Should I Blog Anonymously or Reveal My True Identity as a Blogger?

Invisible or Reveal My True Identity as a Blogger

This is a quite interesting question. As a blogger, this question arises in every blogger’s mind, even I also encountered this thing when I started my blogging journey.

If you are a novice, no one is going to tell you about what should you do with it?

Should you reveal your identity or not?

In case, you got a mentor, it becomes easy for you.

But what if you do not have any mentor to guide you in this matter???

Well, do not worry Dear. I am here to educate you. This post will guide you in all the way.

I will clear all your doubts along with the post, so keep reading…..

First of all, we must have known what is a blogger’s identity?

Do you already know it??????????

If you don’t, just read this part, or if yes, you can skip it.

A blogger’s identity is measured by the blog reputation, the number of followers, and authority in any specific niche. These things create an identity for a blogger.

For example,

Harsh Agarwal has created his identity through the Shoutmeloud that is a very popular blog. His ultimate work on his blog made him popular and gave him an identity.

Do you accept this thing??????

It is very true and a larger number of people do accept it, including me.

Now come on the core of this post…..Our question was-

Should I be Invisible or Reveal My True Identity as a Blogger?

Literally, I do have a one-sided opinion regarding this question. If you will ask me the same question or I will ask this question to myself, I would always support to revealing the true identity.

If you are a newbie, this question will surely put you in trouble.

You should not be confused.

If you want to establish yourself as a reputed blogger, revealing identity is necessary. Let the readers know about you.

How did you get started?

What issues you have encountered in the past?

Mention each and everything that connects you with your blog.

As a blogger, I love to talk about everything that I do on my blog- Myquickidea. I make every effort to nurture my blog.

You should think from your point of view.

Why are you blogging?

Won’t you like it while people will call you from your name?

Obviously, everyone wants it.

I am also having the desire of fame, building authority in my niche.

We are not hackers who wish to be anonymous and hides the identity from the people.

What Is The Benefit Of Being Anonymous?

I know one benefit of hiding the indentity on the blog. Being anonymous on your blog or any other online platform as a blogger, you can save your blog niches. I have learned this thing in last 6 yrs of my blogging journey.

When people get to know that you are the owner of the blog, it makes them more interested into the blog niche. They try to fetch more details about the blog from you.

They try to know about your other blogs as well. It creates niche leakage.

Many can copy your blog niche and outrank you.

This is a harsh truth for bloggers that we have to accept it.

So being anonymous you can work silently.

And many bloggers are intentionally don’t want to reveal their identity. So being anonymous is good choice for them.

So it is truly a personal choice of revealing or keeping secret your personal identity.

What is the Benefit of Revealing Identity?

I got the one best answer of this question that I feel, will really remove all your confusions and tells what you get actually with the revelation of your identity as a blogger. Look towards below screenshot which I have taken from Quora. It describes the benefits that a blogger can get after being open to his or her audience.

benefits of revealing identity

If you are open to your audience, they would feel connected with you. By this way, you can gain their trust, build a brand for your blog, and earn the recognition among the crowd.

According to, tumbler has recorded 260.5 million accounts alone from May 2011 to October 2021. It is only about the Tumbler. There are millions of other blogs which are running over other platforms like WordPress, Blogger…


Among the huge crowd of blogs, it is very tedious to create your own reputation. Being comfortable in revealing the identity earns you trust, reputation, expertise, etc.

Still Confused….Ok let me take it a bit further.

Actually, most of the bloggers do not know how to manage the Identity as a blogger.

I have learned this thing in my blogging journey till date. I would share with you that how a blogger can manage the identity.

How to Manage Identity as a Blogger?

In our real life, we maintain the one entity for all the works whether we are doing any online registration, working in the office, or staying at home, we use the same identity regardless of the responsibilities we are carrying.

Similarly, we should use a signature identity for all the online platforms. You should be serious about it.

Let’s learn the right method to maintain one identity for all the places.

You should start it with your own blog.

How to Manage Identity on Your Own Blog?

Your blog is that first place from where you can start with it. Project the author bio in your blog’s sidebar, such like in the below screenshots.

Nikhil Saini from Myquickidea
Neil Patel from Quicksprout

These are two live examples of projecting blogger’s identity at the front of readers. First one contains my own picture and details and the second one I have brought from the Quicksprout which is running by the Internet Marketer- Neil Patel.

To display the author bio, you can use any author bio plugin, else go to Widget option in the Appearance section in your WordPress dashboard and add the text widget in the sidebar. Here you are allowed to use HTML, so you can create a customized Author bio.

Author bio can be shown below the post. Most of the themes in WordPress come with the default author bio section. If your blog theme is lacking this feature, simply install a plugin for it.

Pro Tip: Each blogger should create an About Us page in the blog to help readers to know more about you.

How to Manage Your Identity on Other Blogs?

You have to manage your own identity on other blogs tool.

Are you astonished? Or thinking I am gonna mad.

But the truth is – you get a chance to project yourself on other blogs.

If you are fond of commenting on other blogs, but not having your own picture with the comment you leave, then it creates a negative impact.

Use this guide to set a Gravatar image for your blog. After implementing the steps given in this guide, you would be able to see an image along with each comment you would leave on other blogs. (It is not applicable for Disqus commenting system). Something like in below comment that I did on

comment by nikhil saini

Bonus Tips for bloggers:

  • Use your original pic in Gravatar image
  • Use your Actual name while commenting
  • Avoid using any keyword at the place of the Name

Read this guide for being a blog commenting Superstar.

How to Manage Identity on Social Media?

We all know the importance of social media. Social media is an immense source of traffic for many reputed blogs. If I talk at my side, social media has helped me a lot to build a reputation for my blog. I get a chance to be connected with many influential internet marketers, bloggers, and SEOs.

It became possible only through the social media. You would get to see a numerous social media sites over the internet, but not all are of your mean. Some of them are classified according to the niches. These social sites have groups or forums in which members discuss the topics of niche the site is based on.

A few social sites are open to all. We count Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin in this row. These are “must have” social media platforms. There is no any rule book that can educate us about the managing identity over the social media.

However, I would suggest you following some Golden rules that I have learned so far in my blogging journey.

Golden rules for Social Media

  1. Use your original picture and name on each social media profile.
  2. Use the same picture in all of the social media profiles. It helps people to recognize you as well as your identity gets strength.
  3. Do not create any fake id for your main blog.
  4. Always fill the right details while creating the profile in any social media account.


Revealing your identity as a blogger is beneficial. You should start it from your blog and wherever you can talk about yourself and place your picture, you should not miss the chance. By disclosing your identity, you contribute in building authority in your blogging niche. You build a brand and the fanciest thing is your earn face value and recognition for your work. Recognition is the greatest reward that each blogger wants to earn as a blogger.

On the other hand, if you want to keep it secret as an introvert or having some other personal reaons. It’s completely fine.

May you achieve tremendous success in blogging whether you get open to everyone or work anonymously.

12 thoughts on “Should I Blog Anonymously or Reveal My True Identity as a Blogger?”

  1. Yes if you want to be a professional blogger or really serious about blogging, you have to reveal your true identity. It also increase the trustworthiness if you will sell something with your blog in future 🙂

  2. Hi Nikhil,
    Great post and very necessary. Many blogger hide their identity,
    this is not good. Today people buy by Know,Like,Trust. No matter
    what you do and where you are from, everybody will find the right clients.
    that much the personality. Nobody likes to do business with a blog .
    If you do a good job and bring value on your blog,why hide?
    I saw by commenting on blogs often,that the sharing in social media
    is a struggle, because we first have to find out under which name the blog is.
    Nobody takes the time to do this, so the content will not be shared.
    With the same image on all social media sites,this is not a problem.
    If there is an Image from somebody you know on a shared post and you
    liked the post of this person, you will go and see it.
    I think really it is important to get this right.
    Thank you

  3. Nice write-up Nikhil,

    Being anonymous isn’t going to help you much, I do see many noobs are just concealing their identities. For them this post going to be a savior!
    Anyhow, your work is appreciated!


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