Mondovo Review: One Tool for Social Media and SEO Needs

Many people feel tired of using a whole lot of tools for their all digital marketing works. In this modern age, people always strive to get their jobs done as fast as they can.

But by using separate platforms for their social media and seo analytics they were losing lots of time and been a frustrated.

Now, if you want to get rid of this frustration and want a change.

Then I ‘have a solution for you, recently I have found one amazing platform called Mondovo. Mondovo is an all in one marketing platform for measuring all your seo and social media analytics at one place.

This has been a fantastic tool which helps me a lot in making my work easier.

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What is Mondovo?

Mondovo is an all in one digital marketing platform where this robust platform will measure each and every statistics; you want to know about your sites seo.

And with this incredible platform, you can even measure your social media results, and you can do an in-depth analysis of social media platforms as well.

What Makes You Attract Towards Mondovo?

This fantastic tool has a complete set of different architecture and design model. It was the best when compared to the other tool which is on the move these days.

Information presented by Mondovo is very easy to understand, and you don’t have to face a trouble while understanding your analytics.

If you want to check any seo factors, then Mondovo is an easy go-to tool which has all seo tracking tools on it. It is having options like rank tracker, on demand rank checker, bulk metrics, and link research and On page analyser.

Along with these, it is very easy to create and manage multiple reports with this fantastic tool. And this can also help to generate unlimited reports without any difficulty.

Let’s discuss its tools and abilities:

Coming to the tools and skills of the mondovo. It has a fantastic tool which can achieve some best in class results.

  • This mondovo has a three top sections the first section is all about the seo. In seo, you can find some tools which help to measure and track results.
  • In this second section, it has your social activities, where you can measure your social metrics and have a glance at your progress and current things.
  • The third part is web analytics here you can find the analysis of your site.

Tools and features of Mondovo:

It has multiple functionalities in one tool. Let’s know about them:

– Rank Tracker:

Mondovo’s rank tracker is a tool which allows you to track your sites rankings on the search engine and help you to identify and analyse the performance of your relevant pages which are having scope to make your rankings better.

rank tracker

  • It will show your keywords which are currently ranking.
  • It will compare your results with the gaining vs. loses.
  • It will show the estimated traffic flow.
  • This tool will also show the average position.
  • You can check page wise rankings and your competitor’s rankings as well.
  • You can also see the advertiser’s CTR and total traffic flow.

– On demand rank checker:

On demand rank checker shows a similar statistics of the rank tracker, but it has enough changes from the rank checker. It is helpful for keyword research and competitor analysis.

In on demand rank checker you can see following:

  • The ranking distribution of your site and can find the non-ranking keywords.
  • You can see the different location ranking
  • You can add the competitor to your keyword ranking tool and measure their performance as well.

– Bulk metrics:

Bulk metrics is nothing but measuring your site vs. your competitor site in bulk. You can choose up to 5 URLs to do a side by side comparison and know their details. You can know the facebook likes, shares comments, etc.

– Link Research:

By this fabulous tool link research has become easier, you can start creating the backlink analysis report through this tool.

It shows all the metrics such as your sites referring domains, referring IPs, backlinks and also the link strength score.

link research

– Website audit:

website audit

Mondovo helps you to take an entire review on your site. It just checks all the necessary seo factors, and it shows issues if it finds them.

  • You can check the Meta tags and Meta titles issues within your site.
  • You can check the linking details of the pages.
  • You can check the on page optimisation factors like no apparent target keyword, poor optimisation scores, poor link to text ratio, duplicate content, and also detects the content which is under 250 words.
  • You can find out the HTML optimisation improvement factors like missing alt tags, heading tags, no follow, slow loading pages, and no index, etc.
  • You can check the average internal links per page.
  • You can check the average external link ratio.
  • With all these, you can also have social metrics with this as well.

– On page analyser:

on page analyzer

The on page analyser helps you to find out the issues in your pages. It lets you measure and inspect the individual pages of your website and take the correct action. By doing so, search engines will love your sites.

You can check the page score, page speed and page size of the articles. It will follow numerous on pages seo factors such as title tag, title length, over optimisation, etc.

– Keyword research:

Keyword research

Mondovo consists of a powerful keyword tool where you can find many keywords along with its words no of searches.

The keyword research tool will give best exhaustive results for most of the search terms.

With this, you can also stalk your rivals and see the keywords for which they are ranking for in the online space. You can also get to know the search volume for specific keywords using this tool.

Mondovo social tools:

Mondovo’s social toolset comes with a fantastic tool which can monitor and analyse your Facebook and Twitter.

You can analyse your Facebook to get statistics of the engaged people, and you can also spy on your competitors in social media platforms like Facebook and twitter.

By this tool

  • You can check the engaged your visitor’s graph, and also the fan base growth.
  • You can track and analyze your pages’ reach across various time periods
  • You can get to know your fans and followers inside out
  • You can get all the details about your rivals at a single place


Mondovo has a separate section in the dashboard that is analytics; here you can integrate your Google Analytics account to see the insightful and simplify streamline of metrics.

Along with that, you can also use a Mondovolytics. It is a tool which gets the real time data on your site and all the other information like site visitors, visitor’s source and visited pages, etc.


– Mondovo pay as you go:

Mondovo has a unique option of payments which was never used by any other companies. It has a pay as you go method. Which means you can decide your budget and forget about the fixed monthly plans.

– Multi-user experience:

You can invite your entire team to share and access the Mondovo account and that too in the easiest form. There will be no extra charges for this feature.

– Easy to use:

Mondovo is a platform which is very easy to use. You access all sort of graphs and heat maps on this site as fast as you can. You will be amazed at its uncomplicated reporting features.


I found Mondovo slow in processing the reports related to ranking and other tasks which takes up to 24 hour to generate them. However, it is getting better with the time. I talked to the Mondovo team. They are working harder to make it a better tool.


Overall, Mondovo is a fantastic tool which tends to have a potential to take your social media and seo efforts to take to next level. It’s easy to use the tool, and you can rock with this tool so I recommend Mondovo for all your content marketers need.


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