Nextra Broadband Review 2022: The Worst Broadband Service Ever?

Nextra is a ISP which provides Broadband services in different cities in India. I am a cusotmer of their internet service from 3-4 yrs. It has been a nightmare to stay connected with this internet service. I am facing issues since I applied for their service.

nextra broadband review

I had given them documents for the connection, and they had told me to setup a connection in 3-4 days. After waiting 4 days I contacted them and they again gave me a date. After 10+ days making 2-3 rounds to their local office, they installed the connection.

It was running fine since then. The connection used to get distrupted rarely once in three months for 1 or 2 days max. But now this time it is in bottom. I am facing speed issues from many days. Even youtube starts buffering at 240p. Do you expect such speed on a Broadband connection?

I had registered a comaplaint earlier but didn’t get any solution. I had also sent them email but didn’t receive any reply from them.

If you try to contact them now, you have to dial 2-3 times at least due to auto-disconnect. If you are lucky then the CCE will be in hurry to cut your call.

Thinking to get rid of this shitty service soon. I would suggest you don’t take connection from them. You won’t have any option after paying. I’m paying for 3 months each time. So I don’t have any option in between to switch to any other service. My entire work runs through internet. So this is a complete nightmare for me.

Final Verdict: Try some other alternative in your local area. It will be best way to go. A big NO to Nextra Broadband.

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