Impressum Meaning and How to Apply it to FB Fan page?

Impressum, a kind of about us, privacy policy and disclaimer, is one of the most important features in Facebook. As we all knows that Facebook gives value to their users and don’t want any type of miscommunication between Facebook page and users. Either it is small business, multinational business or the entertaining page, cricket updates page, one needs to clear the policy about their page and that’s where the Impressum comes into the role. So let’s talk about Impressum and how could you fill it according to your business area or field of your page.

What is Impressum?

What is Facebook Impressum and How to Apply it to FB Fan page

Impressum is a Latin word described as ‘Legal Statement of Ownership’ ‘Legal Notice and Disclosure’. Today, Facebook is having millions of traffic and the small miscommunication or misleading can harm the Facebook users and that’s the reason adding an Impressum is law in few countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland etc. If you are Indian, it’s up to you whether you want to add it or not.

If you build any website, app or game, it’s required to have About Us and Terms of Condition (TOS) Page, and that’s why Facebook added an ‘Impressum’ option.

How to Write an Impressum for Facebook Page?

  1. Name and Address of your Business/Organization
  2. Contact Information with Name of Owner/Manager of the Page
  3. Explain about page nature in accordance with your local law
  4. Detailed and legal information about your Facebook fan page.

Suppose you are running a page which adds funny stuff to entertain others then you should mention that “This page is not made for any type of illegal activity or it’s just made for fun.” If you are running a page through which you are getting business then you should mention your business policy so that the users can decide accordingly.

You could write Impressum as long as 2000 characters in which you could draw all the necessary details about your page either it’s a gaming page, a Hollywood page or a local business page. If you write it properly, you get more chance to grab the business so don’t take it for granted, work on it and get the job done!

If you are struggling in creating your own Impressum about your Facebook page then you could use some other’s Impressum information to get the idea. You could change your Business name, owner name, email id, official phone number. Though many Impressum is already added to Facebook Pages, many business owners still feel  uncomfortable to add this portion because it’s some sort of legal bound and limitation which owners need to take care.

How to add Facebook Impressum into a Fan Page?

How to add Facebook Impressum into a Fanpage
  1. Firstly Login into your Facebook Account.
  2. Go to “Your Pages
  3. Select the page in which you want to add Impressum.
  4. Once you visit page, there is option on Sidebar i.e. “About Us”
  5. About Us > Edit Impressum
  6. Write down 2000 character about your legal terms and business.
  7. Click on ‘Save’ button.

If you follow the steps as given above, it would be very easy for you to add Impressum. This Impressum could be shown by your Facebook fan page users in “About US” section.

Still Having Problem in Creating Impressum? – Here is Impressum Generator for your Facebook Fan Page!

While searching for Impressum Generator, I didn’t find any generator with the primary language of English. Few of the good Impressum generators are listed below which you could use to create your own imprint.

Impressum Generator Germany

In Germany, People are using this website to generate their personalized imprint for the private or commercial use of any website, blog or Facebook page. You need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on ’Create an Imprint’
  3. If you need Imprint in the english version, just open Google Chrome and then click on ‘translation’ button for understanding the language.
  4. Use “Sample Data or Real Data”
  5. In Sample data, they will show you the method of generating Impressum.
  6. In real data, you need to answer their questions and add your own information.
  7. According to nature of the business you choose, they will give you Impressum for using anywhere on blog or website.

There are few other Impressum generators like, eRecht24, Deutsche-an Walt hotline which can help you to create your own customized and personalized imprint.

When I was creating Impressum for my page, I didn’t know about these tools and then I search for it on YouTube and there I got to know about the use of this Impressum, how could we impress our facebook fan page user by adding customized and personalized Impressum.

Adding an Impressum and adding a quality Impressum are two different things. If you are a real hard working guy, you should go with adding an impressive imprint. You must check out few Youtube videos, create the Impressum by above Impressum generator and then edit it accordingly.

I hope you like the post and will work on your Impressum. Please let me know 2-things now:

  1. Being an Admin, Which option of Facebook page you like the most?
  2. Will you add Impressum or not? Specify the reason

Your feedback helps us to work in a better way so I hope you will give us your precious time in writing about Impressum and other qualities of Facebook pages.

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    • you need to increase the engagement on your fb fan page. just publish the viral kind of content related to your niche. or you can run fb ads.

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