How to View Private Instagram Profiles

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media platforms among youngsters but the private account sometimes becomes disturbing when you wanted to see the profile of someone special.

Many times it happens when we were looking for someone or wanted to find an Instagram account of our crush or anyone in such situation if we see private account this creates disappointment but do you know that it is possible to see private Instagram accounts.

If you are also wondering and thinking that how will you see private profiles of anyone on Instagram then we are here with different methods which will help you in looking at them.

How to see Private Instagram

How to View Private Instagram Profiles

If you thought that after making your accounts private no one will able to look over your photos and videos then let us disclose the biggest truth, even after making profiles private there are various tools available which allow anyone to look into your profiles.

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On Instagram, there is an option of sharing your Instagram photos to other social media platform like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc which makes the access for other users toward your profile easy and they can scroll your profile comfortably.

In the settings, we have seen two different options from which one is Public and other one is Private. According to Instagram guidelines if your account is set to public then anyone is able to look over your contents, uploaded photos and anyone can follow you. Similarly in the private account, everything is opposite. The followers are only able to send you following request and it is up to you whether want to accept or reject. For the users of Private account, only your followers will be able to look at photos and videos uploaded by you on Instagram.

If you are interested in looking to someone’s private account it is also possible, here we are providing you different methods by which you are able to view private Instagram profiles very easily.

1. By Sending Follow Request

By Sending Follow Request

This is first legal and easiest method to look at someone’s private account completely free. Let us come to follow some steps by which you can look at the profile of your choice.

* If you are having a crush on someone or wanted to spy on someone by looking over their Instagram pictures then the simplest and easiest way of it is by sending the following request to them. If the person whom you want follow is having a private Instagram account then they will get notified of the same.

* If you do not want to wait for getting your request to be accepted then you can also send them a private message with all of your feelings and tell them what you feel. It may be possible that opposite person also feels the same for you or have interest in you then maybe your request get accepted or get a follow back. We also suggest you make your profile attractive and impressive so that you will also get follow back and your request to be accepted.

* Do not express your feelings in a filmy way as it should look real and positive. As these personal requests sometimes may leave a good impression and there are chances that your request will get approved.

2. By Making A Fake Account

By Making A Fake Account

If you don’t want to take any chance and are intended to look at someone’s profile then we are also having another option if in case the first method fails. So, this second option of creating a fake account will be the best option for you the only thing you should remember is to make your account attractive and in an ethical way. Below we are going to provide you some of the basic points by following them the chances that your request will be accepted gets an increase.

* If you wanted to look at the private account of any girls then it will be best to create a fake account of girl’s profile. You may be thinking why to make a female account, it is because this will help you in getting your account accepted with high chances. As accounts of a male are easy to look because most of them are public or either your request will get accepted very soon but spying in the female account is quite difficult so for building a trust you should make a fake account of the female.

* Next to make account look like upload a real photograph of the girl and their interest with attractive DP of girl and a real profile will definitely help you in increasing chances of acceptance.

* Another option you can do is making your account private as this will increase a kind of curiosity in the opposite person to look into your profile, so it can be a good point of making your Instagram profile as private.

* Next, after you are done by making your profile to look as real. Now you are free to send follow request to tell one whom you want to and now wait for their response.

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* If you are tired of waiting and your request has not been approved till now then you also have another option of sending a private message to them. Just simply send a message just like in female tone. This will boost up your chances of acceptance.

3. By Using Different Instagram Tools to View Private Account

By Using Different Instagram Tools to View Private Account

There is another last option about which we are going to tell you is this one. To view the profile photos and videos of any private account, there are lots of different tools which will help you in viewing such accounts. This will help you in looking over different accounts without even sending the following request but this method is very risky of trying a tool to view Instagram profiles. This method will help you to find hidden profiles free, let me tell you how.

There are tons of tools available for this but there are lots of websites which can create a scam and use your entire personal information in a bad manner so proper safety is required and everything will be at your own risk. For this you can follow below mentioned simple steps:

* First of all, you have to visit online applications such as or or to view Instagram profiles.

* After reaching over that online site then you will be asked for your Instagram username, then use the option what you want to do view picture or download the one it is all up to you.

* In next step you will be required to give some of your personal information which is quite risky and I will suggest you not to give any of your data to these sites.

* After completing all basic steps next you will be redirected toward the private account you wanted to view or download.

* You are unable to download such apps or sites whenever you wanted to look at any specific data it will be necessary to go online through the web browser.

I hope you got the answer of your questions “How to View Private Instagram Profiles“. These simple methods can help to spy any instagram profile very easily. Share your experience after implementing these methods. Also share  your personal methods to spy on any private Instagram account successfully.

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