MilesWeb or HostGator? Who is the best VPS Provider in India?

In today’s era, the internet plays an extremely vital role in the day to day life of every computer user. Be it obtaining information of any sort or socializing on the social media, the World Wide Web offers it all. With so much of digitization happening around, the internet is the first place a person lands to be it booking a travel, reaching out on unexpected emergency situations, grasping more knowledge about a particular topic or maintaining contact with good old friends.

This has resulted in the development of thousands of websites across the globe to facilitate services in a much easier and digitized approach, provide information and do business. The websites that require large bandwidth majorly look for VPS Hosting, rather than shared hosting. Let us see in brief about VPS Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting stands for Virtual Private Server hosting and is a virtualized server. One can say that VPS Hosting depicts a dedicated server within a shared hosting atmosphere. Technically, VPS is both dedicated hosting and shared hosting. It proves to provide better services than the shared hosting as you have a private space on the same server eradicating all the unwanted downtimes and disturbances of the other websites hosted on the same server.

It is just one of the various kinds of web hosting available in order to make your website live and going. It is mandatory to have the website files that you would like to be live on the web server. Purchasing and managing a server can be an expensive affair and it is advised to rent some private space on a server making it convenient and affordable for a common man to have their website online.

The three kings of hosting; viz; Shared hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server hosting are all similar in the fact that they allow you to run your website. They differ in the way they setup, the features at offer and how can you customize each of them.

There are many companies in the market that offer VPS Hosting in India. Therefore, it becomes important to wisely choose the provider who would prove to be ideal for your website. There are many factors that could be taken into consideration like price, features, bandwidth, etc. Let’s now dig into the services and features of two top notch companies providing VPS Hosting; MilesWeb and HostGator. Lets start with a brief introduction of both companies before we more further and compare the services rendered :

Introducing MilesWeb :
milesweb hosting

MilesWeb is a premium Web Hosting company started in the year 2012 to provide the finest web hosting to its clients at affordable costs. In such a short span, this company, headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra has evolved and made its way in the market and stands along the top rated web hosting companies in India. The motive of this web hosting firm is to support the growing online business by providing simple, affordable, fast and reliable hosting solutions to its customers. MilesWeb has customers ranging from freelancers to small and medium businesses under their belt.

Introducing HostGator :

hostgator hosting

HostGator is a big name and one of the world’s leading provider of Shared, Reseller and VPS hosting. Headquartered in Houston, Texas it was founded in the year 2002. The web hosting company has evolved from just three servers back in 2002 to about 12000 servers in today’s date and boasts of making up for approximately 1 % of the Internet Traffic across the globe.

Comparison B/W Hostgator VPS and Milesweb VPS

Lets us now dig more into the technical aspects and features offered by both the top rated web hosting companies, which will help you in deciding amongst the two would be ideal for satisfying your hosting needs :

  1. CPU : Everyone now a day’s looks for a processor which is fast. With so much data on the system it is mandatory to have a decent processor that will help you download and upload things as fast as possible. Also it would allow you to surf the internet faster. On comparing the basic plan of both the firms we see that where HostGator offers 0.57 GHz processor, MilesWeb offers you 1 Core processor.
  1. Storage Space : This is one factor that obviously tops the list of someone looking for a hosting provider. No one would want the data to be split and lost. So it is extremely important to find a hosting package that offers you enough space according to the data that you are going to have on your website. On comparing both the companies, we see that where HostGator provides 10 GB disk space and 384 MB RAM plan for Rs 995 / month in its initial plan, MilesWeb offers 50 GB disk space with 1 GB of RAM at Rs 1040/month. So you can see that MilesWeb offers you almost 5 times more space and 3 times more RAM at almost the same price.
  1. Bandwidth : Bandwidth is like highways, the more you have the more faster you can move. Similarly, the more bandwidth you have the more you will be able to process your website and surf the internet. Let’s compare the bandwidth of both the companies, HostGator provides 250 GB bandwidth in its initial package whereas MilesWeb provides you 500 GB Bandwidth. Again, we see that you get almost double bandwidth with MilesWeb at almost the same pricing.
  1. 24*7 Support : Support is the most essential part around which the whole hosting business revolves. Both the web hosting giants provide support 24*7. You can approach them at any time and they would have your issues resolved. This is one point where we can give equal weightage to both the companies.
  1. Security : Security is one aspect that cannot be neglected when we talk about web hosts and web hosting. Regular backups make a website experience better and smooth. HostGator does take all measures to make your experience better and keep your data secure but when we talk about MilesWeb, they take automated daily backups on their off shore servers with constant customer support via phone, email and chat. To top it all up, they also provide you with a Free SSL Certificate.
  1. Server Management : On comparing both the companies, we see that HostGator offers fully as well as semi managed VPS plans. The semi managed plans are not inclusive of a control panel. MilesWeb on the other hand offers fully managed as well as self managed VPS plan to best suit the requirement of a customer.
  1. Anytime Money Back Guarantee : This is one feature that almost all the web hosting offer. On comparing both the companies on this aspect we see that HostGator offers money back policy for the first 30 days of the installation, whereas MilesWeb provide you anytime money back guarantee. You get a complete refund if you cancel the service within first 30 days and For eg ; If you have paid for a year and you cancel the service after 4 months then you still get refund for the unused period i.e. 8 months.

Below is a tabular representation of the packages offered by both the companies that would put you in a better position to compare :

HostGator India VPS :

Snappy 1000

Rs 995/month

Snappy 3000

Rs 1975/month

Snappy 4000

Rs 3295/month

Snappy 5000

Rs 4495/month

Snappy 9000

Rs 9795/month

0.57 GHz CPU1.13 GHz CPU1.98 GHz CPU2.69 GHz CPU5.94 GHz CPU
384 GB RAM768 GB RAM1.31 GB RAM1.78 GB RAM4.33 GB  RAM
10 GB Disk Space30 GB Disk Space59 GB Disk Space80 GB Disk Space231 GB Disk Space
250 GB Bandwidth500 GB Bandwidth1050 GB Bandwidth1425 GB Bandwidth3150 GB Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP

MilesWeb India VPS :

Techie VPS

Rs 1040/month

Executive VPS

Rs 1560/month

Competent VPS

Rs 2600/month

Sharp VPS

Rs 4160/month

Express VPS

Rs 5200/month

1 Core CPU2 Core CPU2 Core CPU3 Core CPU4 Core CPU
50 GB Disk Space100 GB Disk Space200 GB Disk Space300 GB Disk Space400 GB Disk Space
1 GB Fixed RAM2 GB Fixed RAM3 GB Fixed RAM4 GB Fixed RAM5 GB Fixed RAM
500 GB Bandwidth1 TB Bandwidth2 TB Bandwidth3 TB Bandwidth4 TB Bandwidth
1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP1 Dedicated IP
100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port100 MBPS Port
No ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo ContractNo Contract

Conclusion :

An efficient and a reliable web host is the back bone of your website. So it becomes more important to choose the provider that best matches your requirements. We can see from the above comparison, that MilesWeb offers more services than HostGator and is also less costly. We also saw instances wherein some of the features offered by MilesWeb are upto 5 times more than that of HostGator.

Till now, I did not figure out a single reason why one should not go with MilesWeb. It is both affordable and renders more service than HostGator. It gives customers total complete value for the money they invest. Also, its Anytime Money Back Policy shows the confidence MilesWeb has in the services it provides and makes it a no risk affair for its customers. The excellent support backs it up.

After my investigation and comparison, my vote certainly goes for MilesWeb. I now leave it up to you to decide as to which would suit your requirements better !



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