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  1. Amazing!! M also starting to follow this same after reading your post. Making myself more socialize with my personal profile.
    Thankyou nikhil.

  2. Yes if you want to be a professional blogger or really serious about blogging, you have to reveal your true identity. It also increase the trustworthiness if you will sell something with your blog in future 🙂

  3. nice post 🙂 …
    Every blogger should reveal his identity. And the blog readers can also find the author in social media.

  4. Hi Nikhil,
    Great post and very necessary. Many blogger hide their identity,
    this is not good. Today people buy by Know,Like,Trust. No matter
    what you do and where you are from, everybody will find the right clients.
    that much the personality. Nobody likes to do business with a blog .
    If you do a good job and bring value on your blog,why hide?
    I saw by commenting on blogs often,that the sharing in social media
    is a struggle, because we first have to find out under which name the blog is.
    Nobody takes the time to do this, so the content will not be shared.
    With the same image on all social media sites,this is not a problem.
    If there is an Image from somebody you know on a shared post and you
    liked the post of this person, you will go and see it.
    I think really it is important to get this right.
    Thank you

  5. Very Well said bro. Every blogger should reveal his/her identity.
    It helps to learn from then and get motivation.

  6. Nice write-up Nikhil,

    Being anonymous isn’t going to help you much, I do see many noobs are just concealing their identities. For them this post going to be a savior!
    Anyhow, your work is appreciated!

    1. Thanks for stopping by…

  7. I was hiding my identity but you just inspired me to go public in my blog and social media platforms! Thanks 🙂

    1. If you are running a long term blog, then there is no logic hiding your true identity.

  8. Thanks for sharing this information .. I had always had this doubt in mind.

  9. Well said, brother. Every blogger should reveal their identity. Learning from them helps to gain motivation.

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