How to Leverage Facebook to Acquire Strong Backlinks?

Note: If you read the entire post, you will surely get the real insights of leveraging Facebook network to acquire high quality links.

How to Leverage Facebook to Acquire High Quality Backlinks

I haven’t seen the previously written articles on the same topic. I just wanted to come up with a new perspective. I believe in sharing new information every time. The post is completely based on my blogging experience.

Before sharing the complete procedure of building backlinks with Facebook, I would like to share a screenshot of one of my blogs’s traffic. This technique helped me to scale-up my one blog’s traffic from 4k monthly visitors to 10k+ visitors per month. It’s not that much high but yeah looks quite promising. It just happened by pointing the quality links to that domain.

my blog traffic

You can’t neglect the power of quality links. It helps me every time to improve rank.

You might be thinking that why am I fond of Facebook to build links?

So let me get you into benefits first….

Benefits of using Facebook for Building Backlinks

Facebook is the number one social media network that gives you an opportunity to directly connect with the influencers. You can build strong relations with them which may further convert into link building opportunities. Let’s me share more benefits of Facebook for link building:-

  • Convenient to connect with other bloggers
  • Direct Approach
  • Helps in building authority
  • Fast medium of communication

These are major benefits of social media that I counter while building links through social media.

Process of using social media to Acquire Quality Backlinks

I am explaining step by step procedure to gain authority links for your blog/site.

1. Gain Trust of Fellow Bloggers

Building backlinks with Facebook needs to gain some trust of your friends. This trust factor is essential to get tremendous response to your link needs. To obtain links using it, you should have friends on Facebook which are working in the same niche.

e.g. I write tech, blogging, seo, social media, etc. related posts on Myquickidea. Hence, most of the friends in my Fb friends list are having tech/seo/blogging niche blogs.

You should make it sure that you will add more such friends which are already working in the same niche.

To gain reputation on Facebook, you must publish relevant post on your timeline, related fb groups and fan pages.

The following image is a timeline post of popular blogger – Pradeep Kumar who owns the blog network Slashsquare.

pradeep kumar timeline post

Here see another post and check the engagement. Such sort of post increase the reach on your posts and whenever you publish something on your Fb timeline, it appears in the top of newsfeed of maximum number of friends.

Create a routine of publishing informative posts on your FB timeline daily. It will double fold your post reach.

The same rule also applies for Facebook groups and fan pages. Try to publish the post which will benefit a majority of people.

pradeep kumar timeline post engagement

Moreover, you can also ask the generalize questions on your timeline which are the part of everyone’s life in your friend list. In the below image,  I was asking to start a Facebook ads help group. Other bloggers also shown their interest in learning FB Ads. So it received good response.

ask questions on fb

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2. Keep it Doing

You need to keep following the first step. Gradually, people will start noticing your posts. And then you can directly message them to publish a guest post on their blogs. Now you don’t have to introduce yourself to everyone you will make contact with. Some of them would already know you.

Suppose you want to publish a guest post on a blog and the owner isn’t in your Facebook friend’s list then in this position, you would have enough courage to text blog owner, and asking for a guest post. This confidence comes when you constantly provide value over Facebook.

Now the blog owner wants to check your social reputation and your foot prints on FB will speak out.

3. Interacting with Fellow Bloggers on Social Media

Social media is a digital transformation of actual society. We meet people in person in the society, but on social media we need to do different things to draw the attention of people. On Facebook, you need to do the same. Having strong relations with your target bloggers will help you acquire links ASAP. You must express your thoughts on your friend’s posts. Give like, comment and share on their posts. Get involved in the serious discussions, so the people will start noticing your presence.  This step brings you more closer to get a link for your blog/site.

4. Rinse the Benefits

Now it’s the time of take advantage out of your hard work. Whenever you need to get some quality backlinks via guest post, just publish on your Facebook timeline, you will get good response. You can also do the same for a group you are active into.

asking for guest post in a group after getting reputation

Final Words:

I have tried this method various time to gain quality links to my blogs. It works like a charm. You can also use the same method and rank your blog posts.

6 thoughts on “How to Leverage Facebook to Acquire Strong Backlinks?”

  1. The best way is to become member of relevant groups and then to post at regular intervals. Also FB insights give useful idea about the engagement activities of the users at particular time.

    By following the engagement activity, the posts need to be shared at that particular time so that it attracts maximum visitors.

  2. Nikhil. I saw that bloggers also remain in contact with another and usually exchange backlinks with one another. That was a new thing for me so far. In this respect, it is very imporatnt to make relations with other bloggers that may be called as business tactic. what do you say ?

  3. Such Amazing Post and Really Useful for me,
    Thanks, man you opened my eyes as I was thinking that Facebook is useless for bloggers, but your points are valid and workable..
    Thanks a lot.

  4. Hello Author,
    First of all thank you for sharing such valuable information. SEO now is the most important and useful method for digital marketing which can help to enhance the complete business profile.

  5. I was never much of a facebook guy . I always maintained my distance from it . Few days back i started my bog and realized that eventually i have to start using it in order to attract a good amount of audience . It really does drive a huge amount of traffic and i realized this when i boosted one of my posts . As i can’t keep boosting it all the time i came accross your guide and it really does gives me an indea about how i can use facebook to make a quality audience using it . Looking forward to each steps you mentioned and will work hard to utilize it as much as i can . Thanks for sharing .


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