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Keap Coupon Codes January 2022: Get 50% Off On 3 Months Plan

Free Trial

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How to Actiavte Keap Discount Code?

You need to follow few simple steps to activate Keap Discount code.

  1. Click on Activate Deal Button.
  2. Once you click on the button, the deal will be automatically activated on your purchase link.
  3. You can choose plan and make payment.
  4. Now you can happily use the Keap.

What is Keap?

Formerly Infusionsoft and now famously Keap is a great cloud-based business software that provides you with CRM (customer relation management), automation of marketing campaigns, and e-commerce functions in one suite available to you.

Keap is here to help you if you want to streamline your business in terms of sales and customer reviews. You can get leads to increase your business, increase your sales online, and collect online payments with ease, improving your overall productivity.

It’s an automated system that does your tasks automatically so that you save your time and invest it somewhere else where your presence is needed. Business owners can focus on increasing their sales, which is essential for any business.

Keap automates your sales and marketing, ultimately making you create brand awareness through your campaigns. Keap maintains your brand value among your new and existing customers and gives you professional service.

It makes the sales team’s job easier by centralizing all the customer contact information. It makes all the crucial information in one touch so that your sales team can focus on what they have been hired for.

Keap Pro Features

Keap is a great CRM software with amazing features that make you earn great profit. So, let’s check its features that attract.


Keap’s CRM makes your job easier by automating your sales. The sales automation in its CRM organizes your sales campaigns so that you can focus on your customers and leave chaos behind.


Automation is one of the biggest features of Keap. When your potential customers visit you, Keap records their buying behavior and enables you to convert that lead into sales.

Email Marketing

This is a weapon in today’s information age businesses. Keap keeps track of your potential customers and sends them emails curated for them to make a buying decision.

B2B Capabilities

Let’s know about the B2B Capabilities of Keap:-

# Invoices

As soon as a sale take place, invoicing is the next important thing for your business. Keap does it with lightning-fast speed.

# Appointments

Keap keeps a record of your appointment and sends you reminders whenever an appointment is approaching soon.

# Mobile App

Since most business transactions take place over mobile, the Keap mobile app enables you to keep in the race and never miss those customers who are just mobile-friendly.

# Keap Business Line

With Keap business lines, you can get your customers to contact you on business-specific contacts. You can get them over local phone numbers, business voicemails, reply to them using auto-replies, etc.

# Quotes

Using Keap, you can provide your potential customers with quotes for any product or service so that they can make a buying decision as quickly as possible.

# Recurring Payments

With Keap, you can set recurring payment options for recurring charges for service, which goes month on month.

# Reminders and Reports

Keap sends you important reports about leads, sales, contacts, etc. It sends you crucial reminders so that you stay updated.

# Internal Forms

Whenever a client visits your site and leaves their details, an internal form it’s automatically filled out so that you can contact them.

# Text Marketing

Text marketing is one of the quickest ways to run sales campaigns. Keap has an amazing program that lets you contact your clients through SMS.

# Landing Pages

Keap designs an elegant landing page that attracts upper potential clients. A landing page is something that gives the first impression.

# Sales Pipelines

The sales pipeline feature of Keap amazingly manages your sales dashboard by giving you recent :

  • Sales updates
  • Checkout Forms
  • Lead Scoring
  • Analytics

What does Keap do for you?

Keap is a useful software that makes business transactions easy for you. It does a lot of tasks for you to increase your profitability. Let’s see what Keap does for you.

#1 Adding New Contacts and Managing your Contact Data

Whenever somebody visits your website’s landing page, Keap programs your landing page so that it asks for the contact information directly.

It’s not like an ordinary program that only captures basic contact details like name, mobile number, and emails. It captures customized contact details along with information that meets your business needs.

For example, if you are running a bakery, then apart from getting basic contact details, Keap asks for these flavors that your customer likes in cakes and even their design that they like to be made.

This way, Keap gets business and product-specific details so that you can target your customers without missing the hot button that makes them buy.

#2 Interaction with prospects and customers

Keap is a smart solution for your business. When people visit your website, they fill in their contact detail, visit different pages, check a particular product and even get quotes.

Keap records everything that your potential customers do on your website. Apart from their contact details, it also records the time they have spent on the landing page, watched a particular product, and the videos they have watched on your website.

The intelligence of Keap helps you prepare yourself for more business. With the help of Keap, you already know who you are calling, what their business preferences are and what makes them buy your products or services.

#3 Track Your Sales

No matter what you sell, Keap always makes it easiest for you. Once somebody visits your website, there are more chances of getting that lead converted into a sale.

With its intelligent system, Keap gets all the crucial details for you. You can even track a client’s purchase history with the invoices available for you. It makes the payment system easier for your clients with credit cards and Paypal options.

Keap provides an amazing feature of Pipeline Tracking. It works so that you can segregate your leads into different categories.

Like, there is a lead in the ‘New Lead’ category. At this stage, Keap recommends a separate action plan to convert it to the next category. Once the lead has moved to a news category, ‘Interested,’ it has different suggestions.

It has a curated action plan for you to target specific clients and get more sales.

Keap Pros

  • Keap is known for capturing leads and doing follow-ups. This is an automated process.
  • Because of its intelligence, it completes repetitive tasks through automation, enabling employees to do more work.
  • Based on current trends, Keap can forecast your revenue so that you can plan accordingly.
  • When you do affiliate marketing, it tracks your revenue earned through it.
  • It automates everything related to customer experience.
  • It generates reports on how good your advertising campaigns are going in revenue generation.

Keap Pricing

keap pricing

Going by the features, Keap offers three different packages. Let’s look at them:

PlanPurposeGet it
Lite- $56/ monthlyThis is for new businesses. Click Here
Pro- $119/ monthlyFor growing businessesClick Here
Max $140/ monthlyFitted established businessClick Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How often does update new discount codes?

Discount coupons can be availed throughout the month as they are added every day.

What is the best valid discount that I can use?

As of now, the best and most trusted discount coupons have been listed of all time.

How many coupons are available for

There is a total of more than ten coupons available for discount.

Which payment types do accept?

For making payments, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal are accepted.

Can I test a keap free trial before purchasing it?

Yes, as you get a 14 day trial period before making a buying decision.

Is Infusionsoft(Keap) a CRM?

Keap is an amazing sales and marketing CRM known for its automation. It’s an easy-to-use platform.

How do I cancel Keap?

Whenever you want to cancel your Keap subscription, you can email the customer service ten days before the beginning of your next billing cycle.

How much maximum discount can you get on Keap?

The maximum discount is 50% valid for the first three months.

Does Keap offer any free plan?

As of now, there is no free plan available.

Does Keap offer any money-back guarantee?

No, Keap doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee.

Where to buy keap?

To buy a Keap plan, you can visit

Final Verdict

Keap is a great automated business solution that makes your business easier than ever. With Keap, you can focus on sales and marketing, and the rest of all the repetitive tasks are performed by Keap. There are good reviews about it. So, it would be best if you tried it for your business to speed up your business growth.

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