I Want to Be a Blogger: How These Simple Words Can Change Your Life

I have recently started a new section on my blog. This section is devoted to the stories of bloggers. You will find many amazing stories here that will drive you through a new dimension of blogging. In the series, the first name Michael Pozdnev- A successful blogger who is known for his BFF Commenter technique. You will find the details about this technique in this post as well as Michael has revealed the success and failures moments of his blogging journey. I have already read this post. It’s quite interesting and being a blogger, you must read it.

Just say it: “I want to be a blogger.”

A year and a half ago, I said these words to myself, and then it all began…

It was like the Universe suddenly started helping me.

I had a goal. More importantly, I had all the resources I needed to reach that goal.

Thank you, Nikhil, for the opportunity to write for your blog. This is the first guest post I’ve written in my life. Every day I do something completely new, and this makes me happier than I’ve been in all my 33 years.


Why Do I Want to Be a Blogger?

  • Because I can help other people.
  • Because I can make new friends.
  • Because I can ask for help.
  • Because it’s fun.
  • Because blogging is a journey.

My relatives don’t even understand what blogging is. Have you ever needed to explain who bloggers are to other people?

You’ll need to explain a great deal and clarify what it is you do.


You’ll have to discuss how you are going to make a profit out of it, and so on…

I usually say that it’s like being a writer or a journalist. Upon hearing that, older generations nod their heads. Yeah, yeah, now it’s clear. The truth is that they still don’t understand, but they love me just the way I am. 🙂

My old friends think that blogging is very easy.

Just write whatever you want and the money will flood in. They see that I travel a lot. They see that I can afford to live the life I want to live. But they never see the price that I’ve paid to accomplish all of this.

I’m sure that every one of you – and anyone who’s ever blogged – understands how hard it really is.

After all, the traffic doesn’t come from nothing.

You’ll need to work hard every single day. For bloggers, a typical workday looks like this:

  • Choosing topics for new articles
  • Writing interesting material
  • Shaping the posts
  • Searching and processing the images
  • Researching the keywords and other relevant words
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page SEO
  • Commenting on other articles
  • Reading new posts by other bloggers
  • Making backups and checking the security of your blog
  • HTML and CSS
  • Making landings and content upgrades
  • Email marketing
  • Promotion, promotion, and once again, promotion
  • A handful of other important and necessary details

If you decide to become a full-time blogger, you may want to think twice.

Then think again!


And prepare to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life.

Yes, this is hard. But it’s overwhelmingly interesting too.

You’ll find new people, new channels of communication, and new gains and successes.

You will be able to live the life you deserve.

No other full-time job will ever give you the same opportunities.

The most important thing is to never give up!

Take a new step every day. I just ask that you avoid making the silliest mistake:

Creating beautiful articles and thinking that people will find them themselves.

That’s just not how it works.

Promotion is the key to every blogger’s success.

One of the challenges to becoming a successful blogger is…

I’m always surprised by how many bloggers are afraid of SEO. They believe that it’s too hard or too easy, and in either case, they may not think that SEO is a very important part of blogging.

Not too long ago, I got to know one successful blogger, Sue Anne Dunlevie. She asked me to write a guest post for her (Thank you, Sue!), but she made one thing clear:


Why is that? Why don’t bloggers like to read about SEO?

Why are there so few SEO search queries on Google?


Everyone knows that search engine traffic fuels every successful blog or website.

In the modern world, every business owner has a website. In fact, there are 988 million websites in the world! 2.5 million new blog posts appear every day.


And “Game of Thrones” interests everybody… (I must confess, I’ve watched every season.)

The truth is that search engine traffic can help make all your dreams come true.

That’s why it’s so important to pay SEO the attention it deserves from your very first steps as an amateur blogger.

Trust me when I say that SEO is no more difficult than learning how to read or walk.

Once you understand the basics, the magic of SEO will start working automatically when you create your articles.

For example, a simple SEO audit will help you increase your traffic substantially – sometimes by dozens or hundreds of times. So, why is it that bloggers don’t like to read about SEO?

Never be afraid to learn something new! Go to Google and ask your questions. You’ll find thousands of useful articles that cater to every level of understanding.

To give you a better picture of what I’m saying, I’ll tell you my blogging story.

Blogging Journey of Michael Pozdnev

Hello, my name is Michael.


I’m the founder of I Wanna Be a Blogger. I was born and raised in Belarus, a country with which you might not be familiar.


I’ve always liked to read.

No, I’m lying.

My interest in reading began when I was 10.

My mom used to give me interesting books on adventures and journeys. At first I was opposed to the idea of reading, but it didn’t take long before I couldn’t get enough. I especially liked detective and historical novels. I was reading everything I could get my hands on, day in and day out. 🙂

I loved learning about other countries and seeing the characters in my books travel all over the world. Then I learned that you needed money for that 🙂

This led me to a career in web design when I was 17. For more than 10 years, my company was creating websites and online shops for other companies and individuals. We were organizing different educational seminars and taking part in many projects.

It was very interesting, and I enjoyed studying the different aspects of IT, from programming to design to SEO. (I’ve always liked SEO and online marketing the best.)

Eventually, my partner and I decided to stop creating projects for other people. We started to create niche sites instead.

Five more years passed, and just like anyone else, we had our ups and downs.

Then, about a year and a half ago, I decided that I wanted to become a blogger.

I didn’t know anything about blogging and the life of a professional blogger, even though I had more than 15 years of experience in SEO, marketing and web design. But those things are  completely different.

A blogger has to combine dozens of professions.

A blogger has to do hundreds of things at once, and he or she might suffer from constant stress and a major lack of sleep. But it’s worth it!

When you transition from an amateur blogger to a true professional, you’ll see a few things change. Just take it from me – chances are that you will have to work harder than ever before. 🙂

The Main Mistake of an Amateur Blogger

I knew too much. 🙂 Sometimes too much knowledge can work against you.

  • I wanted to do the A/B test from the very beginning.
  • I wanted to create the most beautiful images.
  • I was analyzing my statistics every single day.
  • I was making every possible change to the design of my blog.
  • I was experimenting.
  • I was installing a bunch of WordPress plugins.
  • I was making different landings.
  • I was testing different email marketing programs.
  • I was promoting my Twitter account.
  • I was getting paid likes on my Facebook page.
  • I was writing letters to other bloggers.
  • I was commenting on other bloggers’ material.
  • I launched a campaign in Google Adwords.
  • I was making content upgrades.
  • Opt-in forms.
  • I was reading dozens of articles every day.
  • I was writing monster posts. (My first one was more than 8,000 words long, the second was 6,000 words, and the third topped off at 4,000 words.)

My main mistake as an amateur blogger was that I applied all my knowledge at once.

My advice: Forget everything you knew before you started your blogging journey. Concentrate on just one task. Get rid of any of your or other people’s thoughts on what you should do. Choose your goal and define the ways you plan on reaching it. After that, concentrate on each of these ways individually. Believe me, and you’ll know what to do at once. For example, now I know that I should write guest posts. And I’ve already gotten started. 🙂 Thank you again, Nikhil!

Results of an Amateur Blogger in 120 Days

120 days ago, I published the first blog post of my life.

I knew that I needed to be different from other bloggers in my niche, in order to attract their attention.

I spent a few months thinking about the topics of my future posts. Then, one day, I realized what I needed to do.

I needed to conduct an SEO analysis of the top online marketing bloggers:

Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Bryan Harris, Ramsay Taplin and Robbie Richards.

I spent more than a month researching which SEO tricks I should use. I needed to understand which strategy to choose to promote my blog.

And I succeeded. 🙂 The blog post was successful, and other people – including the experts themselves – loved it.


As I started from scratch, I needed to find a way to get instantaneous traffic. I didn’t want to wait for months before Google would bring viewers to my blog.

I spent every day reading dozens of articles, but more importantly, I was reading the comments. It seemed to me that all those commenters knew each other and were friends.

One day, I realized that these commenters were the target audience I’d always dreamed of. Soon my first BFF Commenter technique appeared and let me search for new friends.

And thanks to that technique, I got more than 13,000 pageviews in that period of time! 1,300 social shares! 160 comments! Keep in mind that I wrote only 3 blog posts.


But most importantly, I made my dream come true!

I became a blogger!

What I Do Now


I’m currently building relationships with other bloggers. I’m contacting them, writing them letters, giving them advice and sharing their posts on my social media accounts.

Now I receive plenty of offers to write guest posts.

People offer jobs to me.


The most valuable thing is that they offer me the chance to be their friend!

In a few days, I plan on starting a new journey with the girl I love. First we’ll fly to Georgia, and then to Armenia. These are wonderful countries!


I am sure that this journey will give me a better understanding of myself, and it will help me become a better and more successful blogger.

To everyone who is reading this article: I’d like to offer you the chance to become my friend!

You can always rely on my help and knowledge. When I do something for other people, I become happier myself. 🙂

Give me this joy, and please become my friend!

57 thoughts on “I Want to Be a Blogger: How These Simple Words Can Change Your Life”

  1. Such a wonderful journey you have, Mike. It’s certain that building up a better blogging profile is tough these days unlike the initial trend blogging has created globally since 2007-2008 period. Of course, a lot of remarkable changes have happened in this arena. It is not creating any trend anymore; majority of bloggers are serious about what they are doing. Because they know how good Google spiders are in estimating whole new levels of blogging system.

    Still, if someone knows how to move the cards on time and determined of what s/he is doing, I can confidently say that blogging ain’t going to be tough for them as well. Just that they should invest their time and energy in understanding how blogs work. In such a way, blogging will attract them, too.

    Enjoy your time, Mike! As a blogger myself, it’s really good to know stories of other bloggers. I said, as a blogger. 🙂

    All the best for your future ventures! Take care. 🙂

    Also, thank you so much for introducing Mike’s story to us, Nikhil. It’s truly motivational. I look forward to read your upcoming posts. Have a good day, bro. Take care. 🙂

    ~ Rahul

  2. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for sharing these details on your journey. Indeed, some may think that blogging is easy.
    They’re so wrong.
    I’m a marketer, and blogging is one of my main activities. My first blogging lesson is that it’s hard as hell.
    The second one? Keep SEO in mind 😀
    Thanks again for this post and good luck!

    • It happened due to theme alteration. I have placed social sharing on the post. Now feel free to share it with your social media following. and thanks for notifying me.

  3. Hey Nikhil,

    It’s an awesome and inspiring post. Michael’s story is really inspiring and there are many bloggers out there who started their journey from scratch and many bloggers didn’t even know its called blogging.

    Thanks for inspiring Nikhil.

    Yogesh Shinde

  4. Great Post.
    Every blogger should know SEO, and it all begins with keywords. What keywords will you target for your post.

  5. Hi Michael,
    It’s really an inspirational post. I mean it’s a great idea to write about the own experience. I just loved reading it and from starting of the post to the end I was thrilled and compared myself with the post.
    And I would also love to become your friends.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, Robin! It’s very pleasant to hear. Bloggers’ stories are often similar. You need to work a lot and love what you’re doing. In the beginning, it’s just very hard and you need some support.

      Sure, we can become friends! Don’t forget to become my subscriber 🙂

  6. Hey Michael,

    Great post, dude! I think you document the journey really well.

    I especially love how you spend a TON of time researching the following:

    1. Who your audience REALLY is
    2. What they REALLY want
    3. The best way to create the content they crave

    There is a lot of revamped crapola out there about how we “should” do things. But really, the best pay off is when we go our own ways and really develop something special and unique to us.

    • You’re absolutely right, Tom! To go your own way is always hard, but it’s worth it! I always spend a great deal of time researching for my new articles, that’s why I can’t write them more often. But I’m trying 🙂

  7. Hi Michael,

    We already know each other 😉 It’s funny that when you’re truly sincere about yourself as a person, people would love to know more about you. I first got in contact with you on Twitter, then on your blog, then we had a few conversation through email and now here.

    Funny how things go. Also thank you for introducing me to MyQuickIdea.com. Great blog!

    • Yes, Raul, I was very surprised to know that many people like my personal stories. I’m trying to be as transparent as possible. This is for the people who read me to see me firstly as a person, and secondly as a specialist.

  8. A great post! It really inspires me to carry on, even though there’s so much work involved! I enjoy every minute of blogging and we’ll done for doing so well! Great stuff.

  9. Nikhil,

    Thanks for sharing this valuable post. I can see what it takes to be a professional blogger. After reading this, I cannot say I am a professional blogger although I have written hundreds of blog posts. My goal has not been to be a professional blogger. It has been to share information about my niches and build my credibility. However, I can see that all the extra research Michael did propelled him to huge success while mine feels as if I have been dilly dallying with a hobby. Another reminder to focus and go deeply within one thing rather than to attempt to do everything that is possible.

    Thanks again.


    Dr. Erica

    • Hi, Dr. Erica! I spend a lot of time doing my research because I just love doing it. I want to share 15 years of my experience with other people. Nowadays I devote almost all my time to my blog, not thinking about earnings. You’ve got a wonderful blog, so I wish you good luck.

  10. Hi Nikhil and Michael,
    what an amazing post.
    This is the first time I see a blogger from Belarus here.
    Interesting, I had a young man from Belarus sitting beside me in an English course
    in Malta and our first tractor here was build in Belarus. Nice to hear your story of
    Thank you, Nikhil and Michael for this great post, I wish you both all the best.

  11. What a great story! like you Michael, I don’t understand why there is such a big problem with SEO. I suppose it’s because people think it’s tedious and because it’s tedious, it’s complicated and too much hassle. Get it right and it creates magic!
    SEO is not that hard to learn and, although it can be hard work, the rewards are great.

    • You are absolutely right, Barrie! SEO isn’t difficult at all, you just need to start doing it, step by step. Moreover, the results can be awesome. My personal task is to somehow persuade other bloggers to start learning SEO and then help them go this way.

  12. Really inspiring and motivational.

    I honestly wish I knew as much as I know now regarding blogging when I first started off. But, I’m pleased with my progress. And I’m very impressed with Michael’s progress and success. A lot of what I read on his blog is pure awesomeness. Keep up the great work, Michael.

    • Thank you, Andrew, for your kind words! Sometimes knowledge and experience can hinder us. Probably after so many years I still haven’t learned to set the priorities right.
      You’re a professional, Andrew, and I’m very proud to know you, and I hope that one day I’ll become a professional blogger as you are.

  13. It’s an awesome and inspiring post. Michael’s story is really inspiring and there are many bloggers out there who started their journey from scratch and many bloggers didn’t even know its called blogging.

  14. A great post! It really inspires me to carry on, even though there’s so much work involved! I enjoy every minute of blogging and we’ll done for doing so well! Great stuff.

  15. A great post! It really inspires me to carry on, even though there’s so much work involved! I enjoy every minute of blogging and we’ll done for doing so well! Great stuff.
    Best Regards.

  16. Really Wonderful and Motivational Post ! and It’s an awesome and inspiring post. Michael’s story is really inspiring and there are many bloggers out there who started their journey from scratch and many bloggers didn’t even know its called blogging.

  17. Hey mike, really inspiring journey. I am agree with the point that before starting blogging one need to think twice. Its a long run process. It is best if you are passionate for it. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  18. Hi Michael,

    Very inspirational story, it will motivate to other blogger like me.

    @ Nikhil,

    You are doing great work

  19. Hello Michael Pozdnev,
    What a great post man i just don’t want to miss a single word and already shared it on my fb wall. I want to thank you because I am also making some of those mistakes you have mentioned in your post and from now onward i will surly try to correct them. Your writing skills are too good man.

    Ajay Kumar

  20. You are absolutely right Nikhil,
    Blogging is not an easy stuff as others think. It takes years to earn first 100$ from Google.
    Some bloggers also feels to give up. But the one who keeps Blogging and focus on his content without worrying of the failure is real Blogger. I’ve learned lot from you, Harsh Agarwal and Of course Neil Patel 🙂

  21. Hello bro,

    Your story is very inspiring, thanks for sharing your awesome experiences with us. Thanks for the motivation you’ve put into me, and you always help somehow with my SEO needs.

    Keep up the awesome work! 😀

  22. Great post. I am going to read it again and also going share with my friends. Keep sharing such amazing post with us. We are always waiting for your post. thanks for sharing


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