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Today, I come up with our new guest blogger who is sharing her blogging journey. She is such a great blogger finding the ways to collaborate and help fellow bloggers in growing together. I met her in the beginning of my blogging journey and now we are good friends too. She helped me a lot to learn all the basics of blogging and getting traffic. Read about his phenomenal success with blogging.

“I’m going to be the next Picasso” I firmly announced to a group of adults at the age of 16 who were questioning my future. Yes. I had planned on becoming a well-known artist – a painter.

Lesly Federici

Instead, I became an “Internet Artist”. The internet became my canvas, words my paint, and it saved my life.

This may be a false statement to read, but it’s true.  As I think back, the Internet was a tool to reinvent myself several times over through trial and error. Simply because my life dramatically changed when I learned I was going blind at the age of 40.

Healing Hands

The internet opened a whole new world to me, as it has for many, where I could function and not explain to anyone my circumstance. No one had to “see” me really. But they saw my blogs and my art – words and images.

The blindness doesn’t matter. What matters is, in an instant I learned how to be resourceful. I tapped into skills I had and developed new ones that didn’t require eyesight. And I did.  I became a Reiki Master, a Hypnotherapist, and Childbirth Educator. Resourcefulness is a theme that runs through my life and “internet life” because resourcefulness is a requirement for success today online as well as being willing to change with the times and its challenges.

In 1998, I created my very first “dinosaur, static website. Social Media didn’t exist then, so there wasn’t any engagement, blog commenting, or content syndication. I grew-up with WordPress, and it was pretty archaic then. HTML was required to create a blog, which I didn’t know. So I used a “Drag-n-Drop” program called “Homestead.” My first real blogging experience started in 2004 with my first WordPress blog.

Images, drawings I created I used in my blog posts – it was and is my art. I realized though there was an “art” to everything online-an art to SEO, the use of keywords, the art of creating a blog, creating digital images, and so much more. As more people came online it was apparent to me they needed help, guidance, and direction. It was a sea of “scrambled humans” – people trying to figure out this online world and create a presence.

Then, there was the temptation and belief of earning money online – and overnight too. I fell prey to this as well and spent lots of time and money on programs and followed “gurus” who I thought would give me the answers to being successful online. And, connecting with other people through forums was incredibly difficult. There’s nothing like reaching out to others and getting silence in return.

The reality is you create your own answers…


The Doctors

I took what I learned about online marketing and created my own programs offered through my blog. One was an educational workshop for expectant couples.  We would meet weekly on Skype, and I used Go To Meeting to show videos and have face-face-conversations. I taught couples from China, Australia, England, Africa and the USA; My blog became a vital asset.  Then I created ebooks and sold them on, which was another way to earn income online.

If you’re a blogger, one of the easiest ways to start making money online is to create ebooks from your blog posts. Here’s how:

  • Write a series of posts on a topic you know about,
  • Or choose posts you’ve already written that relate to each other
  • Copy and paste into a Word Doc
  • Edit and add information (list contents or chapters, about the author, resources, website links, etc.)
  • Create a Book Cover. Many programs can do this easily such as
  • Publish to Amazon Kindle

What’s great about creating your own ebook is it can also be used as a “Lead Magnet” for your blog – offering your visitor a free ebook in exchange for their subscription to your newsletter.

Being resourceful and using what you learn can put money in your pocket  – if you implement your ideas…

As a blogger, I’ve learned many things and probably the biggest lesson I learned was the importance of quality “content” and staying true to who I am and my REAL passion in life which is teaching. What this means for you as a blogger is, if you try to be something you’re not on the internet – you’ll struggle.

If you write about topics you’re not really interested in or knowledgeable about, it will be difficult to transmit your enthusiasm to your readers.

And, let me make this important point while discussing content, you write for your visitors, not for yourself. You want to write compelling, meaningful content that influences, educates, and affects their lives in some way through your own experiences. When you do, you become memorable.

I’ve created many blogs and gave up most of them just because of the above reason. The other reasons were time, energy, and “focus”.  It’s really best to focus on one blog and give it 100% of your time. My focus became and is “Self-branding” and teaching others how to do the same through my personal blog and PAC (Power Affiliate Club).

My Forest


Being a blogger can be a lonely experience too. You can have great content, post often, but no one visits or leaves comments in response to your posts. What can you do to change this?

I came across one thing that that changed everything for me online. All of a sudden I had instant friends, instant comments on my blog and presence online. It was magical.

I joined an online blogging “Tribe”. If you’ve ever read Seth Godin’s book “TRIBE” you’ll understand completely. If not, a “tribe” is a community of like-minded individuals that share common interests, cause, or mission.

Many tribes or communities share a common cause. The power and success of any community tribe are the membership and their support of the community goal.

So, I started my own online Facebook community with the mission of teaching “self-branding” and promoting other bloggers by creating a “Community Blog”. I had become very disillusioned with Gurus, online marketing, and all the “Hype” about how to succeed online. I found something that worked better, and it’s this, “Community Marketing.”




This small community grew into what is now called the “Power Affiliate Club” or lovingly referred to as “PAC” ( ). It’s a Community of bloggers sharing each other’s blog posts and syndicating it to other Social Media platforms. There’s a Community Blog where members ( bloggers new and seasoned) have the opportunity to contribute their expertise and be “PAC Expert Authors” which increase their visibility online. It also positions them as an “Authority” in their niche.

There’s nothing like uplifting a blogger to experience an enhanced presence online  rather than seeing them do it alone.

Right now my “Self-Branding” tagline is the “Artistic Affiliate” because there is an “art” to learning and developing new skills and what I affiliate myself with. Yes, I am also an Affiliate Marketer, but I am the Director/Owner of PAC, and it’s a full-time online experience.

So my life and blogging experience are varied, touched by challenge and change. For me, art can be many things. But this rises above it all – the art of helping others discover their potential through PAC, providing opportunity, being resourceful, and morphing nothing into something online that people can truly benefit from in building a presence online.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what others think of you. What matters is what YOU do. Be resourceful, implement your ideas, write quality content, stay true and focused, join PAC.

If you’d like some tips on creating your online community here’s an ebook, I wrote on the topic.

Click here to View

Feel free to contact me on Facebook 

Lesly Federici

PAC CEO, Director/Owner

17 thoughts on “Blogging Journey of Lesly Federici from Power Affiliate Club”

  1. Hey Lesly,
    Happy new month of May 😉
    You are doing a great job over there at PAC. I remember it used to be a baby community but now it’s thriving strong with awesome active members. Unlike some other communities, you have made it a place to meet and interact with real members. That’s the power of any community – quality of members, not the script.

    Being a member myself, I know it’s one of the platforms to stick to as long as the Internet does not go offline. I hope you and Monna will keep pushing it up.

    Great to know more about you and your artistic endowments in this post.
    The days ahead are beautiful so let’s keep giving

    • Hi Enstine,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am so amazed and pleased that PAC is moving into it’s third year helping bloggers. It’s a challenge to keep an online community active. But if you stick to the mission and keep reinforcing it, it gets stronger. It’s great feedback from you as you have seen it in its earlier days .. thank you for all your contributions too. Appreciate it .. 🙂

  2. Such an insightful post it was, Lesly! And yes, things changed so much since the beginning of Internet Marketing. Earlier, it was merely a medium that worked in a system, but now with regards to everything technology is the key. Blogging is becoming tough with SEO these days; not like before. Anyway, I am really glad to read your story.

    Have a good time! Take care.

    ~ Rahul

    • Hi Rahul,
      Thank you for reading and commenting on my post. SEO is interesting. I know someone that no longer focuses on SEO except for the basics, but focuses more on engagement. They seem to believe that engagement with people, using the “KLT” factor (Know, like, trust) is more valuable. He could be on to something .. you think? Thank you again for your time and kind words – appreciate it 🙂

  3. Hi Nikhil,
    What a joy to see Lesly on your page with her wonderful journey.
    Nice to meet this amazing personality on the pages of the Internet!
    It is indeed a great joy to know that a would be Piccasso is indeed
    born on the ocean of Internet!! LOL.
    I met Lesly almost a year back and our interaction thru the pages of
    PAC is indeed amazing to talk about. And I introduced some of
    my friends to the page and they all are bagged the prizes offered
    by this community, That is indeed a joy to me!
    As you said:
    She always finds ways to collaborate and help fellow bloggers in growing together.
    Yes, I fully agree with that and I can very well relate to it too.
    She is indeed a Woman with lot of substance or caliber
    Yes, she is a Wonderful Woman blogger!
    To the surprise of all, there is a joint venture on the anvil! Please Wait for it! 🙂
    May you both have a great and wonderful time of blogging success ahead

    PS; Hey Nikhil there is a small typo in the intro please fix it.

    • Hi Philip,
      This is my first invitation to write a post on another’s blog, especially Nikhil’s. I don’t usually accept… but it was a good experience. Thank you for the wonderful comments! I am honored. I look forward to … did you say a joint venture? 🙂

  4. Hi Lesly

    Your story is inspirational. You sure are making a difference and I love the mindset with which you approach blogging. It is no wonder why PAC is making waves in the blogosphere. You have created an awesome community and discovered like minded bloggers and individuals too..

    I agree that what makes a difference in this world is when one stays true to himself and implement his ideas. Trying to be someone else does cause a lot of struggle within.

    Thanks for sharing. Take Care

    • Hi Ikechi,
      Thank you so much for your kind words. It’s taken years for the real me to present itself so, if I can, in spite of challenges, others can too. Hope others relate to my message. Thank you again for your compliments …

  5. Hey Lesly ma’am and NIkhil,

    Lesly ma’am is great and PAC community is the awesomest. I have been member of PAC community. They welcomed me very well, I get reviews and help whenever I ask PAC community. I am very thankful to Lesly ma’am for forming this wonderful community.

    Yogesh Shinde

  6. Hi Nikhil, Lesly

    Great to see Lesly here.
    A very inspirational post! The way you approach blogging is so different – a tremendous journey I must say. No doubt PAC is such a hit today – all because of you.

    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Hi Sonal,
      Thank you for reading my story! It’s good to let people learn more about who you are. Thank you for the compliment and your contributions to PAC. We appreciate you 🙂

  7. Hi Nikhil, what a great post from Lesly, thanks for sharing. I love PAC and advise everyone to take a look and maybe join if you need help or just want to mix with a great bunch of supportive people who will travel on your internet journey with you.

    Enjoy the journey!

  8. Hi Leslie, great article. You have developed an awesome program with your quickidea. Your steadfastness and diligence have truly paid off.
    BTW, I hope you get those 100 comments.

  9. Hey Lesly,

    What a joy to read your story here in Nikhil’s space.

    You are very true that, being a blogger can be lonely journey. If we are not connected with other fellows in this sphere, it’s really tough to survive.

    You have been doing an awesome job through PAC while helping many newbies & pros getting the needed boost. Thanks for sharing your journey. Take care and keep up the good work.


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