How to Make More Sales Through Your Ecommerce Website

Do you want to turn your ecommerce website into a powerful sales machine? This is the goal of most online store owners, but they don’t always get the results they hoped for. However, you can take control of the situation and increase the sales you make online. Below are some tips that will allow you to do this.

Search Engine Optimization

search engine optimization

A large number of online users still use the search engines to find the products and services they wish to buy. Every ecommerce website should be optimized so that shoppers and customers who search for the products and services using keywords and phrases that are related to your website find it through the search engine.

However, this is easier said than done. To start with, you could educate yourself and complete an SEO marketing crash course. Ideally, you should target a range of keywords that your shoppers and customers use, including local keywords, product keywords, services keywords and your industry and niche keywords. Other SEO factors that you need to take into account include internal linking, external linking, and backlinking.

Accept Different Methods of Payment

Accept Different Methods of Payment

The more payment options you offer your shoppers and customers, the more people you cater for, which leads to more online sales. Some people may wish to pay in installments, which should be an option if it’s a practical thing to do on your website.

Make It Easy to Purchase from Your Website

A person who purchases a product or service wants the whole buying process to run as smoothly as possible. You can facilitate this by developing a clean, easy-to-use interface and a straightforward shopping cart and checkout system. Fulfilling and delivering the product or service purchased should also be done in an efficient manner.

Upsells and Related Products

Every time someone buys from you, you want them to purchase as many items as possible during each visit. Upselling and promoting related products and services is the most effective way to do this. The more closely related these products are to the product a person is buying, the more likely it is that a shopper or customer will buy these additional products. To encourage people even more, you can give them a discount when they purchase more items.

Competitive Pricing

Before you list a product online, it’s important to carry out some market research. You can do this in a number of ways. The internet makes it much easier to compare prices and find out what other retailers are charging for the products and services you sell. When you finally decide on a price, it has to make a profit after costs, including the wholesale price, advertising costs and delivery costs. However, the price still has to be competitive enough for your customers.

Provide Excellent Customer Service

customer support

Most people prefer to deal with a business that values their customers. This is why it’s essential to provide excellent customer service. You need to help your customers in every way you can prior to a sale, during the sales process and after a sale has been made. If you provide excellent customer service, your customers are more likely to buy more products from you again in the future and refer your ecommerce store to other shoppers. Hence, it is required to shift focus of your ecommerce marketing from ‘profit first’ to customer first.

Encourage Other People to Promote Your Products and Services

engage people

Your customers have the potential to become your best sales people, so you should encourage them to tell other people about your online business. Creating an affiliate program and rewarding people who promote your products and services is one of the most effective ways you can get people to spread the word about what you have to offer.

With an affiliate program, you pay a commission to anyone who refers your product to another shopper if that referral leads to a sale. Getting paid in this way is an extremely effective way to encourage people to promote your products and services.

Add Your Buyers to an Email Marketing List

When someone purchases from you online and has a positive buying experience, there’s a good chance they will buy from you again. To increase the likelihood of this happening, you need to keep in contact with your previous customers. A large number of shoppers may also be interested in your ecommerce store, but not been tempted to buy just yet.

To keep in contact with both groups of people, you need to create an email subscriber list. You can send whatever information you wish to your subscribers. This can include tips, news, and product and service promotions. If this is done in the right way, it has the potential to generate many additional sales each month.

Social Media Integration

social media integration

The more people who see your online offers, the more sales you will make. The most popular social media websites attract millions of people every day and many of these social media users could become future customers of yours. It’s essential to integrate your website with the leading social media websites such as Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. You can promote your product or service listings on these sites and display your latest social media posts on your website. Remember to also include sharing buttons on your website.

Free Shipping

free shipping

As mentioned earlier, you need to remove any possible obstacles that could prevent someone from buying from your ecommerce store. Offering free shipping is an effective way to do this. However, you may need to absorb some of the shipping costs into the price of your product so that you don’t sell it a loss.

Promote Customer Interaction

Shoppers want to find out as much as possible about the product or service they are purchasing and the business that is selling that product or service. Allowing reviews, comments and conversations allows you to do this and gives your website visitors a much more interactive user experience.

An eCommerce store has the potential to generate huge sales. However, you can’t simply set up a website and hope for the best. Instead, you should follow the tips above, so that you attract as many shoppers and paying customers as possible.

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  • Thanks for sharing these tactics Nikhil! It’s hard to follow all of them, but you can get there after some time. I would like to emphasize how important is to engage with your visitors, on your website and social media too. This way they will keep coming back and they will recommend you, which is extremely valuable.

    One of the things you can do to increase their loyalty is to answer their questions fast, solve their issues, keep track of their birthdays, anniversaries and offer them discounts.

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