10 Super Easy Image Optimization Best Practices for Your Website

10 Image Optimization Best Practices

At several instance, we don’t optimize the images correctly in our website. It becomes harder to rank website until all the elements of a web page get SEO optimized.  We should pay extra attention to the images because they can get us organic traffic if optimized correctly. Therefore, I have decided to compose a post having best image optimization practices for every website.

The main part of this post is the video that you can see above. This video contains the top 10 images optimization best practices that pros use each time to optimize images in their blogs.

Now, you would think –

why should you optimize the images?

I get you the reasons.

  1. Google crawlers don’t understand the images.
  2. heavy images can increase the loading time of a website

Now, you got the enough reasons to optimize images on your website or blog.

I won’t tell you everything here about the image optimization. This video covers image optimization best practices what I am talking about.

Through this video, you can easily understand how to practice the best image optimization advices.

Downlod the pdf:

It contains the links I am taking about in the video.

Over to You

What tips did you find most effective in this video?

If you know any other tips which can be a part of this post, happily share via commenting below. I would love to discuss them here and share this post as much as possible on social sharing sites.


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