How To Improve Sales Of An eCommerce Startup in Just 20 Steps

There are certain things that every eCommerce startups business should understand before they kick-start their online business. But many fail to understand its importance and later regret their loss.

In order to avoid such regrets, I have decided to frame this post that could help eCommerce business developers in a better way.

How To Improve Sales Of An eCommerce Startup With Just 20 Steps

Let’s Get Started!!!

Before I could start with these important steps let me categorize them into the following

  1. Site Structure
  2. Content Generation
  3. Promotion

These are the top three categories that one should consider while developing an eCommerce website. This indeed helps with bringing in sales for your business.

1. Site Structure:

The site structure is the most important that deals with customer experience. As customer experience is essential for an eCommerce business, one should be more clear in building a customer-friendly website.

Step 1: The foremost thing that every eCommerce user checks for is the HTTPS certification on your website. As the online market is highly surrounded by hackers it is important to check whether the site is secure enough to handle. Installing an SSL Certificate not only keeps your transactions safe, it is also an important ranking factor that makes your website stay ahead of the competitive crowd.

Step 2: Users do not stay on a website that loads more than 3 seconds and it is obvious that you need to check whether your website is fast enough. Also adhere the rules of core web vitals.

Step 3: Make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Around 80% of users make use of mobile searches.

Step 4: Try to provide compelling meta-descriptions that it may raise your CTR on organic searches.

Step 5: Always make sure that you add Alt-Tags to all your product images as it is really important.

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Step 6: Make sure to have a 301-redirect page for your discontinued product.

Step 7: Do not fail to compress all your product images. On failure, it may affect your loading time that eventually settles in a poor SEO.

Step 8: Make use of keywords in the anchor text in order to rank for specific keywords.

2. Content Generation

Step 9: You can use words like “Free Shipping” this maximizes your page CTR.

Step 10: Make sure to give away product description include your targeted keywords.

Step 11: Make use of action product pages and ensure that the descriptions are compelling enough.

Step 12: Include blogs posts on your website and try to write long-form blog posts in order to rank organically.

Step 13: Try to generate sales funnel based content on each stage of buyer’s persona.

Step 14: You can even include free content on your blogs if you are not able to generate a long form of content.

Step 15: Video content could play an important role when it comes to eCommerce. You could include video content that brings in enormous traffic to your website.

3. Promotion:

Step 16: Social proofs and testimonials could highly impact customer and around 80% of consumers rely on them.

Step 17: Content is always the king. Try generating more content and get them shared on social platforms to flood in traffic.

Step 18: Customer reviews are also a form of content. Allow customer reviews on your product page.

Step 19: Get your website listed on review websites like Yelp. This could improve traction on your website. By doing this you increase local sales.

Step 20: Try to participate in forums like Reddit that is related to your product. This could give you chances to improve sales.

Provided you could make use of tools that could drive in better traffic and analyze your website every now and then. You need to be aware of what is going on on your website.

Most eCommerce website owners fail not only to maintain but to notice what is happening on their website. It is high time for eCommerce owners to be mindful of the happenings on their eCommerce website. I would like to extend a few more helpful tools that could help users.

  • Rankmath SEO plugin could help with removing any missed on-page SEO stuff.
  • LSI keywords could help with generating semantic keywords that add more contexts.
  • Add Social Media button. It eventually helps users to share any product on social platforms which they like.
  • Pinterest can also help you to increase organic traffic up to 67%.
  • You can gather ideas by using Amazon suggestions for product categories.
  • Make use of screaming frog to crawl your site for 404 errors or duplicate content.

Wrap Up:

It is not that simple to improve organic traffic on an eCommerce website. At times you need some help in order to improve your click-through rates.

These 20 strategies are common for eCommerce start-ups businesses and they can be used boldly for an improved conversion rate. Always try to remember, it is really important to concentrate on SEO at the same time. Starting from product description till content generation you are provided a lot of opportunities to establish your business.

Never miss or try to skip any of these strategies to obtain a perfect conversion rate. If I have missed any of the valuable points, do let me know through your comments.

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