9 Recommended Long Tail Keywords Generator [Paid & Free]

Long Tail Keywords Generator

Keyword research is the important part of blog post writing. We should use an effective keyword research strategy whereby we can rank high in the search engines.

We should try to find out the low competition keywords with high searches. Long tail keywords have their own advantage in keyword research. If you able to find the low competition LT keywords, then they could be ranked easily in the search engines. In this article, I am sharing some Long Tail Keywords Generator that produce multiple related keywords in seconds.

9 Recommended Long Tail Keywords Generator

The best way of rank in search engines is the making use of long tail keywords generator. By using these tool, you can generate easily produce long tail keywords. Let’s begin the list from here:


Semrush helps finding the keywords of your competitors and also gets you new search terms. It also works as a long tail keyword generator for users. To get access to this funtionality, you kust need to have an account on SEMRUSH.

#2. KWFinder

This is a very efficient keyword tool. You can generate multiple keywords with this tool and also know the competition on any keyword. However, it has a limitation for the number of attempts to check the keyword competitiveness.

#3. Ahrefs

Almost every blogger on the earth know about the Ahrefs if he takes blogging seriously. This is an awesome paid tool to know the keywords of competitors. It also has a free tool to generate long tail keywords for the given term.

4. Answer The Public:

Answer the public is a free keyword tool. It shows the results against the term you enter in it. You get the questions related to the term entered in it. If you enter “content marketing”, it will show the questions people are asking around it.

Answer the public is a useful tool to get the related questions to any specific term. It doesn’t show you the search volume so you can take an informed decision based on the data. However, it still a shows enough results as long tail keywords.

#5 Google Keyword Planner:

Google keyword planner is oldest keyword research tool by Google itself. It provides the keywords list for any specific term.

You can use its Discover new keywords feature to get keyword suggestions for a head term. Search results can be filtered out on the basis of language and country.

#6. LSIGraph

Lsigraph generates the LSI keywords. You just simply put your main keyword in the search box and get the LSI keywords to add in the blog post.

#7. Keyword Discovery

I would suggest you to put any common term in the search bar for getting relevant keywords.

#8. Google Trends

It is an amazing tool. You can see the current hot trends with the help of this tool. If you want to get instant traffic to your blog or website, it is the most powerful tool for you. It doesn’t show you long tail keywords, Instead you can find interesting topics people are searching in the Google. Keyword ideas from here can do wonder for you.

For example we search “best running shoes” in Trends and see the results.

Google Trends shows you the interest of searchers of this particular keyword over the time. You can setup keyword strategy as per the trend in above graph.

As you scroll down from here, Trends also shows you Releated topics and related searches.

I would like to suggest you focusing on the Related Queries. These are trending terms people are frequently searching. Use keyword planner or SEMRUSH to get Long tail keywords related to these trending terms.

#9. Übersuggest

It is one of the best Long Tail Keywords Generator which has been acquired by the reknowned internet marketer “Neil Patel”. Ubersuggest allows some free searches for users through which you can find the Long tail keywords.

You are head term like “make money” in the search box and select the targeted country and hit enter. You will see a bunch of keywords in the search results. There should be enough long tail keywords as well that you can use for your blog or website.

These were the best Long tail keywords generator that always assist you in searching the most relevant long tail keywords. I found them by  through the Google. If you know about any relevant Long tail keywords generator that you think might help the readers, you can share via comments.

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  1. Many Thanks!

    When it comes to Long Tail Key Words, I get so confused. You have given me so much value in this post with the links there to provide keyword research.

    I’ve not done many long tails because I was fearful that I would get lost in the crowd. Here, I can plainly see how effective it can work.

    I just book marked this for further use.


  2. Hey Donna,
    I am glad you bookmarked it. By these tools, you will get direct access to long tail keywords for any niche. They won’t let you lost in crowd.


  3. Thanks for this really useful information! I tend to overlook this things, especially I just started blogging three months ago. I’ll definitely be making use of this now.

    • Hi Erica, It is crucial to use LT keywords with seo point of view. IF you are missing it, these tools will help you. Let me know how can I can help you more.

  4. Thank you so much for putting up this post as i wasn’t aware of it yet. As a blogger we know how useful this will be for us.

  5. Thanks so much for the list! I have been hearing a lot about long tail key word, but honestly I find it soooo hard to find relevant keywords that can rank. Still completely lost – wondering if I should bite the bullet and buy one of these tools!

  6. I’ve read about long tail keywords before when I started to study basic SEO. Didn’t know that there were generators! This is pretty helpful stuff. Thanks!

  7. I have heard about keywords before, but first time to hear of long tail. I will check these sites out. I do not know about these things too much, but I know they are important to bloggers.

  8. This post will come in handy. I struggle in the area of finding and understanding how I can fit my subject into a ranking for google. I am just about to utilise your suggestions to start becoming comfortable with Long Tail Keywords. Thank you so much.


  9. It’s always important to pay attention to SEO for our blogs, and long tail keywords are important. I also admit I am using Google Trends – though they have a bigger impact for websites included in Google as news sites.

  10. These keyword generator are looking very useful and helpful for us.
    one of these am using for search keyword. google trend is best keyword generator.
    so i will use others websites for keyword search. i hope these will be useful and helpful for us.
    anyway thanks for good sharing which i did not know before.

  11. Hi Nikhil,

    Found good tools to find Long Tail Keywords and its a very informative post. This article has given me a lot of clarity and also removed many of my doubts. Thankyou so much for sharing such a wonderful List of Tools & Article.

    Thanks 🙂

  12. Hi Nikhil,
    Found good tools to find Long Tail Keywords and its a very informative post. This article has given me a lot of clarity and also removed many of my doubts. Thankyou so much for sharing such a wonderful List of Tools & Article.
    Thanks 🙂

  13. Hi Nik, this newsletter is pretty informative and thorough. The points mentioned right here can be of a great assist to the novices. A rookie mistake this is made in widespread is that keyword phrase which is an excessive amount of popular is focused by means of the person in place of the one which is popular but not quite. it is simpler to rank the latter. Thanks a lot for wonderful written up!

  14. Wow, Great List of the website to find out Long Tail Keywords, even nowadays long tail keywords are widely used by niche site to increase the rankings on Google. When I search for long tail keywords, i go for long tail pro, and ubber suggest by mixing both of them you can generate low competition keyword with the high volume of searches.

  15. HI Nikhil
    Amazing list indeed. I have to say that the long tail keywords are like a boon for an SEO. Using them you can rank on the keywords that can bring you more targeted traffic than anything else. Moreover, it is a great way to boost up your ranking for the primary keyword too. And all the tools listed above are awesome.
    Thanks for sharing
    Have a great day ahead

  16. Nikhil,
    One more tool you might want to check out is the Bing Ad Intelligence plugin for Excel. Of course, you have to have a copy of Excel, but many people already have that on their Mac or PC. It has four or five different keyword discovery tools that take your long list of keywords and look at search query data from Bing.com to present new long-tail keywords. Definitely worth trying out.

  17. Though your article is huge your way of writing is very easy to understand by all. From your article, I got an idea that long tail keywords helpful to reach the success, but the major tragedy in this is to find the long tail keywords and rank well in keywords.
    But I can surely suggest that only long tail keywords alone will not survive well all the combination of keywords will work out well, But when comparing, long tail will come out better in Google ranking.
    But we need to give importance to all other kinds of keywords too.

  18. You have told about very good tools, that someone is free, someone is paid, it will be a great help for me, Dear for sharing information Thank you

  19. True! Because keyword research is the base of SEO as it has to be ranked and all working is done accordingly. Long tail keywords cover most of the popular short tail ones and are really useful when many short tail ones are all together to make a longtail one. But I want to know that which one tool do you suggest the most out of all these? and thanks for this useful info


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