Don’t make them feel frustrated by doing it multiple times.

One time ping is enough in most of the cases.

I use this strategy to find clients on Facebook.

If it works for me, surely you can also give it a shot.

B. Get Hired Via Blog

No doubt, your blog is the most convenient place to promote your skills.

If the readers come to your blog and consume the information happily, then you can convert them into loyal buyers of your services.

This creates the best opportunity to get hired by high paying clients.

To convert you readers into clients, you need to take a systematic approach.

  • Create a page around the services you offer and link to different pages catering specific needs.
  • Like your targeted clients are mostly bloggers, then create a particular page for bloggers and mention everything that you can offer and will be beneficial for them.
  • Linking back to the services pages from your blog posts is damn profitable. If you are writing a post that is related to the services you offer, don’t hesitate to link to it.
  • Use CTA on the Home Page of your blog pointing towards the service pages.
  • Track the pages which are frequently clicked by the visitors. Put more value to the good performing pages and improve the underrated.
  • You can develop an expert image through these steps. However, it takes the time to develop a sustainable business that lets you make decent amount via this process.

C. Send Email Newsletters

Email is one of the active media to influence your potential clients. You need to acquire a strategy to start your email marketing campaign. First of all, you need to find out the needs of your audience before targeting them. You should collect the emails of your visitors by offering them something useful. Afterwards, these emails can be used to offer your services.

There is a high possibility that you want a huge client base for your services but aren’t following any particular strategy for collecting the emails of your visitors.

Let me reduce your workload.

You can offer a freebie or something like interesting for which visitors want to share their emails against.

Here is the opt-in form on the

neil patel blog

This is quite attractive and offering the secret of 1, 00,000 visitors a month.

Who don’t want the traffic?

So the chances are high that people will happily share their email with this blog.

Below is another example on

email addresses

Just decide…

Would you like to download it?

If you ask this to me, I would say YES.

Who don’t like money? Everyone likes it.

This is the way to grab the email ids of your blog visitors.

These are the highly targeted audience, and you have to make a lesser effort in converting them.

D. Utilize Referral Marketing

Referral marketing gives the high conversion because you get the clients from your existing client base.

Let me explain it in an easy way.

Suppose you and one more blogger need a content writer.

Your blogging friend hired a content writer who is good at delivering quality content on time.

Now you will ask your friend for any content writer to hire.

Then your friend will refer you the same author.

You don’t want to evaluate the skills of the content writer because you already saw his work that built trust on him.

This is the power of referral marketing.

Similarly, you should utilise your existing contacts to get more work.

If you want more details about referral marketing, read this article on Shopify.

Referral Marketing 101_ 7 Tactics to Launch Your Own Referral Campaign

E. Bid on Freelancing Sites

Freelancing sites are one of the best sources to generate decent income each month. Few names frequently come into my mind are,,, and so on.

Fiverr is the best platform to earn money with less effort. Here you need to perform simple tasks for the buyer, and you get paid $5 for each gig.

You can also offer the advanced gigs on Fiverr to make good money out of it.

To know about more freelancing sites, read this article on Lifehacker.

sites to Make Money As A Freelancer

It contains the popular sites to make money as a freelancer.

Just signup in these sites and participate in the bidding.

You will see the blogging jobs in every niche.

Choose the bid according to your expertise.

Once the seller accepts your proposal, you will get rewarded with the project.

Bonus Tip: Get hired via Networking

Offline Networking is the vital source of getting hired.

You should attend the meets your potential buyers walk through.

Personally, meet with attendees and make the connection.

Tell what about your profession and how you could be beneficial to them.

Being a blogger, I attend many meets in and out of my city.

This gives me a chance to know the latest trends in the different industries.

I also get an opportunity to meet those people who are really in need of my services.

Always look professional whenever you get a chance to attend such events.

Carry your visiting cards along with each event.

Meet new people…

Make connections as much as you can.

Who knows which client would give you lifelong business?

Final Words:

Getting hired online is not that tough, but you need to know the right path for promoting yourself. If you follow a strategic approach, the opportunities will touch your feet. The above strategies are tested methods which should work well for you.

If you are using any other method to get more eyeballs to the services pages on your blog, let me know in the comment section.

If you have been a long time in the blogging and still struggling in making money, then these tips will surely help you in finding online blogging jobs frequently.

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