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  1. Nikita Sharma says:

    Hi Nikhil, thanks for this very nice and interesting post.

    1. I’m glad you liked it.

  2. Hi

    Thanks for this awesome aricle.

    I have one question related to facebook –

    I have one fb gorup where 32k members are. When i publish article there i get only 5-10 click.

    Can you tell me how to make reach of my post to all group member??


    1. you need to increase the engagement on your fb fan page. just publish the viral kind of content related to your niche. or you can run fb ads.

    2. you need to increase engagement on the group. with only members, you can’t get traffic. Daily publish something related to group and be active in the group. Answer the query of the people.

  3. Hello Nikhil,
    Great post by you. Thanks for sharing, this is really a very interesting.

    1. Thanks for reading. I hope you understood what is impressum.

  4. Hi Nikhil,
    Great post. I encounter many time with Impressum and always left it blank because I was not aware about it. But today, you cleared each and every doubt about this.

    Thanks for such a great article.


    1. NOw you should feel it to your page.

  5. Hello,
    Great post indeed. Thanks for sharing such useful info. Because most of us was not aware of “impressum”.

    1. you should start filling it for every page now. It really helps..

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