A Noob Guide to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean Using ServerPilot

Digital Ocean is known for cheap cloud VPS hosting. According to Wikipedia, it was the second largest hosting company in the world in terms of web-facing computers .  Another achievement is- it was one of the first cloud hosting companies to offer SSD-based virtual machines. ​

​The cloud hosting plans by the DO as cheap as you can start with $5 that includes:

> 512MB Memory
> 1 Core Processor
> 20GB SSD Disk
> 1TB Transfer

To install WordPress on Digitalocean, you need to have an account here. Follow this link to create an account there. You get $10 credit with each new signup.  

WordPress installation on DO is much easier with Serverpilot. I have explained in this post that how you can use it to install wordpress in 5 minutes. The entire process has been broken down into simple actionable steps. 

Let's come and start learning this process....


#1 Step

Login to your DigitalOcean Account and Hit Create Droplet in the dashboard. You will see the following screen in case you don't have any previous droplet created.

​#2 Step

​In the Next Screen, select the Ubuntu version from 16.04.1x64 or 14.04.5x64. Serverpilot only supports these version so you need to choose one from them. 

Next, select the hosting plan as per your need. I am choosing $5 being a starter. 

​Now choose the server region. If you are Targeting country like US, then Choose New York. I am targeting US so selected New York.

In case of Targeting Asian Countries, go with Singapore.

You can choose the server location as per your targeted country or your own location.

Now Give your droplet a suitable name. I gave it same name as my domain has. It helps in recognising the droplet when you create more than one droplets. Finally hit the Green colored Create Button. Leave all the setting as it is..

Droplet is being created....

#4 Step

You will receive droplet details on your email through you have created account on Digital Ocean. Keep them safe for future use.

#5 Step

Now you need to create an account on Serverpilot.

You don't need to pay here. It also offers free services with no ​client support.

 create an account there and get login.

Now click on Connect Server

In the next window, one important infomation highlights at top. 

Below this notification, some details (ip, root password and SFTP password) need to be filled out.  

IP Address: Find from the email you received while droplet created.

Root Password: Follow the above path

SFTP Password: write desired password for it.

Hit Connect to ServerPilot. 

It might take few minutes in installing and configuration, so don't be impatient. Wait until the process completes.

#6 Step

Navigate to Apps from the left sidebar and Hit Create App.​

Have the right Mark next to the Option WordPress. 

It helps in one click wordpress installation including database. 

Select PHP 7.0.

Select Server and System Server from the drop-down list.

Hit Create App.

>> Take a Look to this important info in the following screenshot --

App name always be in lowercase and domain will be like given in the red notification

#7 Step

Now get back to the DigitalOcean account for domain mapping and nameserver configuration.

Navigate through the Networking>Domains from the top menu and create a domain record. 

Select the domain and respective droplet and Hit Create Record button. 

Click on your domain....

Fill the cname entries. Replace the talkontec with your own domain name and make sure adding dot (.) at the end of each cname entry.

#8 Step

Add the nameservers to your domain registrar. ​In my case the domain registrar is Bigrock. 

So I will follow the tutorial accordingly.

Login to Bigrock and Select your domain. My domain is talkontec.com. So click on it. ​

You have to select the domain that you have added into the Serverpilot.

Then hit Nameservers.

Get the Nameservers from your digitalocean account update them into the Bigrock or your domain registrar. You need to use all of 3 nameservers here. ​

The nameservers populates within 5 min in most of the cases. Exceptionally, it might take higher so the domain registrars quote up to 48hrs. 

**Wordpress Installed​**

Bravo!!! WordPress installed on DigitalOcean using Serverpilot.

WordPress successfully installed on the DigitalOcean. These are the simplest steps that any newbie or pro can use to install wordpress on DO.

Do let me know your queries regarding this post via comments down below. I have personally implemented same method for my blog.

If you had any issue installing WordPress on DO, then use this method for a successful wordpress installation.

I recommend DO as a cheapest Cloud VPS solution that gives high performance, speed and high up time. You will get $10 credit into your account if buy right now. 

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6 thoughts on “A Noob Guide to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean Using ServerPilot”

  1. Hi Nikhil,
    I think it is bit more dificult process of wordpress installation on DO in comparrison to other hosting services like hostgator or bluehost.
    You did a wonderful job by creating this step by step guide. It will going to help all the newbies.
    Great article and thanks for sharing.

    • You are right it is difficult because it’s an unmanaged hosting, but gives good performance and cheap VPS that we can’t get anywhere else.

  2. Hi Nikhil,
    This is a great informative post. However, I have some queries.
    1) For multiple websites, do we have to make a separate droplet or we can add it in the same droplet?
    2) How much real-time can the $5 plan handle at a time?

  3. The steps to install this digital ocean was clear and the image explanation was excellent. Before and all I thought it would be difficult for me to work on the installation process now after reading this article I felt better to work on this. And your story has brought up the courage to me to work on my own. I love the way of your precise writing.


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