710+ Lingerie Store Names in 2024

Did you know that the global lingerie market is expected to reach a staggering $325 billion by 2025? Yes, you read that right—lingerie is serious business.

One of the most daunting tasks for aspiring lingerie entrepreneurs is finding a name that captures the essence of their brand while also standing out in a saturated market.

In an industry where consumer choices abound and brand loyalty is hard-won, having the perfect name for your lingerie store can be a game-changer.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find an extensive list of creative and alluring lingerie store name ideas that will not only catch the eye but also resonate with your target audience.

Lingerie Store Names

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities or paralyzed by the fear of choosing the wrong name, this guide is your sanctuary.

With years of expertise in retail and branding, we’ve curated a list that goes beyond just ‘catchy’—these names are designed to elevate your brand and set you on the path to success.

So let’s jump right in and unveil the names that could potentially redefine your lingerie business.

Lingerie Store Names

  1. Lace Haven
  2. Euphoric Intimates
  3. Sensuous Secrets
  4. Velvet Vines
  5. The Lingerie Gallery
  6. Enchanting Whispers
  7. Blushing Bloomers
  8. Tempting Tresses
  9. Sweet Seductresses
  10. Satin Serenade
  11. Allure and Lace
  12. Seductive Swirls
  13. Delicate Delights
  14. Exquisite Elegance
  15. Silken Sparks
  16. Flirty Feathers
  17. The Intimate Oasis
  18. Sensational Sirens
  19. Barely Bare
  20. Lingerie Luxe
  21. Enchanted Embrace
  22. Divine Dainties
  23. Sultry Stilettos
  24. Provocative Parlor
  25. Whispers of Passion
  26. Feathered Fantasies
  27. The Lacy Haven
  28. Velvet Veil
  29. The Silk Sanctuary
  30. Blissful Boudoir
  31. Seductive Satin
  32. Luscious Lovelies
  33. Tease and Lace
  34. Adorned Allure
  35. Dreamy Desires
  36. Slinky Seduction
  37. The Intimate Nook
  38. Delicate Dolls
  39. Sweet Surrender
  40. Silken Sensuality
  41. Enchanting Edges
  42. Flirty Fancies
  43. Satin Sparks
  44. Alluring Whispers
  45. Provocative Playthings
  46. Bare Essentials
  47. Lingerie Lane
  48. Enchanted Exquisites
  49. Divine Desires
  50. Sultry Sweets
  51. Whispers of Romance
  52. Feathered Fascination
  53. The Lace Parlor
  54. Velvet Visions
  55. The Silk Seduction
  56. Blissful Beauties
  57. Seductive Splendor
  58. Luscious Lingerie
  59. Tempting Trinkets
  60. Adorned Elegance
  61. Dreamy Delicacies
  62. Slinky Sparks
  63. The Intimate Niche
  64. Delicate Darlings
  65. Sweet and Sultry
  66. Silken Solace
  67. Enchanting Enticements
  68. Flirty Fantasies
  69. Satin Serenity
  70. Alluring Bliss
  71. Provocative Pleasures
  72. Bare Necessities
  73. Lingerie Loft
  74. Enchanted Eves
  75. Divine Designs
  76. Sultry Sirens
  77. Whispers of Seduction
  78. Feathered Fascinators
  79. The Lace Lounge
  80. Velvet Verve
  81. The Silk Sanctuary
  82. Blissful Desires
  83. Seductive Silhouettes
  84. Luscious Luxuries
  85. Tempting Tresses
  86. Adorned Allure
  87. Dreamy Delights
  88. Slinky Seductions
  89. The Intimate Chamber
  90. Delicate Dreams
  91. Sweet Temptations
  92. Silken Splendor
  93. Enchanting Essence
  94. Flirty Foxes
  95. Satin Secrets
  96. Alluring Allure
  97. Provocative Paradise
  98. Bare Beauty
  99. Lingerie Love
  100. Enchanted Elegance
  101. Divine Delicates
  102. Sultry Sophistication
  103. Whispers of Desire
  104. Feathered Fancies
  105. The Lace Loft
  106. Velvet Violets
  107. The Silk Slip
  108. Blissful Boudoir
  109. Seductive Sirens
  110. Luscious Lace
  111. Tempting Tease
  112. Adorned Attractions
  113. Dreamy Dolls
  114. Slinky Splendor
  115. The Intimate Haven
  116. Delicate Delights
  117. Sweet Sensations
  118. Silken Secrets
  119. Enchanting Edges
  120. Flirty Fascinators
  121. Satin Serenade
  122. Alluring Whispers
  123. Provocative Pleasures
  124. Bare Essentials
  125. Lingerie Lane
  126. Enchanted Exquisites
  127. Divine Desires
  128. Sultry Sweets
  129. Whispers of Romance
  130. Feathered Fantasies
  131. The Lacy Parlor
  132. Velvet Visions
  133. The Silk Seduction
  134. Blissful Beauties
  135. Seductive Splendor
  136. Luscious Lingerie
  137. Tempting Trinkets
  138. Adorned Elegance
  139. Dreamy Delicacies
  140. Slinky Sparks

Bra Company Name Ideas

  1. Bra Bliss
  2. Lifted Elegance
  3. Perfect Curves
  4. Supportive Solutions
  5. Heavenly Fit
  6. The Bra Boutique
  7. Divine Support
  8. Comfortable Contours
  9. Seamless Secrets
  10. Flawless Foundations
  11. Bra Delights
  12. Allure Bras
  13. Silken Straps
  14. The Bra Haven
  15. Feminine Form
  16. Intimate Lift
  17. Sensational Support
  18. Bra Whisperer
  19. Enchanted Underwire
  20. Lace and Lift
  21. The Bra Emporium
  22. Heavenly Hugs
  23. Radiant Support
  24. Sculpted Silhouettes
  25. The Bra Closet
  26. Perfectly Plush
  27. Serene Support
  28. Bra Couture
  29. Luxe Lingerie
  30. The Bra Bar
  31. Uplifting Comfort
  32. Sensuous Shapes
  33. Bra Enchantment
  34. Elegant Embrace
  35. Custom Curves
  36. The Bra Studio
  37. Divine Lift
  38. Heavenly Straps
  39. Sculpted Sensations
  40. The Bra Boutique
  41. Blissful Support
  42. Seamless Seduction
  43. Comfortable Confidence
  44. Flawless Fit
  45. Bra Heaven
  46. Feminine Foundations
  47. Intimate Elegance
  48. Sensational Styles
  49. Bra Whispers
  50. Enchanted Comfort
  51. Lace Embrace
  52. The Bra Gallery
  53. Heavenly Contours
  54. Radiant Confidence
  55. Sculpted Support
  56. The Bra Wardrobe
  57. Perfectly Plumped
  58. Serene Seduction
  59. Bra Glamour
  60. Luxurious Lift
  61. The Bra Salon
  62. Uplifting Sensations
  63. Sensuous Support
  64. Bra Envy
  65. Elegant Curves
  66. Custom Comfort
  67. The Bra Corner
  68. Divine Delicates
  69. Heavenly Straps
  70. Sculpted Beauty
  71. The Bra Spot
  72. Perfectly Fitted
  73. Serene Silhouettes
  74. Bra Couture
  75. Luxe Lift
  76. The Bra Boutique
  77. Uplifted Confidence
  78. Sensational Shapes
  79. Bra Haven
  80. Enchanted Elegance
  81. Lace and Support
  82. The Bra Emporium
  83. Heavenly Comfort
  84. Radiant Lift
  85. Sculpted Seductions
  86. The Bra Closet
  87. Perfectly Plush
  88. Serene Support
  89. Bra Couture
  90. Luxe Lingerie
  91. The Bra Bar
  92. Uplifting Comfort
  93. Sensuous Silhouettes
  94. Bra Enchantment
  95. Elegant Embrace
  96. Custom Curves
  97. The Bra Studio
  98. Divine Lift
  99. Heavenly Straps
  100. Sculpted Sensations
  101. The Bra Boutique
  102. Blissful Support
  103. Seamless Seduction
  104. Comfortable Confidence
  105. Flawless Fit
  106. Bra Heaven
  107. Feminine Foundations
  108. Intimate Elegance
  109. Sensational Styles
  110. Bra Whispers
  111. Enchanted Comfort
  112. Lace Embrace
  113. The Bra Gallery
  114. Heavenly Contours
  115. Radiant Confidence
  116. Sculpted Support
  117. The Bra Wardrobe
  118. Perfectly Plumped
  119. Serene Seduction
  120. Bra Glamour
  121. Luxurious Lift
  122. The Bra Salon
  123. Uplifting Sensations
  124. Sensuous Support
  125. Bra Envy
  126. Elegant Curves
  127. Custom Comfort
  128. The Bra Corner
  129. Divine Delicates
  130. Heavenly Straps
  131. Sculpted Beauty
  132. The Bra Spot
  133. Perfectly Fitted
  134. Serene Silhouettes
  135. Bra Couture
  136. Luxe Lift
  137. The Bra Boutique
  138. Uplifted Confidence
  139. Sensational Shapes
  140. Bra Haven
  141. Enchanted Elegance
  142. Lace and Support
  143. The Bra Emporium
  144. Heavenly Comfort
  145. Radiant Lift
  146. Sculpted Seductions
  147. The Bra Closet
  148. Perfectly Plush
  149. Serene Support
  150. Bra Couture
  151. Luxe Lingerie
  152. The Bra Bar
  153. Uplifting Comfort
  154. Sensuous Silhouettes
  155. Bra Enchantment
  156. Elegant Embrace
  157. Custom Curves
  158. The Bra Studio
  159. Divine Lift
  160. Heavenly
  161. Radiant Straps
  162. Sculpted Sensuality
  163. The Bra Haven
  164. Perfectly Fit
  165. Serene Seduction
  166. Bra Glam
  167. Luxe Support
  168. The Bra Salon
  169. Uplifted Sensations
  170. Sensuous Solutions
  171. Bra Envy
  172. Elegant Support
  173. Customized Comfort
  174. The Bra Corner
  175. Divine Intimates
  176. Heavenly Curves
  177. Sculpted Splendor
  178. The Bra Spot
  179. Perfectly Formed
  180. Serene Silhouettes
  181. Bra Couture
  182. Luxe Lift
  183. The Bra Boutique
  184. Uplifted Confidence
  185. Sensational Support
  186. Bra Delight
  187. Enchanted Curves
  188. Lace and Lift
  189. The Bra Emporium
  190. Heavenly Hugs
  191. Radiant Support
  192. Sculpted Silhouettes
  193. The Bra Closet
  194. Perfectly Plumped
  195. Serene Seduction
  196. Bra Glamour
  197. Luxurious Lift
  198. The Bra Salon
  199. Uplifting Sensations
  200. Sensuous Support

Seductive Business Names

Certainly! Here are 150 seductive business names:

  1. Enchanté Seduction
  2. Temptation Treasures
  3. Sensual Secrets
  4. Provocative Pleasures
  5. Passionate Pursuits
  6. Allure and Charm
  7. Seductive Whispers
  8. Tempting Temptations
  9. Sultry Seduction
  10. Captivating Desires
  11. Forbidden Fruits
  12. Enigmatic Allure
  13. Seduction Station
  14. Sensuous Spell
  15. Temptation Avenue
  16. Irresistible Indulgence
  17. Divine Seduction
  18. Provocative Paradise
  19. Spellbound Seduction
  20. Alluring Aphrodite
  21. Seductive Serenade
  22. Tempting Tantalization
  23. Sultry Secrets
  24. Enthralling Elegance
  25. Seduction Emporium
  26. Sensual Sanctuary
  27. Temptation Delights
  28. Captivating Charms
  29. Provocative Passions
  30. Passionate Pleasures
  31. Allure and Intrigue
  32. Seductive Whispers
  33. Tempting Temptresses
  34. Sultry Seductress
  35. Enchanted Seduction
  36. Seductive Spell
  37. Sensuous Secrets
  38. Temptation Oasis
  39. Irresistible Desires
  40. Forbidden Fantasies
  41. Enigmatic Seduction
  42. Seduction Central
  43. Sensual Serenade
  44. Tempting Temptations
  45. Sultry Seductions
  46. Captivating Allure
  47. Provocative Pleasure
  48. Spellbound Seductress
  49. Alluring Indulgence
  50. Seductive Enigma
  51. Temptation Junction
  52. Irresistible Intrigue
  53. Divine Desires
  54. Passionate Playgrounds
  55. Enthralling Seduction
  56. Seduction Sensation
  57. Sensual Whispers
  58. Temptation Hideout
  59. Sultry Serenity
  60. Captivating Charmer
  61. Provocative Fantasy
  62. Allure and Temptation
  63. Seductive Secrets
  64. Tempting Tresses
  65. Sultry Seductresses
  66. Enchanting Indulgence
  67. Seductive Spellbound
  68. Sensuous Pleasures
  69. Temptation Heaven
  70. Irresistible Obsession
  71. Forbidden Seduction
  72. Enigmatic Allure
  73. Seduction Hideaway
  74. Sensual Serenity
  75. Temptation Oasis
  76. Captivating Desires
  77. Provocative Pleasures
  78. Passionate Playground
  79. Allure and Charm
  80. Seductive Whispers
  81. Tempting Temptations
  82. Sultry Seduction
  83. Enchanting Seductresses
  84. Seductive Spellbound
  85. Sensuous Secrets
  86. Temptation Delights
  87. Irresistible Intrigue
  88. Forbidden Fantasies
  89. Enigmatic Seduction
  90. Seduction Sanctuary
  91. Sensual Serenade
  92. Tempting Temptresses
  93. Sultry Seductress
  94. Captivating Indulgence
  95. Provocative Paradise
  96. Spellbound Seduction
  97. Alluring Aphrodite
  98. Seductive Enchantment
  99. Temptation Avenue
  100. Irresistible Desires
  101. Forbidden Seduction
  102. Enigmatic Allure
  103. Seduction Station
  104. Sensual Sanctuary
  105. Temptation Delights
  106. Captivating Charms
  107. Provocative Passions
  108. Passionate Pleasures
  109. Allure and Intrigue
  110. Seductive Whispers
  111. Tempting Temptresses
  112. Sultry Seductress
  113. Enchanted Seduction
  114. Seductive Spell
  115. Sensuous Secrets
  116. Temptation Oasis
  117. Irresistible Indulgence
  118. Forbidden Fantasies
  119. Enigmatic Seduction
  120. Seduction Central
  121. Sensual Serenade
  122. Tempting Temptations
  123. Sultry Seductions
  124. Captivating Allure
  125. Provocative Pleasure
  126. Spellbound Seductress
  127. Alluring Indulgence
  128. Seductive Enigma
  129. Temptation Junction
  130. Irresistible Intrigue
  131. Divine Desires
  132. Passionate Playgrounds
  133. Enthralling Seduction
  134. Seduction Sensation
  135. Sensual Whispers
  136. Temptation Hideout
  137. Sultry Serenity
  138. Captivating Charmer
  139. Provocative Fantasy
  140. Allure and Temptation
  141. Seductive Secrets
  142. Tempting Tresses
  143. Sultry Seductresses
  144. Enchanting Indulgence
  145. Seductive Spellbound
  146. Sensuous Pleasures
  147. Temptation Heaven
  148. Irresistible Obsession
  149. Forbidden Seduction
  150. Enigmatic Allure

How To Come Up With A Good Name For Your Lingerie Store

Ah, the power of a name. In my profession, nailing the perfect name for your venture, whether it’s a brand, a business, or a storefront, isn’t just icing on the cake—it’s the cake itself.

Your lingerie boutique’s name isn’t merely a label; it’s a cornerstone of your brand identity and should epitomize the essence of your shop.

But let’s be real: zeroing in on the ideal name is often easier said than done. Multiple factors come into play, and it’s easy to get stuck.

In the segments that follow, I’ll be your guide in this naming journey, offering insights and practical advice to help you conjure an inventive and suitable name for your lingerie establishment.

So, shall we begin?

The Creative Cauldron: Generating Lingerie-Themed Words

The creative process commences here, folks.

Initially, you’ll want to create a word cloud around lingerie. Think about terms that evoke the world of lingerie like “silken,” “intimate,” “luxury,” and jot them down.

Next, add adjectives that encapsulate the spirit of your business. These could range from terms like “sensual,” “opulent,” “flirty,” to “empowering.”

Now, weave these words into potential shop names. Imagine monikers like “Opulent Intimates” or “Silken Desire.” Keep these stored in a document or a notepad.

This phase also invites you to experiment. Blend multiple words, or venture into puns, rhymes, or even foreign terms that add a sprinkle of the exotic.

Ever heard of portmanteau? It’s a nifty trick where you meld two words into one, creating something like “LuxeLingerie” or “SensuSilk.” Enjoy this brainstorming process, and don’t worry about the merits of each name just yet. We’ll trim the list later on.

Carving Out Your Unique Selling Proposition

Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is that magic ingredient that sets you apart from the sea of lingerie retailers. It could range from unparalleled product quality to exceptional customer interactions or even a distinctive brand personality.

Pinpointing your USP is pivotal when christening your lingerie boutique.

Examine competitors and assess what they excel at and where they fall short. This helps you identify gaps you can potentially fill.

Say, for instance, if mainstream lingerie stores predominantly offer classic designs, you could make your mark by catering to a more avant-garde aesthetic.

Work your USP into your store name for a lasting impression. If your USP is eco-consciousness, words like “Eco” or “Sustainable” could be incorporated into your shop’s name.

Tailoring the Name to Your Audience

No name should be chosen without a clear vision of your target customer in mind. Who do you aim to serve? What styles do they favor? Are you focusing on a specific demographic or body shape? Knowing your customer intimately will aid in crafting a resonant name.

For instance, targeting a youthful audience? Then opt for names with a youthful, playful vibe like “FreshFits Lingerie” or “Trendy Threads.”

Conversely, a mature audience might appreciate something more refined, such as “Sophisticated Silhouettes” or “Elegance Intimates.”

If your core clientele includes plus-size women, incorporating words like “curvy” or “full-bodied” could be beneficial.

To pinpoint your target audience, delve into market research. Online tools like Google Analytics or social media metrics can offer valuable insights into your potential customers’ demographics and tastes.

Now, start eliminating names that don’t align with your ideal customer profile.

Scouting the Competitive Landscape

Before finalizing your boutique name, take a reconnaissance tour of the existing players in the industry.

Avoid names that echo already established brands; you wouldn’t want to sow confusion among prospective customers. For example, if a “Dreamy Intimates” exists, veer away from anything closely resembling it.

Equally vital is confirming that your desired name hasn’t been trademarked. A quick online Trademark Search can save you future headaches.

Simplicity Is Sophistication

When it comes to shop names, the KISS principle—Keep It Simple, Stupid—holds true. Names that are easy to remember, spell, and say have a competitive edge.

A convoluted name not only poses a challenge for online searches but also makes word-of-mouth recommendations tricky. Go for names that are catchy yet uncomplicated.

Utilizing Name Generators

If you’re stuck, don’t fret. The internet has a trove of name generators designed to ignite your creativity. My top pick is Namecheap’s business name generator. It not only suggests a multitude of names but also checks domain availability on the spot.

Time for the Final Cut: Narrow Down Your Options

You’ve navigated through the above steps; now you’re ready to finalize a few contenders.

The next stage involves soliciting external opinions and verifying the legal and online availability of your choices.

The Court of Public Opinion

Now, funnel your list down to a few leading candidates and seek external input.

Gathering feedback from your target audience can provide fresh perspectives. Employ social media surveys to capture a broad spectrum of opinions, helping you fine-tune your selection.

The Final Checks: Domain and Social Media Availability

Before popping the champagne, ensure your chosen names are free both as domain names and across social media platforms. Consistency in branding is key to making your online presence easily discoverable.

Namecheap is my go-to for this; they offer domains at competitive prices and offer robust service.

Sealing the Deal: Registering Your Chosen Name

Once you’ve landed on the perfect name, act swiftly to register it. This preemptive step safeguards your business from potential legal entanglements and ensures that your dream name remains exclusively yours.

Real Life Lingerie Business Names Examples

If you’re looking for inspiration for naming your own lingerie business, you might want to consider how established companies in the industry have named theirs. Here are some real-life examples of lingerie business names:

  1. Victoria’s Secret: Founded in 1977, this U.S.-based company is one of the most well-known lingerie brands globally. The name adds an aura of sophistication and secrecy, creating an allure around its products.
  2. Agent Provocateur: A British lingerie retailer, the name implies a sense of seduction and daring. It suggests that the wearer becomes an “agent” of their own provocative allure.
  3. La Perla: An Italian brand whose name translates to “The Pearl,” La Perla exudes luxury and timelessness, evoking the idea of hidden beauty.
  4. Aerie: An American brand focused on body positivity and inclusivity. The name suggests a lofty, open space, tying into its free-spirited ethos.
  5. Calvin Klein Underwear: A straightforward name, it leverages the well-established Calvin Klein brand and is known for its minimalist, comfortable designs.
  6. Chantelle: A French brand that brings to mind elegance and sophistication, the name itself sounds refined, which aligns well with its high-end offerings.
  7. Cosabella: This U.S.-Italian brand’s name translates to “beautiful thing,” which nicely captures the essence of its luxurious and delicate products.
  8. Adore Me: An American brand with a name that invites self-love and appreciation, it offers a diverse range of sizes and styles.
  9. Soma Intimates: An American brand with a name that suggests a focus on the “body,” reflecting its commitment to comfort and fit.
  10. L’Agent by Agent Provocateur: A diffusion line of Agent Provocateur, the “L’Agent” prefix gives it a French flair while maintaining its seductive undertones.
  11. Wacoal: A Japanese brand known for quality and fit; the name is straightforward, underscoring its functional design ethos.
  12. ThirdLove: An American brand focused on inclusive sizing, the name implies that their bras are the “third love” in your life, alongside family and significant others.
  13. Natori: Founded by Josie Natori, this American brand blends Asian aesthetics with Western fashion. The name carries an exotic flair while being easy to remember.
  14. Hanky Panky: An American brand with a playful name that conjures up flirtation and fun, reflecting its colorful and whimsical designs.
  15. Intimissimi: An Italian brand whose name is a play on the word “intimate,” it suggests a close, personal relationship with the garments.
  16. Savage X Fenty: Co-created by Rihanna, the name combines “savage,” denoting fierceness, with “Fenty,” Rihanna’s last name, to indicate personal branding and empowerment.
  17. Freya: A UK brand named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty, the name suggests femininity and allure.
  18. Journelle: An American brand, the name is derived from the French word for “daily,” emphasizing everyday luxury.
  19. Heidi Klum Intimates: Named after the supermodel Heidi Klum, the brand leverages her name for instant recognition, implying a sense of style and sophistication.
  20. Spanx: Known for shapewear as well as lingerie, the name is a playful take on “spandex,” highlighting its stretchy, form-fitting products.
  21. Triumph: A European brand with a name that suggests victory and success, conveying the idea of empowering women through well-fitted lingerie.
  22. Bluebella: A British brand, the name combines “blue” for calm and “bella” for beauty, creating a sense of relaxed elegance.
  23. True & Co.: An American brand focused on true fit and comfort. The name conveys straightforwardness and authenticity.
  24. Simone Pérèle: Named after its French founder, the brand exudes elegance and sophistication, emphasizing craftsmanship and quality.
  25. Bare Necessities: An American online retailer, the name reflects the idea that lingerie is a “bare necessity” for any wardrobe.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing the right name for a lingerie store is a crucial step in establishing the brand’s identity. The name serves as an initial touchpoint that sets the tone for customer expectations. It’s the first impression customers have of what the brand represents, making it an essential element in brand building.

Different brand names can communicate various core values and themes. Whether opting for a name that exudes elegance and luxury, emphasizes comfort and inclusivity, or radiates sensuality and daring, each choice sends a message to the potential customer. It’s vital to ensure that the name aligns well with the intended brand ethos and the target audience you aim to serve.

Established players in the lingerie market demonstrate the power of a well-chosen name. Names not only aid in brand recognition but also serve as a powerful tool in storytelling and customer engagement. A memorable and fitting name can be a cornerstone in a brand’s overall marketing strategy, contributing to its success and longevity.

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