How To Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account?

Transfer Stocks to and From a Robinhood Account
  • With Robinhood, you can transfer (Outbound) full or partial stocks.
  • To Complete the Outbound Transfers you need to pay a fee of $75.
  • If you transfer all of your stocks from Robinhood’s account, your broker will completely close your account.
  • Before outbound transfer always remembers to clear your balance, you should not have a negative balance or any account restrictions. If so, you have to face a delay in stock transfer.

So, an account swing is swinging in your mind? Do you want to transfer the stocks to another brokerage platform? I think you may realize that you can get a profitable deal with some other brokers with lower costs and higher features. So, you want to try something new.

Ever since Robinhood has set a limit to some of its shares, their customers have had the same feeling. If you too are a Robinhood customer and want to transfer the shares, don’t worry, there are some ways to transfer your stock from Robinhood to another account. You just have to go through a very simple process with some new things that you must know. So in this blog, we will provide you with complete information regarding Transfer stocks in and from Robinhood.

Here you go.

How Can I Transfer Stocks From Robinhood?

Transfer stocks from Robinhood comprise very easy steps. You just need to decide whether to transfer a full account or a partial one. And the transfer requires a service called Automated Customer Account Transfer Service (or ACATS) transfer. If you opt for complete or full account transfer your account will be immediately closed whereas in partial transfer only the stocks under the transaction will not be transferred rest you can transfer.

For all this transferring process, you need to pay a fee of $75.

So before initiating a transfer process you must clear your balance (It must not be negative) or any restrictions imposed on your account. Otherwise, you have to wait for a long time to sort everything out. You need to contact the firm to open your account to initiate the transfer process. And that firm will contact Robinhood to start with the transfer process.

Robinhood always prioritizes the ACATS to transfer the account. However there are other options too such as DTC, but transferring using ACATS is the safest option that you must consider.

How can I Transfer Stock from Fidelity to Robinhood?

As you know the safest option of transferring securities from one account to another is the ACAT system. But Robinhood suspended the ACAT transfers and this creates the hurdle in account transfers.

Don’t worry we have one more way to transfer your account from one brokerage to another. But it just takes a little more effort. But still, we will tell you how this whole process happens.

Just make a cash position. Liquidate your holdings at Fidelity and it will be very easy to transfer your account to another bank account. So, whenever you complete this process, don’t forget to contact Fidelity to close your account. By doing this, it will be shown that account transfers are made by an authorized person, and nobody has fraudulently used your account.

When you get the cash you can move funds to Robinhood. With the help of an inbound ACH transfer, you can move your funds.

Finally, log in to your Robinhood account. Go to settings and click on Transfers. A link is popped with the “Add Account” name in green color. Click on that link and you will be fully set to link your external bank account.

How Can I Transfer Stock From Stockpile to Robinhood?

The stockpile was founded by Avi Lele and was launched in 2010 in San Francisco, USA. Initially, Stockpile started its working to help children to start investing. And currently, they have extended their business, and anybody irrespective of their age can trade with Stockpile.

Stockpile never charges any annual fee and you need to pay a minimum premium for investment.

To start working with Stockpile, you need to go to a broker to receive your stock. A recent account statement has been required from Stockpile. You can easily download the statement in the Documents section of the Stockpile app.

Whenever you initiate the transfer process, Robinhood sends the series of instructions to Stockpile and then the transfer process begins with the collaboration of both parties.

For the outbound transfer, you need to pay a fee of $75. Your every share will be converted into cash and money will be moved from traded stock, this is for partial transfer.

If you want to transfer your full stock, you need a new account (at Stockpile, if you want to invest at Stockpile) your stockpile account will be restricted. They do so to ensure the safety of your cash and stock. You will be notified when your stock transfer is completed. 

How Can I Transfer Stock From Robinhood to WeBull?

As you have already known, when we do an outbound transfer from a Robinhood account to an external account we need to pay a fee of $75. So when your stock is transferred from Robinhood this amount will be slashed from your Robinhood account.

But when you transfer the assets of around $2000, Webull refunds your deducted amount ($75). And you will be offered one free share of stock when you deposit more than $100 just after opening the account.

To start with Webull, you just need to install the Webull app and create your account to ensure smooth operations. Click on the Trade option and select the account you want to open with. Keep in mind the account you are opening in Webull should be similar to your account with Robinhood. After that, you need to request ACATS. Click on Deposit, then click on Transfer, you will see a “Transfer to Webull” option click on that and submit the transfer form.

It will take around one week to complete the whole process.

How Can I Transfer Stocks from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade?

If you want to trade in Forex and Mutual funds TD Ameritrade is the best option. Select the ACATS to transfer your account from Robinhood to TD Ameritrade as it is the fastest option out there. All the transactions will be done electronically without any paperwork.

First of all, you need to open an account with TD Ameritrade. It should be a brokerage account and should match the account (every detail) you have on Robinhood.

After opening, transfer your Robinhood account into TD Ameritrade. To start the transferring process, go to your new account. Click on my account and tap on the Account transfer option. After clicking on Account transfer, you will be redirected to a new page with a transfer form. Then click on the green transfer button.

You need to enter the number and title of your Robinhood account. Always keep in mind that the title should match the one you have entered in the transfer form. And attract the latest Robinhood statement in your form transfer request.

After completing this process, Robinhood will receive an account transfer request from your new brokerage. During the account transfer process, you are not allowed to trade. Within one week your account transfer process will be completed.

How Can I Transfer Stock From One Robinhood Account to Another Robinhood Account?

Robinhood doesn’t allow account transfer from one Robinhood account to another Robinhood account.

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Hope we have successfully delivered the information about the Robinhood account transfer you are searching for on Google. If still, you want to know anything related to Robinhood, comment below and we will give our best we can.

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