How to Write a Blog Post with Good SEO

Content generation for every next blog post is not an easy task. Many bloggers face this issue several times and think – “How to Write a Blog Post with Good SEO“.

With some easy techniques, they can learn how to come up with new ideas for every next blog post. However, it is not enough to have a list of new ideas in your hand. You have to write the Seo Friendly Content that you would attract organic traffic from giant search engines.

For a better page optimization, you must have the knowledge- how to write a blog post that drives traffic. In this article, you will learn content idea generation techniques and what you should actually do after publishing an article. I am going to cover every aspect which is required to write a quality content that ranks in the first page in the search engine results. My blog writing tips will help you to write an appealing content for your blog.

In this article, you will learn content idea generation techniques and what you should actually do after publishing an article. I am going to cover every aspect which is required to write a quality content that ranks in the first page in the search engine results. My blog writing tips will help you to write the appealing content for your blog.

In the mean time you can also access the list of Best Blogging Niches.

Problem Solved: How to Write a Blog Post with Good SEO

  1. Idea to Write Appealing Content
  2. How to do Keyword Research
  3. How to write A post using effective on-page techniques?
  4. Off page Techniques

1. Idea to Write Appealing Content

Since most of the blogger’s struggle with getting new ideas regarding the next blog post, having the secrets of generating unique ideas allow you to come up with a great content every time.

Many beginners or even experienced bloggers eventually face this issue. According to Neil Patel, every blogger should always try to write a blog post that solves any specific problem. – This kind of post usually gets more shares and likes as well as ranks high in the Search engine results.

Another important thing, readers must be your first priority. The search engine giant- Google strives to make search results relevant to users. While you write reader-friendly content, and competition on that topic is very low then you will naturally get traffic to the post.

Now come on the strategies that help to get a trending idea to write next blog post.

Strategy#1 Spying on Probloggers:

Isn’t it a simple technique? Don’t you know how? Let me explain you.

Most of the bloggers follow some expert bloggers in the same niche. So, why should not take an idea from their blog posts.

You could explore their recent blog post or may pick up an old one, but keep in mind; possibly it would be evergreen content.

For example, I saw a blog post shared on Facebook. This evergreen post was written by the Darren Rowse- an expert blogger from the

This post was posted in the year 2013. However, it is relevant yet in 2022. Darren usually loves to write evergreen content. The actual advantage of evergreen content which I got to know after reading this article is that you do not have to write lots of posts.

As this above content once you write an evergreen content, it always gets the love of visitors regardless the date of posting. So, always try to take a step towards evergreen content. If you write an excellent article, you might see people sharing that piece of content even after 4 or 5 years.

You could spy on the popular blog and eventually you come up with a solid idea you can write about.

If you do not know about any popular blog, then I am listing here few most popular blogs of internet marketing. My own blog’s niche is same; therefore, I am listing here internet marketing blogs. These popular blogs also help to learn blogging efficiently.

If you are blogging in another niche, just go to Google and write the following phrase. It will show blogs in your niche.

“Your keyword” + “blog”

E.g. “internet marketing” + “blog”

List of Popular Blogs


If you don’t know who the competition are – You can use the SEMRUSH to find out the other sites in your own niche. To do so, Go to Semrush and plug in your website or any site of your niche which is already ranking. Scroll down and look for Main Organic Competitors to check out the competing sites.

Go to each of the sites and check their top ranking keywords. You can also use the SEMRUSH for keyword research. Analyze the keywords and write blog posts.

Strategy #2 Grab Idea from News

Yes, it is true. You could write a stunning post for your blog just by going through the news. Economic times and Google news are the two great examples to grab an idea for a blog post. Read your niche articles. It will help you to get an instant idea to write.

You could easily read posts on economic times. However, numerous people might not know about Google News. To get related articles in your niche, just go to Google and write your keyword phrase such like in below image.

As you click on the News tab (in red color) and all the related posts to the “Internet Marketing” niche begin to display on the screen. If you write daily one post on your blog, this trick will help you to get instant ideas.

Strategy #3 Social Media

Social media is often a great place to get next blog post idea. You can find what is popular on Social Media networks and write a related post. I am not supporting here to rewrite any pre-written post. I am just asking to take an idea.

An ultimate web site, helps to know what is trending on popular social media networks.

You can see here the post links followed by the Total engagement data related to term “internet marketing“.

This data allows you to find out what is trending on social media. We can get numerous content ideas from here.

Strategy #4 Scan Social Bookmarking Sites, Forums and Blog Directories

Reddit is most popular social bookmarking sites in the world where you can find articles related to almost anything. Go to Reddit and search anything like content writing and you will get multiple posts related to your topics. It can give you a good headstart.

You can also explore these social bookmarking sites as well to get more content ideas. In forums, people talk about the things they are facing issues with. You could write a blog post that solves a specific problem and share link in the forums. It will generate traffic to your post.

To find a relevant Forum related to any niche search like this in GOOGLE.

“Niche” + Forum

If we want to search forums related to SEO. Then expression should be like this –


It gives the following results.

The another choice for blog post an idea is to explore the Blog directories. In these directories, you get a chance to read a variety of blog posts on different topics. They could be a inspiration to write an effective blog post.

Strategy #5 Question & Answer Websites

Question and answer sites are the great resource to have an idea to write about. The best examples of these kinds of sites are Yahoo answer and Quora. You can compose a post on the frequently asked questions and share post link on the relevant questions. It will drive a massive traffic to your website.

Other tips for brilliant post ideas are as follows:

  • Put a habit of reading
  • Keep a small notebook in your pocket or note down the quick ideas on your mobile.
  • Share your review about a product
  • Share case studies

2. How to Find Keyword for Your Next Blog Post

Keywords research is the crucial task for writing a quality post. If it has done in a right way, we could generate massive traffic to our blogs. Keyword has two types:

  • Generic keywords
  • Long tail keywords

Generic Keywords: These kinds of keywords are generally contains 1 or 2 words. Getting a high rank in SERP on generic keywords in difficult than the long tail keywords because most of the people work on these keywords. A big group of bloggers targeting the same keyword is tough compared to a long tail keyword having less completion.

Example of Generic Keyword: SEO

Long Tail Keywords: These keywords contain more than 3 words. It is easy to rank long tail keywords in the SERP compare to generic ones and eventually, they give better conversion results.

E.g. Make money blogging

To get expected result, you should focus on the long tail keywords. There are various free keyword suggestion tool, which help in searching on LT Keywords. I saw a blog post sharing the best keyword suggestion tools and thought to share with you.

Best Tools for Keyword Research (As Voted by 58 Online Marketing Experts)

#1: SEMrush (34 votes)
#2: Keyword Planner Tool (33 votes)
#3: Keyword (13 votes)
#4: Buzzsumo (9 votes)
#5: Google Trends (7 votes)
#6: Ubersuggest and (Adwords) (6 votes)
#7: KWFinder (4 votes)

These are best keyword tools marked by the 58 industry experts taken from You can choose one or more (according to relevance) to search keywords for your blog post. Some of them are paid in this list. As a newbie blogger, I use SEMRUSH personally.

If you want to get more information about keyword research using SEMRUSH, watch the below Video –

If you want a free alternative use Ubersuggest, which gives me best results for any keywords. It has some country related option. We can choose an available country to which you want to target and get the maximum results.

3. How to Write A post Using Effective On-Page Seo Techniques?

Before going on post writing, we need to understand the on-page seo techniques that are related to each aspect of blog post writing. On-page SEO is basically related to the content which is placed on your blog. It includes title, body content, heading tags (h1, h2……..h6), page navigation, proper placement of keywords, URL and Meta description. The on-page optimization increases the post visibility and helps to appear easily in SERP (search engine results page). It also pays in terms of organic search and conversion rate.

If we say that on-page Seo techniques help to appear in top search engine results then it will not be wrong. We will discuss the best practices of on-page SEO which most of the expert bloggers use.

#1 Content:

One quote which is very popular in bloggers is “content is king”, which is very true. If someone writes a quality blog post, then a large fraction of work end up already.The quality of the post must be the first priority before thinking – how search engine bots take your content.

Good quality content establishes your reputation as an expert. It gets you high traffic, social sharing and lots of love of readers in the form of blog comments.

In the Seo perspective, if you add keywords at relevant places in your content, it gives an extra boost to your content in search engine ranking. Links should look natural. If you overdo this thing, then it comes under the keyword stuffing and Google puts a penalty on your blog.

Your content should be more than 300 words in any case or long as it could be of 2k to 3k words depends on the sort of article you are writing.

2# Title:

The Title is very important part of any post. Acceding to Moz, if you write title within 55 characters, then it gets maximum exposure and helps to appear clearly on Google search results. It also encourages people to click on the post because most of the people decide to read or skipping the post just by looking over the title.

Here are two examples of powerful titles/headlines from backlinko.

These titles directly trigger the emotions of the viewers and encourage clicking on the post.

Moreover, you should try to write descriptive headlines and make sure the target keyword will be placed at the beginning as they are favorable to search engines.

I am writing here 3 titles. You have to find which is more effective?

Tips to Write Assignment

Mind-blowing Tips to Write Assignment in an Easy Way

Assignment writing Tips: Secrets to Get Good Marks

What say? Which one is powerful? Obviously, you are pointing to the third headline. It contains the keywords “Assignment writing tips” in the beginning of the title. The powerful headline excites the reader’s desire to be clicked on the title and to read what is in it.

Read: powerful words list to write catchy titles

My fellow blogger Metz has shared a simple formula on my blog myquickidea to write an effective title. I really admire her way to write the headlines.

Number or Trigger word + Adjective + Keyword + Promise

Isn’t it a great trick to include all the ingredients that entice the visitors.

Another expert way of writing a good title is that it would hide a secret in itself. These kinds of titles usually grab the attention of readers.

” How To Change Your Life For The Better – 33 Things You Can Do”

This headline is hiding the truth of a better life, so it immediately inspires readers to take an action.

Neil Patel – An online marketing expert, suggest a best way to write a post title by looking at the magazine cover. He asks to look over titles and description at front page of the magazine. For an example I am giving you here a screenshot of his blog post- where to steal the blog idea.

He has gone through the Isuu and clicked randomly on any magazine cover. Here it shows what he suggests. Just look over the headlines and create yours. He read this description and come up with following headlines.

The power of headlines can be analyzed through the free headline analyzer – Co-Schedule Headline Analyzer. If it is showing results nearby 70% or above, you wrote a great title.

3# Internal Linking:

Internal linking portrays that you have enough content on your blog. Using 2 or 3 internal links with relevant anchor text is a best practice.

4# URL:

  • Make sure your primary keyword will come in the URL in the beginning.
  • It shouldn’t contain any stop words such as ‘the’, ‘a’ or ‘an’.
  • Use only 3 to 6 words in URL.

5# Meta Description:

Meta description shows beneath the URL in the search results. You should write an attention grabbing description, including the targeted keywords. Limit it with the 156 characters by placing the keywords near to the front as much as possible.

It won’t raise your post higher in SERP, but increases the chance to get clicked by readers on the bases of your description quality.

6# ALT tag:

This tag is used with the image. It helps the search engine bots knowing what’s the image about. Always use the keyword in the ALT tag. It increases the chance to be found by the image search.

Always remember, do not let upload images with complicated name such as ‘123’ or any code.

You can use a popular Plugin- WP SEO by Yoast. It provides an analyzed report on on-page optimization and helps to understand all the things clearly.

Watch this Video to Learn in-depth ON Page SEO :-

4. Off Page Seo Techniques

After publishing a post, you are likely to do lots of work such as promoting content, sending emails to the bloggers with you have linked to your post.

Off page seo techniques are considered as a link building techniques. After publishing a post, let search engines know that you have a new blog post on your blog. You can help search engines by placing post link on high domain authority blogs/websites. The quality backlinks help to generate massive traffic. If you are using any monetization method on your blog, you can earn money with your blog.

I am listing here some most trending off-page SEO techniques to get high backlinks to your blog post.

– Forum Posting

Forum posting is a medium to share knowledge. We can place queries there and get solution in hand as lots of members remain active to contribute in these kinds of forums.

You may establish your expertise by helping other members. Some bloggers try to spam over these forums with their post links. So avoid doing to prevent frequent ban.

As a key of getting traffic from forums, you should help others members and after some time begin to place links smartly.

Go through this link. It contains a list of do follow forums.

To find a relevant forum in your niche. Try putting the following phrase in Google to get the relevant results.


– Guest Posting:

Guest posting is now these days most trending way to get do-follow backlinks. You always make sure to have a link from an authoritative blog which has High Domain Authority.

– Build links through Relationship Building:

Relationship building is similar as we make relations with our neighbors. You should always have the intention of helping other bloggers. It increases your authority in your niche.

Try to find fellow bloggers in the same niche. Join them on social media and comment on their blogs. It helps in broadening relations with them. Then you can ask them to link to well-researched article on your blog.

– Blog Comments:

Blog commenting is a way to communicate directly with the authors. Be first to comment on your favorite blogger’s blog post. Most of time, the first few comments from the readers get success to draw the attention of the blog owner. Keep these things in mind while you post a comment on any blog post.

  • Read the entire post first, after then place a valuable comment. In return you will get honor by owner’s side.
  • Do not put a comment of 1 or 2 lines. Most of the bloggers use Akismat Plugin for WordPress, so it has high chances that your comment will go in the spam folder. Thus, you only waste your time.
  • Comment should be at least 4 to 5 sentences long by describing the main points of the blog post.
  • Be specific, do not stretch it needlessly.

– Social Media

Social media has a great role to get a blog post high volume of traffic. You should consider four main social media sites to increase your blog traffic.

Sometimes other fellow bloggers link out to your Top engaging Posts. So keep sharing your top articles on social media platforms.

– Social Bookmarking Sites:

Social bookmarking sites get you a great opportunity to build links on High DA websites. Some of them offer do-follow backlinks.



In this article you have learned about:

  1. Content idea Generation
  2. Keyword Research
  3. On-Page Optimization
  4. Off Page Seo Technique

I have tried to put each information that will help you to write an appealing content. Maybe I forgot to write something informative which is in your knowledge. Kindly share those valuable informations in the comment box. I will definitely add them in this article.

If you have learned something valuable from this post that could help you in writing an engaging article and traffic generation, kindly share this post link with your friends on social media networks.

How do you optimize your blog post?

Do you use any other off page Seo technique which is not in this post?

What tool do you use for keyword research?

Share your own experience of blogging through commenting below. I would love to discuss this interesting topic with you.

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