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  1. Bloggers meets are always good for learning about the things related to it and have chance to introduce yourself with so many bloggers also.

    1. Its really helpful Avnish. We all got the chance to introduce ourselves. This was an amazing meet.

  2. Rajendra Yadav says:

    Hey Nikhil,
    Thanks a lot for organised, Jaipur Bloggers Meet. This is a golden chance for me that we all bloggers are going to meet. I hope we can do best after this meet . Thanks again…

    1. Thanks for coming bro. In near future, we will organize more such meets.

  3. Priyank Dadhich says:

    Hey Nikhil,

    Bloggers Meet is a way to learn new things. It will be a great opportunity for all bloggers. Congrats for organizing event. 🙂

    1. It went very well due to your warm wishes. WE wish you will join us in the next meet.

  4. Hi Nikhil,
    This is really Good. I must say that bloggers meet will really put an impact on blog traffic, More bloggers will come.

    1. I can’t say about the traffic because I didn’t think of, but yeah this initiative will help so many bloggers from Jaipur.

  5. Its a great initiative Nikhil to organize Bloggers meet in your home town. Good Luck for that 🙂

    1. thanks for huge support bro.

  6. It’s really a great work.Best of luck for this Blogger’s meet.Share all the details of discussion after blogger’s meet .

    1. hi bro, We have accomplished everything successfully. I will soon share the highlights.

  7. I have been engaged with blogging since 2008, indeed its a nice idea and I am from rajasthan but its not fair to invite only rajasthan people. The event should be organised for all people. Looking forward to be present in this event. Do give a visit to my blog.

    1. You could also join us. We have mentioned already there that even people from any area of Raj. can join us. Hope we will meet at next meet.

  8. Cancel This meeting I’m owner of in exam season This meeting is senseless……

    1. Very funny bro. Instead you were there.

    1. Thanks for coming bro

  9. A very noble initiative taken by Nikhil. He is one of the rare bloggers who believe in collaboration and collective success. I can say there are only a few of like him, and he will surely be in the top 10 list of Indian bloggers very soon.
    All the best to him and all those attending the Jaipur’s bloggers Meet!

    1. I big thanks for such huge appreciations. I am glad to know your perception about me. yes, I do believe in collaboration and collective success.

  10. It’s a great idea to meet up with other bloggers. I used to attend Randy Smith’s Northallerton meets every month and ran a few workshops myself for bloggers/internet marketers. I also went to a meet in London, very big and some big names there but very helpful and informative with good networking and sharing of information and knowledge. Good luck with this initiative!

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. I will talk to you. Your experience can help us a lot. 🙂

  11. This is a great opportunity for Jaipur bloggers. Please utilize and I am sure you can learn more from this meet.
    I have attended Hyderabad’s ShoutMeet that was conducted by Harsh Agrawal. I learnt a lot from that meet.

    1. I also got the inspiration from the Shoutmeet. We have utilized it utmost.

  12. Good Job Nikhil! The Blogger Meet helps all those who had some difficulties to understand SERP, Affiliate, etc. I hope you have cleared everything in Meet.

    1. We have tried to include everything that could help bloggers. I hope next time we can make something more better version.

  13. Avtar singh says:

    Hi Nikhil !!
    Blogger meet is just amazing I getting know about it from my friend Ahsue Kumar He joined this meet in jaipur.

    1. Yes, Avtar it was really good to meet other bloggers working in the same city. I hope you will join us in the next meet. We will organize it soon.

    1. Bro meet already took place on 20th march 2016. Just fill the form given in this post and stay updated for next meet.

  14. This is an excellent idea Nikhil to bring blogging community together. I would love to see some pics, videos and notes from the speaker. Can we have a post on it?

  15. nice to know people in jaipur are eagerly blogging i thought there are very few people accross india but shocked to see this strength of blogger in jaipur.
    Thumbs Up!

  16. Good Job Nikhil bro!! For Bloggers community and Commiing Soon 10 list of Indian bloggers Nikhil 🙂 myquickidea

    Many thanks for sharing! great information.

    Good luck Enjoy the journey! 🙂 All the best

  17. Wow really great
    meeting of like mind people create new idea and also helps in growing thier knowledge. This will thehelp to get more traffic to thier respective blog .

  18. Hi !
    Nikhil I am following you from last couple of months of facebook.

    You’re doing great job. In future whenever you came to baroda.
    Please gave me a call.

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