Is it Possible to Watch a Rented Amazon Movie More Than Once?

Is it Possible to Watch a Rented Amazon Movie More Than Once

Trying to watch an Amazon rented movie again and again? Know if it’s possible through the below-mentioned rules, guidelines and enjoy breakless streaming. 

Are you one of those movie bugs who is trying to rewatch your favorite Amazon rented movie? Are you trying to know the rules set by the Amazon prime video, tips, and tricks to watch a movie? Then you are in the right place. Amazon has a few set of rules and guidelines to be followed while streaming movies online and watching rented or downloaded movies. While most of the rules mentioned by Amazon are very clear, a few are hard to understand and follow. Streaming a rented movie is one of them. Let’s see if it’s possible to watch a rented movie more than once and also if it’s supported by Amazon or not. 

Is it Possible to Watch a Rented Amazon Movie More Than Once? 

It is possible to watch a rented movie more than once but only between the rental window(48 hours). Rented movies can be streamed anytime but once the movie is played it can be streamed only for 48 hours. It can be played, paused, played multiple times only within the 48-hour rental period. 

One can watch Amazon Prime Movies anytime within 30 days after renting it. It has to be streamed before expiration and can not be streamed once after expiry. 

Working of Amazon Prime Rental Services

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder stated that there were 200 million Prime members who were also accessing Prime video in 2020. He has also mentioned that the number would be increasing by 50 million. This piece of information clearly says that Prime video has a huge fan base.

The amazing offer offered by Amazon is its rental service where anyone with a usual Amazon account can rent both movies and shows on Amazon Prime. And one doesn’t have to be a Prime subscriber to rent a movie. 

How to Rent a Movie on Amazon Prime Video?

Renting a movie is easy and can be done within a very short period. You can rent a movie through the Amazon Prime website, Prime video application, Smart Tv, and any other device compatible to stream. 

Important points to note:

  • All you need is a normal Amazon account.
  • You can watch rented movies on any device.

Steps to rent a movie 

  1. Start by Logging in to your ordinary Amazon account or Amazon Prime account on any device. 
  1. Choose or select the movie or show you want to rent. You can find movies or shows by filtering through various categories, names, genres, and picking from a wide range of options. 
  1. One thing to remember is that you can choose from various display qualities. You can choose from various categories like standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), 4K UHD. You can explore various possibilities by clicking on “More purchase options”.
  1. You can directly make a purchase by entering the card details, if you have enabled your prime video pin then you need to enter the pin and confirm the purchase. 
  1. Once the payment is confirmed, the video is rented and is accessible to stream.

Rules and Guidelines of Amazon Prime Rental Services 

  1. Portals to stream rental videos 
  • web browser
  • Smart TVs
  • Blu-ray players
  • Set-top-boxes
  • Tablets
  • And all the other compatible devices

Links to access Prime video:,,, or

  1. One can use the same account to stream three videos at a time on the same device and can stream only on one device. 
  2. One can download or rent videos only on a compatible device. Video downloading or renting done from an account on one device can’t be done again or simultaneously on the other device using the same Amazon Prime account  
  3. Streaming is possible on any compatible device from an account after downloading or renting a video.  

FAQ Related to Amazon Prime Rental Services

Now, let’s answer a few frequently asked questions about Amazon Prime rental services. 

Is it possible to cancel a mistaken rental on Amazon Prime Video and how to do it?

How many devices can you have Amazon Prime on?

Final Words 

It is possible to view a movie more than once after renting and only within a 48 hour duration. And renting can be done through any ordinary Amazon account. 

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