Interview with Zac Johnson: The Man Who Made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months

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Today, I am interviewing the most popular personality of Affiliate Marketing industry – Zac Johnson. He is the man who made $860,538.38 PROFIT in 4 Months from affiliate marketing.

Isn’t it a miracle?

In this interview, I have tried to know the insights of its huge success with the Affiliate Marketing and Blogging.

I have also tried to touch some untouched aspects of his life.

Let’s know about the Zac.


1. The people who don’t know about you, Can you tell us a little about yourself and business or websites that you run?

Zac Johnson of I started making money online in the mid-90s and never looked back since. This was mainly done through content sites and affiliate marketing. I started my blog at in 2007 to share my story and help others make money online. I also launched last year to walk people through the complete process of starting a blog or website online in just a few short minutes.

2. We would like to know a person of you apart from Affiliate and blogging. What do you think about life? What things got real value in your life?

I’ve always had the mentality and passion for business and being an entrepreneur. Even before the internet, I was always thinking about new and creative ways to make money, such as selling cans of soda at school during lunch or drawing pictures and selling them to friends and family. Fortunately, the internet started to gain traction while I was in high school and I was able to start a full-time business out of it.

3. Every successful blog has an interesting story. How did you get inspiration for your blog? Tell us the story behind

I started because I wanted to go beyond “just being an affiliate”. With my own blog and brand, I then became the business and established myself as an expert in the world of the online market. The blog has also helped thousands of visitors generate millions of dollars through my training courses, case studies and blog material.

4. Our audience would like to know about the daily routine of a Super Affiliate marketer.

I get to work from the comfort from my own home and usually work in between the hours of 9am-6pm. The time is usually spent connecting with others through email, working on the content creation and promotion, doing podcast interviews and checking stats from any active ad campaigns. While each day might seem similar, you never know what each might have to offer.

5. Has blogging created a difference in your life? What difference do you count before and after the blog?

Blogging has completely changed my life and business. Here’s a list of many of the top ways. Starting a blog and becoming a brand was one of the best decisions I made.

6. I just come to know that you were active in attending Affiliate Summits and bloggers’ meet? Are you still doing so? How do such meets help you scaling up your brand and business?

I’ve been speaking at conferences since 2001 and Affiliate Summit for over 10 years now (nearly all events). They are a great way to make new connections and build new business relationships that can’t be done by phone or email. I recommend everyone attend at least one conference or marketing event per year.

7. Do you see content marketing a source to build a brand for you? As I saw that you launched your blog in 2007, and since then you wrote so many guest posts.

Guest blogging is a great way to get your name out there. It’s also great for building backlinks. Just make sure you are doing it the right way and providing value. Here are some of my best guest blogging tips.

8. What are people in the Affiliate Marketing you take inspiration from? And what are the key elements which keep you motivated for Affiliate Marketing?

I literally know and am friends with thousands of people in the online marketing space. Many of them are great, but there are too many to follow on a regular basis. Instead, I recommend you take a look at everyone I’ve interviewed on my podcast, Rise of the Entrepreneur, as they were all hand selected and approved by me.

9. Many marketers just give up on Affiliate and Blogging while they fail once or twice. Have you ever experienced any such big failure in your life? How did you overcome that and what tips you want to give to others to overcome the feel of failure?

It’s easy to start a website, a blog or an ad campaign. It’s not easy to make money. Way too many people think this is easy, don’t put enough effort in and also give up too early. Here’s a quick start guide on how to make money with a blog. Follow it and you will find success.

10. You update your blog frequently. How do you get the blog post ideas every time? Is there any secret technique you use to come up with a unique idea each time?

I try to publish content whenever I feel it’s relevant. The last thing you want to do is publish content, just to publish something. I’ve written over 4,000 articles across my own sites and others, so I’ve covered a lot. The good news is the industry and world of business are always changing, so there is always something to write about. Nothing special about the format and techniques, just write content that people will find value in.

11. What would you like to suggest to new affiliate marketers like me who are just beginning with affiliate marketing? How could we start with it? Suggest this in 5 easy steps.

1 – Choose a tight niche target audience 2 – Find out what they are looking for 3 – Do it better than the competition 4 – Focus on your content, backlinks and SEO 5 – Launch a product to maximize your profits

12. In the past few years, people became aware of online money making concepts. So, it increased the competition. Do you think that earlier it was easy to make money online?

This goes back to what I said in the beginning… it’s not easy. Once people start to realize this is real work, then they will put the time and effort in to create something amazing and surpass everyone who treats it like a game. There are endless opportunities.

13. What traffic channels attract you most for promoting affiliate products? Recommend your best traffic channel.

Social (Facebook Ads) is easy to get started with. The demographic and retargeting options are amazing. I recommend listening to my interviews with Jon Loomer and Rick Mulready to learn more about getting the most out of Facebook and social advertising campaigns.

14. Online Tools have contributed to making a good atmosphere for work. You would also be using some tools which help you in affiliate and blogging. Would you please suggest Top 5 tools that you use daily for your work?

I keep things pretty simple. Tools like Long Tail Pro, Leadpages, Aweber, SEMRush, and WordPress are all I need to come effectively up with new content, target audiences, keywords and scoping out the competition.

15. Have you experienced any Online Scam in Affiliate Journey so far? If yes, what was that?

Just like any industry with lots of money and success, people are going to scam and try to make money without doing anyway. I’ve come across a wide range and seen it all. Affiliates need to be careful of which ad networks they work with, as some will shave leads and not pay for leads that they are actually getting paid on. I’ve seen a lot of networks go out of business and rip off their affiliates for millions of dollars. Only work with the people you know and trust.

Zac is a great personality. He would always be my inspiration. You can also take inspiration from his work, dedication and determination. He is the live example of a person who followed his dreams and achieved tremendous success.

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