Meesho App Download – A Game Changer for Indian Online Shopping

Meesho is a Bangalore based mobile commerce platform that is aimed at leveraging social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook etc to enable small sellers and aspiring entrepreneurs to launch their online businesses. The app allows individual resellers to source products at lower prices from manufacturers and suppliers and then sell them at slim margins to their social circles and beyond.

Meesho app download

Some key aspects of Meesho’s business model:

  • Zero investment – no upfront payment required to get started. Resellers simply buy as much inventory as they need from Meesho’s catalog.
  • Commission based earnings – resellers get commission ranging from 15-30% on selling products from their virtual inventories.
  • Large catalog – Currently offers 3+ lakh products across fashion, home & kitchen, accessories, beauty and more.
  • Social sharing – Product catalogs can be easily shared via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

This model has helped Meesho tap into India’s vast unorganized retail market, enabling resellers to operate their businesses digitally.

Why Meesho is a Game Changer

While ecommerce is growing steadily in metros and big cities, Meesho is making online shopping truly inclusive by tapping into underserved markets in small towns and rural areas. Some ways how Meesho is emerging as a game changing platform:

  • Requires zero capital – anyone can become a reseller without needing upfront investments or inventory. This allows housewives, students or anyone looking for extra income to get started immediately.
  • Leverages social commerce – sellers don’t need fancy websites or digital marketing skills. They can simply share product catalogs on their social media channels to get orders.
  • Democratizes online selling – small sellers in tier 2, 3 cities now have access to a wide market beyond their localities by selling online via Meesho.
  • Caters to the long tail – focuses on selling a large variety of products even in small quantities rather than fewer products in bulk.
  • Supports women entrepreneurship – majority of resellers are women looking for financial independence by taking their businesses online.

Download Meesho Online Shopping App latest version

Download the latest version of the Meesho shopping app for the best experience. The newest version offers a faster, smoother browsing and shopping experience. It also provides new features like improved order tracking, expanded payment options, and upgraded security. Keeping the app updated ensures you get all the newest capabilities.

Apk NameMeesho App
Apk VersionLatest Version
Device NameAndroid

Downloading and Getting Started with Meesho

Getting started with Meesho to explore its benefits is quick and simple. Follow these steps:

1. Download – Get the Meesho app from Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). It’s free to download and install.

2. Sign-up – Sign-up with your mobile number and set up your profile. Allow permissions if requested.

3. Browse catalog – Check out the wide variety of products and categories available on Meesho.

4. Set up sharing – Enable sharing catalogs via WhatsApp, Facebook etc from the Meesho app.

5. List products – Select products you want to resell and add them to your virtual inventory. Listings get created automatically.

6. Share and sell – Share product listings with your contacts via social media. Start getting orders!

7. Withdraw earnings – Get your commission credited instantly on confirmed orders. Cash out earnings conveniently.

So get your online business going in just a few simple steps by leveraging Meesho!

Meesho’s Rising Popularity

Meesho has struck a chord with both buyers and sellers in India, evident in its phenomenal growth trajectory:

  • Over 1 crore resellers already active across India
  • Raised over $125 million in funding from leading VCs
  • Buyers get access to low cost products directly from manufacturers
  • Strategic partnerships with Flipkart, Facebook, Mahindra to widen reach
  • Average order value just ~₹500 showing massive scale
  • 70% resellers are from Tier 2/3 cities showing deep penetration

The Road Ahead

Meesho is gearing up to enable the next 500 million online shoppers in India. Some upcoming plans:

  • Expand product categories beyond just apparel currently
  • Add more regional language support
  • Improve logistics further by integrating with third party services
  • Offer more payment options and financing support to resellers
  • Expand marketing campaigns especially in small towns and rural regions
  • Continue enhancing its smooth and user-friendly mobile app experience

The company aims to have over 100 million resellers on the platform by 2025. With a innovative business model and solid execution so far, Meesho seems on course to drive the future of ecommerce in India!

So if you are looking to start your own online business with minimal investment, or want to access unbeatable deals, Meesho is the go-to app! Download now and experience the convenience yourself.

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