Download LG Flash Tool |LGUP Tool – [Update 2022]

LGUP (the LG firmware flash tool) to flash the same version again or go back to a previous version. This tool can easily be found on the internet and you can download depending on the version of your LG smartphone.

The LGUP tool is useful in such kinds of situations when you are in need to restore your LG smartphone and you are required to download the official firmware of your smartphone. This tool can also be used when your device causing some kind of issue that is related to firmware. In such a situation you can reinstall the official firmware of the smartphone with the help of the LGUP tool. LGUP tool can be used on windows-based PC. You can use the LGUP tool according to the situation and requirements. It should be kept in mind that the tool wipes out the data of the device so it is advised to the user to create a backup of the data of their device before using the LGUP tool. The CSE method wipes out the entire data of smartphones. 

LG UP Tool latest version


  • LGUP tool can be used to root and unlock bootloader in LG device with the help of PC.
  • This tool unlocks the diverse function of the device and you can have the privilege to modify and enhance functionalities of the LG devices. You can do a variety of different things in the smartphone which is unavailable in the stock firmware.
  • By unlocking the bootloader in the smartphone and rooting it with the help of this tool you can install custom ROMs in your smartphone. Users must have to be careful while unlocking the bootloader because it voids the warranty of the device. 
  • LGUP tool allows the user to install the downgrade version of the Android OS of the smartphone. Sometimes, the latest updates in the smartphone come with a lot of bugs and malware which slowdowns the smartphone. 
LG UP Tool latest version

The Requirement to Download and Install LGUP

  • Windows OS-based laptop or computer (LGUP tool works only on Windows PC). 
  • LGUP tool functions on some of the specified versions of windows, these versions are Windows XP, Windows Vista Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. 
  • Users must install the LG USB driver before installing LGUP on the pc/laptop. Without the driver, it may not function properly and failed to detect the device connectivity.  

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How to Download LGUP?

How to download LGUP

These are the following links to download LGUP

· LGUP 8994 Version Download

· LGUP 8994 Version Download

· LGUP Store Frame 1.14.3: Download

How to Install LGUP on the PC/Laptop?

  • Users must install the appropriate version of the USB driver based on their smartphone on the PC/laptop before proceeding to install the LGUP tool in the system. 
  • Go to the above-mentioned links and download the appropriate version of the LGUP tool on your PC. Downloading the tool via download manager will be a good option.
How to install LGUP on the PC Laptop
  • After downloading the zip file successfully on the PC. Right-click on the ZIP file and click on the extract option. You can use WinRAR or 7-Zip tool to unzip the LGUP tool file. 
  • After the completion of the extraction process. You will see two installation files inside the unzipped folder of LGUP.
  • First of all, install the DLL file from the folder.
  • Tap on NEXT to complete the further process of installation of the LGUP tool. Choose the appropriate drive location for the installation of the file. You can change the default storage (Drive C) to other storage according to your preference. 
  • Click on the finish after the installation process is complete. 
  • Now install the other (Flash Tool) installation file from the LGUP folder. 
  • The steps to install the Flash tool on the PC/ laptop is the same as we have discussed above.
  • After the installation of both, files click on the LGUP tool on the desktop and the window of the LGUP tool will open which means you have successfully installed the tool on your PC.

How To Install KDZ via LGUP | Flash KDZ With LGUP Tool

You need to hold Volume down as you plug in a USB cable to your computer, and hold it until it boots into Download mode. Check the connectivity of the device to the computer and open the LGUP tool and you will see your device connected. Now, you can easily root, unlock the bootloader or install custom ROMs in your LG smartphone. There are some of the famous custom MOD ROMs which can be installed in the LG smartphone with the help of LGUP. Some of the most installed ROMs are CyanogenMod, Paranoid Android. Most of the other ROMs are based on these two ROMS.

How To Install KDZ via LGUP

Steps to Flash LG Smartphone via LGUP

With the help of the LGUP tool, you acquired the authority to upgrade or downgrade the Stock ROM of your smartphone. But this process erases the entire data of the smartphone. 

These are the steps to install Stock ROM in an LG device via LGUP:-

  • Download the Stock ROM or firmware on your device. You must be aware that you are downloading a genuine Stock ROM for your device and it must be the appropriate version based on your device model number and region.
  • Extract the downloaded ZIP file of stock ROM on your PC. (The extension of the file should be. KDZ or. TOT format). 
  • Download and install the LGUP flash tool zip file with the help of the above-mentioned steps. 

Note:- First of all, you need to install the DLL version and then install the original LGUP. At first, install the LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3.msi file and then install the LGUP_8974_DLL_Ver_0_5_CODEFIRE.MSI file.

  • After completing the above steps, run the LGUP tool as administrator on your Windows laptop or PC.
  • Choose any of the mentioned options from “REFURBISH”, “UPGRADE, and PHONE SETTING from the Process option.
  • Choose the path of the downloaded “.KDZ” firmware from the LGUP tool and select it. 
  • Click on the “Start” button to proceed with the flashing of your LG device. The process of installation of Stock firmware will start and you can keep an eye on the process of the installation. ( do on unplug the device from your computer because it can abrupt the process of installation).
  • The LG device will restart after the successful installation of the stock ROM. Your device will open with a new Stock ROM. 
  • Go to the settings of the device and click on about phone and then check the firmware. It will show the currently installed version of the Stock ROM. 


The LG Flash Tool, known as LGUP, is used for flashing firmware to LG devices. To use it, find a compatible (double-check, a wrong firmware can brick your device!) firmware, drag it into the box for files at the bottom, make sure the correct options are checked and flash. This tool must be used with full consent and precision. You will get a more detailed guide about the tool LGUP in our future articles. This is the required information to download LGUP tool for LG smartphones. Stay tuned with us to get more information and updates.  

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