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The Instapage 14-day Free Trial Plan is of absolutely no cost. Your card details are also not required. This Trial, however, isn’t easy to find as it is not explicitly mentioned on their website pages. But, if you sign up through any page, you will immediately be redirected to a designated form for their 14-day FREE Trial. 

The free Trial comes with all the features of the Instapage core plan. The only thing is it is available for only 2500 visitors per month. However, it is more than enough, except that it cannot be used for big campaigns. 

Once the 14-day Trial is over, your landing pages will automatically get unpublished. They may even be deleted altogether if you fail to upgrade to any of their paid plans within 60 days.

However, the signup process on Instapage is simple and intuitive. Users are given the option of signing up via a Google account or simply filling a form on their registration page.

How to sign up for Instapage Free Trial?

Here is the step-by-step method of signing up for the 14-Day Trial:

  • Go to the official Instapage website. 
  • Tap on the “Get Started” option.
  • You will be redirected to another page. From there, tap on the “start 14-day trial” button.
  • Fill in your details.
  • Verify your email address
  • And that that’s all! Congratulations! You have claimed your Instapage Free Trial!

Instapage Pricing after Free Trial

After the free Trial, you probably would wish to continue using Instapage. Now, you have two tiers offered: the Business plan and the Enterprise plan. The Business plan starts from $199 per month with a 33% discount if the user pays the whole amount annually. This would then come down to $149 a month, and it offers a maximum of 30,000 visitors monthly with 30 landing pages, 5 team members, and 5 subaccounts. 

The Enterprise plan is customizable based on the user’s needs. There is a core plan for $99 per month and entails no additional costs. Here, you will be able to get all the features that are normally needed. It is particularly valuable for your business because of its ease of use compared to other page builders or CMS like WordPress or SquareSpace.

Why choose Instapage Free Trial?

The Instapage platform offers robust lead generation tools and landing page builders. It tops the lists with its incredible post-click automation- a next-gen technology that helps you achieve higher conversion rates.

The Instapage free Trial will help you test these services without any permanent commitment. In the Trial, you will be able to access all features needed to enhance conversions via optimizing, building, and personalizing post-click landing pages.  

Other benefits for this Trial include:

  • You can get to work firsthand with the drag and drop functionality. This means that irrespective of coding experience, the tool will be very easy to work with.
  • Experience flexibility in creating and editing landing pages.
  • Use Heatmap- a unique Instapage feature that allows you to monitor how the page elements are performing.
  • Get to work with Instablocks. These are, in essence, template options that assist in speeding up page building process without any need to use a complete pre-built template.

Therefore, if you have doubts about Instapage or any discrepancy, you can take the safe route and try it out first before committing and spending anything.

How to Make Best Use of Instapage Free Trial?

Since you will be able to catch a glimpse of what Instapage really is via this free Trial, it is obvious that you want to maximize your use to attain a wholesome experience of Instapage.

It would be a good idea to integrate the entire tech stack during this period; you could also use workspaces to organize your work and invite your team members during this Trial as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I lose my work after the Free Trial?


Instapage is a good and reputable page builder tool. It is very easy to maneuver and has a variety of features. It also helps in increasing your conversion by a huge margin. Therefore, we truly recommend this tool.

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