Best Ways to Use Mobile as a CCTV Camera without Using the Internet

Do you have your old smartphone? Is its camera working perfectly? If yes, then be ready to make the worth of every penny you spend on your smartphone.

People are always asking, “How can I use my mobile as a CCTV camera?” If you, too, are searching for the perfect answer to this question, you have landed on the perfect page.

How to Use Mobile as CCTv Camera Without Internet

This article will let you know how you can make the best of your old mobile by converting it into a CCTV camera.

So let’s dive into the words of worth and use your mobile as a CCTV camera.

How Can I Use Mobile as CCTV Camera Without Using the Internet?

So when it comes to the best use of your mobile, converting your mobile into a CCTV camera is the perfect choice for you. And it is a big deal to convert your mobile into a CCTV camera.

There are tons of apps available in the online world that can help you make your mobile your security camera.

I have used lots of apps with my mobile to make it CCTV, but believe me, every app creates a glitch in between. And when it comes to reliability, the only app I can consider is the Alfred camera and the IP webcam. They have tons of features, like you can have two-way audio support and record on your viewing device, and most importantly, they are easy to use.

But if you ask me to choose the best between the two, I will go with an IP webcam. It relies solely on the device’s built-in access point, which is the best part and USP of the IP webcam; besides, with the help of an IP webcam, you can monitor your home even without the Internet.

Is IP Webcam Reliable?

Yes, you can rely completely on IP Webcam.

It is a streaming web application that helps your mobile convert into a CCTV camera. If you have a smartphone (android), you can also download this from the play store without paying any charges.

It is used worldwide with almost every electronic device, including your laptops, IPads, and tablets. The main objective of this app is to convert your mobile into a CCTV camera.

One hundred thousand users on Google Play have downloaded it. It maintains its rating at 4.4, which lets us know about the greatness of this app. It is a very versatile app and so the users’ favorite.

If you want to use its pro version, you need to pay the charges to upgrade its features. The pro version allows you to record clear videos and images with crystal clear recordings. In the Pro version, you can enjoy the recordings without a watermark. With this, you can get the motion detector feature with the Pro version.

This app also gives you access to cloud storage, but it is up to you if you want to use it.

Steps to Turn your Mobile into CCTV Camera

Here I am sharing the easiest way to turn your old Android phone into a CCTV system without Internet. You need an IP webcam. The process is very easy, and you can run it with any viewing device.

Step 1: First, you need to install the IP webcam app from the Google Play store on your Android smartphone. This app needs only 21 MB of space on your mobile phone.

Step 2: After installing the IP webcam app on your old mobile phone, you need to turn on the mobile hotspot. On the mobile hotspot, it creates a wireless Wi-Fi access point. With this, you can easily connect your device and adjust your viewing camera.

Step 3: Find if other camera apps are active, and close them to prevent interference.

Step 4: Open your installed Ip webcam. It will then show the interface with some features, including camera effects, sound and motion detection, and video settings to adjust the viewing angles and quality.

Step 5: Set the camera as per your requirements and preference. You can use the security system both indoor and outdoor.

Step 6: Go to th bottom of the IP webcam and click on the “Start Server” command. The camera app will open, and you will find the webpage address at the bottom of the screen. And if you are using a router, you will find two web addresses including IPv4, and IPv6. But it shows only when your router is IPv6 compatible.

Step 7: Connect your device with the Wi-Fi you have created using your mobile. Keep charge your both devices for a hassle-free process.

Step 8: Open the browser of your choice on the viewer device and type in one of the web addresses displayed on your old Android phone. The web address contains your IP address.

Step 9: After following the above steps, you will find your android and camera are successfully paired. You will find various settings on your viewing device that help you set the security camera according to your requirements. Complete all the settings and set your device on the maximum settings for optimum usage.

Step 10: We use the mobile as a CCTV without the Internet, so we need to use the VLC media player. Just download and install the VLC player on your smartphone. Launch it and run it on your mobile. Click on the menu and tap on “Open Network Stream.” From the 8th step, the key in your old Android phone camera phone address. Insert it, and your mobile phone is ready to use as a CCTV without using the Internet.

That’s all..!!

So here I have shared the best ways to use mobile as a CCTV Camera without using the Internet. This is the best way to use old mobiles than to spend extra bucks. Just follow the simple steps and enjoy the security footage on your mobile. If you have any questions regarding the steps, you can ask me in the comments; I will prove you the perfect solution as soon as possible.

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