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  1. The best way is to become member of relevant groups and then to post at regular intervals. Also FB insights give useful idea about the engagement activities of the users at particular time.

    By following the engagement activity, the posts need to be shared at that particular time so that it attracts maximum visitors.

  2. Nikhil. I saw that bloggers also remain in contact with another and usually exchange backlinks with one another. That was a new thing for me so far. In this respect, it is very imporatnt to make relations with other bloggers that may be called as business tactic. what do you say ?

  3. Fayaz Ahmed says:

    Such Amazing Post and Really Useful for me,
    Thanks, man you opened my eyes as I was thinking that Facebook is useless for bloggers, but your points are valid and workable..
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hello Author,
    First of all thank you for sharing such valuable information. SEO now is the most important and useful method for digital marketing which can help to enhance the complete business profile.

  5. S.m. Rifat says:

    Amazing! the blogs are really outstanding!

  6. Ashutosh Kumar says:

    I was never much of a facebook guy . I always maintained my distance from it . Few days back i started my bog and realized that eventually i have to start using it in order to attract a good amount of audience . It really does drive a huge amount of traffic and i realized this when i boosted one of my posts . As i can’t keep boosting it all the time i came accross your guide and it really does gives me an indea about how i can use facebook to make a quality audience using it . Looking forward to each steps you mentioned and will work hard to utilize it as much as i can . Thanks for sharing .

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