3 Powerful Link Building Strategies in 2021

After publishing your seo optimized content, the first thing that comes in your mind is Ranking.

To rank better in the SERP, backlinks have been the most power aspect that every webmaster should consider.

The Big G raise a question on the effectiveness of the links. However, we can’t deny from the boost they offer in ranking.

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You should not take my word for it. I show you the real example that will clear you what I want to say.

Take any keyword that you think has some search volume, and put it into the Keyword explorer of Ahrefs.

check backlinks of ranked keywords (1)

You can see in the above screenshot that the web pages which are ranking for a specific keywords have backlinks pointing to them.

Keeping this conclusion in mind, we are sharing some important backlink strategies for 2021.

3 Powerful Strategies to Build Quality Backlinks

  1. First approach familiar sites

Here, I am want you to approach those sites which are already pointing to your domain. Put your site in content explorer of Ahrefs and go to backlinks section.

You will see lots of domain ranking to your site. (This method is applicable for those sites only which are having some quality links points to them from good domains. )

There is an option in the Ahrefs to download this list. Download it and open in your pc.

Now check those domain in the list which you know personally. Start picking them one by one and approach for link back for your latest article. The probably of getting backlink from those sites is high as they have linked to you earlier.

You can do the same for other sites as well.

  1. Appoach Mid-Tier Sites for Linking to Affiliate sites

All the affiliate marketers like me know that it is quite hard to gain links for the affiliate sites because almost every webmaster doesn’t allow to link to promotional content/affiliate content.

I got a solution of it. You just need to find pick the keyword you want ranking for.

Put it into the keyword explorer of Ahrefs.

Now check into the SERP listing that which site in top 10 has maximum number of referring domains.

Now click on the links to get you into the site explorer.

Filter the backlinks by “One link per domain” and “ascending DR” to find out low-mid tier sites because they are east to get backlinks from.

  1. Create Free industry related tools

I have researched upon it a lot and found that it gives natural backlinks. You can find a problem from conducting a survey on your site or running paid campaigns.

You can create a solution of that particular problem by creating a free tool. Tons of free tools are available online which attract natural links from different sites.

In the beginning, you can approach different sites to link to your tool if they find it useful. Once it starts gaining momentum, it will gain links automatically.

I have seen the same case with so many free tools.

Link building is an important aspect of SEO. As this Austin SEO agency asserts, SEO is a careful game of priotitzing content and technical aspect effectively,. You can be first in the game if you are proficient in link building.

I would like to know your thoughts regarding this article. If you find it useful, give me your two cents in the comment section.

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