Nokia Best BB5 Easy Service Tool (Flash Tool) 2022 [Free Download]

In this post we are going to talk about the BB5 Easy Service tool (BB5 Flash Tool). This tool is quite handy to flash all types of Nokia BB5 mobile handset. Many mobile technicians use it to repair Nokia smartphones because it gives vital information about the handset. We are sharing the download link for Nokia BB5 Easy Service Tool. It can flash phone without box. It shows all the required details of the phone which further helps in flashing the Nokia smartphone. Flashing Nokia smartphone is damn easy with this tool.

Nokia Best BB5 Easy Service Tool

Download BB5 Easy Service Tool (Flash Tool)

The BB5 easy service tool is widely used tool for flashing the nokia smartphones. The best thing with the tool is- you can keep the handset data safe. It means by using this tool, you can take the backup of entire phone including calender, messages, gallery, phonebook, etc. Suppose your phone caught a problem and you unable to use it normally. In that case, you can take backup of your Nokia phone, with the BB5 Easy Service tool before repairing it. Once you take the backup of entire phone data, then you can flash the mobile without any issue. Once your repair the phone, restore the data again.

Now we will talk abou the Functions of BB5 Easy Service Tool(Flash Tool).

Functions of BB5 Easy Service Tool(Flash Tool)

You can repair even a dead Nokia phone with the BB5 Easy Service Tool. The tool offers various functions for the users. We will talk about the important ones in this article. Let’s have a look on them..

  • It can flash all sort of BB5 phones.
  • It can set the phone in test mode.
  • It allows reading the phonebook data even from a dead nokia device.
  • You can recover photos, videos, sounds records and other sort of data usually stored in the gallery of the device.
  • It allows you to read the calender data in one click.
  • It gives you access to all SMS and MMS data stored in the device even if device is not working.
  • It can also read the password of device’s memory card. Thus, very useful if user forgets the password.

Benefits of BB5 Easy Service tool

The BB5 easy service tool is very powerful tool capable of flashing stock rom on any Nokia device you have. It can also unlock mobile as well as flash the IMEI of the device. Several other benefits are given below-

  • It provides awesome support to the users.
  • It allows to read the user code which is very crucial detail in some cases.
  • The tool can read, write or reset the life timer.
  • Tool can also read & write the product profile.
  • It is damn easy to complete factory reset the phone with this tool.
  • It can easily upgrade device software.

Important: BB5 easy service tool supports the 3 types of interface UFS, USB, and COM. It operates in two mode.

  1. standalone BB5 Easy Service Tool
  2. add-on for Infinity-Box dongle

Standalone BB5 Easy Service Tool mode is free to use but you have to pay for activating and using add-on for Infinity-Box dongle.

Final Words:

BB5 Easy Service tool is amazing pc application for the service of each type of Nokia mobile phone. Therefore, it is quite handy tool and loved around the world whenever it comes to repairing the Nokia smartphones.

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