Mobilo Digital Business Card Review 2024: What We Found

Digital transformation is sweeping across industries and sectors, reshaping the way we interact, communicate, and share information.

The humble business card, a long-standing staple in professional networking, is not left behind in this wave.

Mobilo Digital Business Card Review

In this post, we’ll go deep into one of the market leaders in this domain: Mobilo.


The traditional paper business card, once a networking staple, seems to be nearing its end of days.

The switch to digital business cards is gaining momentum for various compelling reasons – they’re environment-friendly, provide tracking analytics, and are devoid of the physical limitations their paper counterparts suffer from.

Having personally explored numerous digital business card options and NFC cards in recent times, I felt compelled to share a detailed review of one that particularly stood out: Mobilo.

So, for all the readers who’ve been eagerly waiting for an in-depth assessment, this one’s for you.

What is Mobilo?

What is Mobilo

Mobilo, headquartered in the bustling city of New York, is more than just a digital business card provider.

Their CEO, Pieter, took a hands-on approach, coding the initial version of the app, illustrating a leadership deeply in tune with user requirements.

The results speak for themselves. Mobilo has successfully onboarded over 10,000 companies, marking its presence in the USA, Australia, and the Netherlands.

One commendable feature on their website is the calculator that showcases the environmental impact.

Users can determine how many trees they’re potentially saving by switching to digital, taking into account the number of employees and the frequent reprinting costs.

Mobilo’s Products

Mobilo showcases a versatile line-up of digital business cards, merging technology with aesthetics. Let’s get into their amazing offerings:

NFC Digital Business Cards

Mobilo’s NFC card range is both versatile and aesthetic:

  • Metal Cards: These are reminiscent of premium credit cards, boasting weight and a chic design. They’re available in three shades:
    • Black (which I personally vouch for its sleek look)
    • Gold
    • Silver
  • Wood Cards: Perfect for those in businesses like carpentry or home improvement. You get to choose between:
    • Light tone
    • Dark tone
  • Customizable Cards: These are the go-to for businesses with a sizeable workforce. You can modify the color, ensuring it aligns with your brand, and even embed your company logo.

Apart from the above, Mobilo offers a handy NFC Button & Keyfob. This can be stuck to the back of devices or used as a keychain, providing another avenue to share your digital business card.

NFC Button & Keyfob

Who is Mobilo For?

From solo entrepreneurs to multinational corporations, Mobilo caters to a wide audience. Their robust Teams platform is particularly beneficial for larger enterprises. However, if you’re an individual yearning for a digital landing page brimming with custom features like video embeds, Mobilo might fall a tad short.

Landing Page Features

Mobilo’s landing page takes a minimalistic approach. While it encapsulates all the essential links (social media, PayPal, Venmo, basic contact info), it doesn’t display them outright.

Instead, upon interacting with the card, these links are directly integrated into the user’s phone contacts.

This direct approach may be seen as both its strength and its limitation.

How to Share Mobilo Cards

Sharing your Mobilo card is a breeze. You can:

  1. Wave your NFC product.
  2. Scan the associated QR code.
  3. Set it up within an email signature.

Unlike many competitors who redirect to an elaborate landing page, Mobilo directly launches the phone’s contact application, prompting users to save the shared details.

App Breakdown

App Breakdown

Mobilo’s app is user-friendly, with tabs streamlined for efficient navigation:

  1. Data: Gives insights into card taps or link activations, both bi-weekly and overall.
  2. Cards: Lists all your business cards – an asset for team leads managing multiple members.
  3. Home (M): Displays the latest news feeds, alerts, and card taps.
  4. Leads: Acts as a leaderboard where leads can be sorted by recency.
  5. Share: In situations where NFC isn’t available, a QR code can be shared.

Moreover, there’s flexibility in card modes. You can switch between Business Card, Social Profile, Lead Generation, or URL based on your current need.

Mobilo Pricing

Mobilo’s pricing model is straightforward. Purchase the card, and voilà, you gain access to all features.

Mobilo Pricing

There’s no recurring subscription for the app. Product prices vary depending on whether you’re an individual or a business entity.

mobilo pricing 1

Mobilo Teams for Businesses

Enterprises, fret not! Mobilo’s Teams platform is designed to streamline large-scale management. Features include:

  • Organizing teams via multiple admins, suitable for diverse company departments.
  • HR integration facilitating automatic onboarding/offboarding of digital cards.
  • Seamless CRM activation with popular platforms.

Pros and Cons


  • Team Platform: With integrations for HR and CRM, lead generation capabilities, and an intuitive dashboard, it’s tailored for enterprise needs.
  • Aesthetic NFC Products: From customizable shades to metal and wood finishes, Mobilo stands out.
  • Diverse Links Integration: Be it payment gateways, social media, or custom URLs, Mobilo’s got you covered.


  • Landing Page: Its minimalistic design lacks advanced features. There’s scope for enriching this aspect.


In the realm of digital business cards, Mobilo shines with its beautiful NFC offerings and its purpose-centric design to facilitate contact exchange.

Their Teams interface is commendable, but the landing page leaves some room for enhancement.

Nevertheless, if you’re seeking a digital alternative to your traditional business cards, Mobilo should undoubtedly be on your radar.

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