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MyHTSpace Portal is quite beneficial for the employees of the Harris Teeter to login into the dashboard and managing their work schedule, check and apply for employee benefits, check/modify personal details, and some other things as well. If you have recently joined the company or an old employee who is searching info related to MyHTSpace, this article will be very helpful for you.

For your kind information MyHTSpace is an employee only login site. Normal users have to go through separate account on MyHTSpace website for shopping purpose. To shop, add items to the cart, add address to get delivered the items, and make checkout after payment. The company have different benefits portal for employees.

Being a new employee if you are searching how to login to this portal or as an old employee if you wan to recover the password of your employee account then you no need to go on different article. You will get all My Harris Teeter login portal related information here. If you want to learn the login, password recovery, and other vital info about the portal, I would suggest you reading rest of the article.

How to get into the MyHTSpace Login Portal?

In this part of the article, we will learn how to log in to your My Harris Teeter employee login portal. Before getting into further details, we are assuming that you have joined the Harris Tetter and a separate user id and password have been assigned to you. Don’t forget that this is a different portal from Employee benefits portal. I hope everything is cleared now. Let’s jump deep down in the sea.

  1. Go the the MyHTSpace login portal, which is WFMR ESS – (if you see something like .jda on the login page, don’t panic. You are at right place).
  2. You will see options to fill in username and password.
  3. Fill out the required information and hit the log-in button.
  4. This is all you need to do to get into the dashboard of MyHTSpace portal as an employee.

If you are thinking that what if you forget the password, what is the option for recovery. Since there is no such option for the employee login password recovery on the page, you have to go through the different portal. That portal is employee benefits portal.

How to log in when you forgot your username or password?

harris teeter login

As we have made it clear that MyHTSpace doesn’t have a recovery option when an employee forgets username or password. Employee benefits portal will help us to recover login credentials because it uses the same username and password of an employee. It means that benefits portal is the place to recover your logins. So begin the process now-

  1. So, first go to the employee benefits site – which is different from WFMR ESS portal –
  2. Once you are on the main page, you should see the login option and under the login section, you should see the forget username and password option.
  3. Once you click on that option, you will be redirected to another page.
  4. Here you need to fill some details to confirm that you already have an existing account in the portal.
  5. Kindly fill the details like DOB, SSN, and Zip Code. You can also fill the Member ID at the place of SSN.
  6. All the details are case-sensitive, so make sure you use the right case.
  7. When you are done, click on the Continue button, and you will be taken to the another page.
  8. Similarly, fill in the details mentioned in the fields(if any).
  9. You should receive an email with a link to reset your password or find out your username.
  10. Complete this process by entering the new password and go back to the login page and try to login with the new credentials.
  11. Now you will get back the access of your account.

How to Register for the MyHTSpace employee login portal?

 This section is helpful for those who don’t already have an account at the employee benefits portal. They have an option to register themselves at employee benefits portal. The following tutorial will help you to understand this process.

  1. First of all, go to the employee benefits portal which is
  2. You will find the option to login in the same section.
  3.  Once you click on the Register, you will be taken to the another page with multiple steps.
  4. In the first step, you need to enter SSN, date of birth and ZIP.
  5. Once you click on the Continue, it will require to enter your name, contact info and other details as well.
  6. You need to assign username and password to the account. Once you do it, confirm the details by entering it again.
  7.  When all the detailed are filled, your account will be registered successfully.

You can check it by going on the login page and filling the login details to enter to the portal.

History of Harris Teeter

who is harris teeter

There are several Harris Teeter supermarkets or pharmacies around in Florida, Washington D.C, South Georgia, and Maryland. Residents of these places have surely spotted these supermarkets in their area. If you want me to be specific, I would say they have approx. 250+ stores in all the above-listed places.

If you follow the business news on daily basis then you would surely know about the Harris Teeter as it is one of the top supermarkets chains in the country. It was ranked 34 in the list of Top retailers in the country. It didn’t happen overnight, they have covered a long distance to reach to this position since 1936.

We have talked about their history and some technical processes which are helpful for the employees who work at Harris Teeter. Our goal to write this article is to provide this information only. Let’s know more about this company and if any questions left in your mind, you will get their answers too.

Some more details about Harris Teeter

While we go deeper into the history of this Supermarket Chain, we find that the company has been operated by the Harris Teeter family till 1995. If you want to know about the secret behind the naming of Harris Tetter then I want to tell you that it was a bit interesting. Keep reading to know about it.

The name was originated by the merger of the two different companies. One was a supermarket store owned by Willis L.Teeter and other was a pharmaceutical store owned by William Thomas Harris. Later in time, these two merged their businesses into one, then Harris Tetter came into existence. This is the reason you see Supermarket and pharmaceutical under the same HT name.

Company is owned by the Kroger. The acquisition was happened in 2014, but they kept the name, which could be due to popularity of this name. There are many supermarket chains in the US, but it has some innovative solutions from the initial days of company.

As a new initiative, this supermarket was the first which allowed their customers to shop groceries by placing the items on the shelves. This was the first supermarket which introduced first this option for the people. Moreover, it was the first to add air conditioning to their stores and allowed people to shop till 9 p.m.

Dairy products were also sold at their store. Their supermarket business was run by the family, so we can say that it was a family run business. If you want to know more about the company, please go through the Wikipedia page –


First of all thanks if you have come this much far by reading this article. You were probably looking for the MyHTSpace login portal details in this article. We have provided more than that. You might feel overwhelmed by reading all these information or you might feel this information irrelevant to you. We can strongly say that there will be some people who would love to read the other details as well. If you found this article interesting, do consider reading more such articles in your site info section.

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