How to Install WordPress On Digital Ocean Using Gridpane

How to Install Wodpress On Digital Ocean Using Gridpane

It has been a long time I have shared something useful with you. So I thought to write a guide on very very common problem of installing WordPress on Digital Ocean.

Well, you can directly install wordpress from the Digital ocean dashboard but the actual problem is installing SSL certificate when you don’t have cpanel to do so.

Gridpane allows you to install SSL directly from its dashboard. I have recently installed one of my blogs using it and you won’t believe it is damn easy.

In this guide I will walk you through installing WordPress on Digital Ocean hosting using Gridpane.

What You Need to Install WordPress on DO using Gridpane

  • A Gridpane account
  • Active Digital ocean account
  • Registered Domain

Intall Server on Do with Gridpane

  • First of all you need to register a Gridpane account. Simply go to Gridpane and click on register.
  • Choose Free forever plan. If you want a paid plan then there are options as well. I will choose free one in this article.
  • Fill all the details here and click on Register button.
register a gridpane account
  • Verfiy your account by getting into email box.
  • Now login to Gridpane account.  You should be seeing the dashboard like this.
gridpane dashboard
  • You got three options here – Digital Ocean, Vultr, and Linode. We are learning wordpress installation on DO. So go ahead with it.
  • Select the Digital ocean.
  • To establish  a connection with your DO account via Gridpane, you need a api key from DO account.

(If you don’t have a digital ocean account then register from here and don’t forget to add payment mode in your DO account and also add some credits.)

  • Now login to your DO account then get the api keys from selecting Manage>>API from left panel.
  • Select Token/Keys here under  Application & API section.
select tokens-keys
  • Now click on Generate New Token button. Here write the token name and have tick marked on both Read and Write and finally click on Generate Token button.
write token name
  • Click on the Generated Token and it get copied on the clipboard.
  • Now come back to Gridpane dashboard where you last left it.
  • Click on Digital Ocean Account button
set do api key
  • In the next screen, you will be asked for the token code. Paste here the token you got in above step….and click on Create.
paste token
  • Now go back to the home page and click on Digital ocean again to start server deploying process.
click on digial ocean
  • Now you see 5 options here—-
create server
  • Name: Give a name to your server
  • Server Plan: select a digital ocean hosting plan
  • Available Regions: choose a relevant region for the server
  • Default OS: leave it.
  • Enable Digital Ocean Backups: if you want to take backups then keep it checked
  • Now click on create server.
  • The server creation process starts. It takes some time. In between, you can add DNS information to your domain registrar because DNS propagation take time from 24 hrs to 48 hrs. Sometimes, it happens in just few minutes.

Connect Domain with Gridpane

These are some step by steps guides to perform dns deployment on some of the popular domain ragistarars.

Once the server is installed, you see a green signaled active sign along with your server under Active servers list.

server actived now

Install WordPress on do with Gridpane

  • After successfully installing server, we need to install the WordPress script.
  • Go to Your settings.
select your settings
  • Look left>>Default wp admin settings…
default wp setting select
  • From here you can set default user name, email and password for all the future wordpress installations.
  • Now go to Sites option from the top Menu.
add site

You see the following details:

  • URL: fill the domain name here without ‘www’.
  • Server: select the server from the list.
  • System user: leave as it as
  • Bundles: leave as it as
  • Advanced Options: leave as it is
  • Now click on Add site.
site added

Install Free SSL:

  • Gridpane offers free Let’s Encrypt SSL. To install, go to Sites.
gridpane ssl install
  • Click on your domain.
active sites
  • Turn SSL ON.
turn ssl ON
  • Successfully installed.
ssl successfully installed

Login to your wordpress

Now login to your WordPress Installation-

Go to domain-url/wp-admin

Put the default user name and password which you had set in previous steps.


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