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  1. Hi Nikhil,
    Great joy to see Harsh on your page!
    He is an amazing person indeed.
    In his recent visit to our city i had the opportunity to meet him personality. That personal encounter was very cherishable, and worth mentioning. He shared a lot of things in relation to blogging, and I could see some of them in his answers here too!
    Indeed you squeezed out very valuable tips from his knowledge bank!
    I am glad that he shared so much information here to your readers.
    Thank you so much Harsh for sharing your knowledge with your fellow bloggers. And ha thanks Nikhil for bringing Harsh Aggarwal to your page. 🙂
    Wish you both a great and
    profitable November!
    Best Regards.
    Keep sharing
    ~Philip Ariel Secunderabad

  2. Hey Nikhil,

    Great interview. I became a big fan of Harsh’s when I started making changes to my blog. Harsh’s quality information on you tube has been priceless to me.

    So when I came across this interview I immediately tapped the button to check it out. You asked some great questions. And I loved the advice. I agree with using the one gavatar across all social media sites. I know this is how I identify with those I have already established connections with.

    At the moment I am focusing on the audience and turning readers into subscribers. So I am gradually learning about affiliate marketing, which will be my next step. Thanks for this information.


  3. Hi Nikhil
    I am landing on your website for the first time. I like the theme of your site. Congrats for having Harsh on your blog. When I stepped in the field of blogging, I didn’t know anything about the WordPress platform. Fortunately, I landed on Harsh’s blog. It gave me the chance to build my digital journey. The best thing about blogging is that we have the liberty to set our own time.
    I always give priority to things:
    Make valuable post for the readers.
    Create an online brand.
    Both of the strategies take time and patience. These two barriers don’t stop me because every big thing requires some quality time. And, ShoutMeLoud is the living proof.
    Thanks Harsh for sharing the useful information. I am going to implement these strategies for framing a solid blogging background.

  4. Great Interview Nikhil! Your Collection of Asking Question is to good! i think evey indian bloggers motivate by Harsh Agrawal i also learn lots of new thinhs by Harsh blog! Thanks for sharing this great interview for us?

  5. Hey, it is a great one!

    You’ve done a wonderful job in interviewing Harsh, the most inspiring personality of the blogosphere.

    Good questions asked and the reactions of Harsh are precise. I love his saying about branding!

    Yes, consistency matters a lot in getting a remarkable brand name.

    He mentioned helpful blogging tools, enjoyed reading his answers and have learned a lot to work without distraction.

    Thank you Nikhil 🙂

  6. Pavitra kumar says:

    Nikhil,Hi , great list! Changed the Face of Blogging in Asia
    Great interview. I became a big fan of Harsh’s – making changes to my blog.
    Interview with #Harsh #Agrawal
    Thank you so much Harsh for sharing your knowledge with your fellow bloggers.
    Thanks for this information.

  7. Hello Nikhil,

    Damn cool man. Thanks for asking the golden questions to him. I just love this interview. I also want to meet with this guy as “He Changed the Face of Blogging in Asia”. I do visit his blog weekly at least twice or more .

  8. Hello Nikhil,

    Good to see Harash in your blog. In fact, he is an inspiration to every blogger. I used to read almost all article from his blog.
    and one thing i want to tell you there is a total of 53 shares of this interview post but all in Facebook. You should consider other platforms too.


  9. Hi Nikhil ,
    I am happy for you to have The Famous Indian Blogger as your guest.
    I can see from his answers her really know what he is talking about
    and gives great advice 🙂 Often the little things get forgotten and I too
    while commenting and sharing have difficulty with the gravatars,which
    are not the same for social media Most of the younger bloggers focus
    on themes and changing the appearance of the blog, But people want
    to know who they are commenting to and the blog is your home. be there,
    be you on your blog.
    Thank you for this great interview and helpful information.

  10. This part is amazing

    iMac 27”: Can’t think of blogging without it.
    Blue Yeti mic: For sound recording
    iPhone 6: For blogging from mobile
    Snagit: For image capture & editing
    Camtasia: For video recording
    SEMRUSH: My fav. SEO tool
    BufferApp&SocialPilot: for Social Media marketing
    PostPlanner: For Facebook Page management & automation
    Kinsta Hosting: Where ShoutMeLoud is hosted (November 2015)
    Slack: For team communication
    FileZilla: For FTP
    Focusbooster: An app for mac to help me stay productive
    Selfcontrol app: To block access to sites like Facebook when I’m working
    Wunderlist: For task management
    Evernote: For note taking

    Camtasia and snagit is not a FREE ware.
    so it would have been better if you recommend any FREE tool.
    and the most interesting one is self control. facebook is highly prohibited while working. I am now following this schedule.
    will buy these tools if my pocket allows me to do so,
    Thanks a lot of interviewing him and letting up to know about these secrets.
    Really i enjoyed.
    Thanks a lot niks.
    Have a nice day

  11. vikash kumar says:

    Nice interview. It is very effective for all the people who are willing to know about SEO. It will help me a lot.I used to read all article from his blog.

  12. Learnt a lot from this interview in blogging thank you for sharing this..

  13. Well Done! 😀
    Whata great interview, I have learn some new things!
    Thanks for publishing it!

    Keep doing, keep writing…
    All the best!

  14. Hi Nikhil,

    He is the pride of India in blogging, very happy to know more information about him, from last one year I am following his and even participated in Shoutmeet Hyderabad, because of him so many young people stepping into this career in India.

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us, see you soon with another article.

  15. Amar Thakur says:

    Thanks Nikhil for sharing this great interview of Harsh Agrawal on your blog. Its very inspirational for new bloggers and informational too.
    Thanks 🙂

  16. Great one bro.. He is an inspiration for many bloggers and at the last, he advised to with Affiliate marketing. That’s the best but unfortunately many newbies go mad for earning via Adsense.. Hope they would see this and start affiliate marketing 🙂

  17. Hi Nikhil, I really love this post and inspired to this article. I think will be better for me that you write some more article like this.

  18. Hi Nikil,

    This is one of the best creative interviews I have seen. I love the selection of pictures for each question and as usual Harsh rocks with his answers and thanks a lot for you in framing some good probing questions. I loved this article and as Yatin Khulbe said above, I loved the theme of your blog.

  19. Following harsh from last year.. He is a true inspiration for all the bloggers..

  20. Good information and nice interview. Thanks for sharing this great interview for us. I am trying to optimize my travel blog accordingly!

  21. For me Harsh Agrawal Changed my life, after watching his website earning, which he normally published after every month. It force me to do something like that.

    And finally October 2015 i start blogging and it has been only 1 month since i start blogging and i am getting so many positive response.

    Now looking forward start earning money via own blog.

  22. Hi, Thank you for publishing this interview. I am reading SML from last one year and try to read their every single blog posts. SML really known good platform for learning blogging stuff. Harsh is one of my Fav. blogger.

    M Imran

  23. Hi Nikhil,

    Your interview with Harsh (super name) proves that blogging skills extend across geographical borders. His experience & advice was equally relevant to me, a U.S. citizen, as it was to you.

    Good questions, good answers.
    Thank you,

  24. It’s the best interview I ever read on the interview series on the various blog.
    Harsh is a good guy with openness.

  25. Amazing interview!! Congrats to get one of your dream project done. The interview is really great lots of information in such a short time!! that’s a great time management!!!

  26. Hi Nikhil,

    This is my first visit here.
    A great interview. Unlike many interviews you have pointed out some uncommon questions.
    And the list of tools harsh uses is a good resource for most of us to choose. But sadly most of them are paid.

    Thanks for the interview
    Susheel karam

  27. What a fabulous interview!!
    Many things to learn from this post.. Thanks for sharing

  28. excellent interview of Harsh Agrawal, he is definitely an inspiration for many bloggers for sure. will keep all the advice and tips that he has mentioned in the above answers. worth time and reading.

  29. Harsh is areal Giant in Blogging. I am following him from last 3 Years and he fabulous guy. He is best from his professionalism as well as his Life Skills.
    Thanks Nikhil ji for sharing this great interview with us.

  30. Liked the interview as it was loaded with inspirational content. This is one of the those blog post that must be read by new bloggers or struggling bloggers.

  31. Thanks Nikhil for sharing this awesome interview with Harsh Agrawal. Very inspirational and informative interview.
    I am an avid reader of his blog, shoutmeloud. bloggers motivate by Harsh Agrawal. He is one of the most popular and leading bloggers in India. I truly admire him.

    One thing with him is he’s very open to help and that makes the secret of success in blogging.

    Waiting for your up coming posts! Happy Blogging 🙂

  32. Great Interview Nikhil!
    You have shared a good information to us. Your way of describing the things so good. It is a good effort made by you.

  33. Hello Nikhil, Very nice interview with very successfull person. Harsh is motivation for many newbie bloggers. Keep Doing such good interviews and inspire us in blogging more and more.

  34. The simply WOW is Mr. Harsh, I love his blogging way & regularly follow his blog, and thanks to you Nikhil for a great interview. Keep it up bro!

  35. Solidworks says:

    Indeed, it’s a great share! Very motive and it will be inspiring many newbies too! Thanks again for the share ?

  36. Thank you Nikhil for sharing this amazing interview with us. Harsh sir is a true inspiration. Many youngsters like me started blogging after reading his journey.

  37. Thank you for the coolest interview of harsh agrwal loved it and looking forward to it….

  38. Thanks a lot for sharing ..

    In starting I think I can’t not earn money from Blogging.But after reading Harsh Sir,interview & many other blogger interview from your site I am excited to start blogging.

    Presently,am writing blog,article for a travel company but now I would like to blogging in my own way imagination …All !

  39. This is absolutely great. First off I did not know that You did get a chance to do an interview with Harsh. Great inspiration and lot of things learned from the interview. Liked the part where he breaks down but then fights back up. Everybody has their passion and following the passion is never a bad thing. Awesome interview mate. Keep going!

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