How to Transfer Apple ID Balance to Apple Pay?

Today, the entire world is using the Apple’s products. The dream Steve Jobs saw for the Apple is on the different level today. Apple provides a unique apple id to each apple product user. This apple id may have some balance in it or gift voucher to redeem.

Do you want to transfer Your Apple id balance to Apple pay? If it becomes possible then you can use this money easily. Let me share with you everything about Apple Id balance.

Transfer Apple ID Balance to apple pay

How to Transfer Apple ID Balance to Apple pay?

Sad to say that there is no direct way to transfer Apply id balance to apple pay. However, it is possible to add credit card, debit card or even add prepaid card to the wallet. But you don’t see any option to transfer the apple id balance.

To make life easy, you can make Apple id balance a default payment method, so you don’t need to set it up again and again to make the purchases.

Apple ID Balance to Apple Pay Transfer Fee

None, you don’t need to pay any transfer fee because it is not possible to transfer Apple id balance to Apple pay wallet yet.

You can transfer money to Apple pay wallet through a debit card, credit card or using a prepaid card without paying any transfer fee.

It is possible to use the apple id balance to buy subscription and products, but you can’t transfer apple id balance to apple pay.

Unable to Transfer Apple ID Balance to Apple Pay

There is no such option to transfer Apple id balance to apple pay. This balance can be used to buy things from stores, or buy subscriptions,  but you cannot transfer the apple id balance to apple pay wallet directly. To send money to your Apple wallet, use debit card, credit card, or bank transfer.

 Where Can I Use the Apple ID Balance?

It is allowed to make different types of purchases by using Apple ID Balance. Some of the them are given below-

  • You can pay for the subscriptions like Apple music and iCloud+.
  • You can use balance to buy subscriptions in app store.
  • Balance can be used to purchase games, in-app purchases, and apps. 
  • You can also use balance to buy e-books, music, and movies.
  • You can purchase any product via Apple id balance in the apple store.

The point should be noted that not every country users’ can buy the things using Apple id balance. It completely depends on your country. You can use Apple id balance to redeem gifts in some countries like Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and USA.

What Payment Methods I Can use with Apple ID?

Users have given multiple payment options to be used with Apple id. Just use a valid payment method with the Apple id to make payment through it. Please check out below the payment methods you can use with Apple id.

  1. Credit Card
  2. Apple Pay
  3. Debit Card

How to Add Money to my Apple ID Balance?

Let me tell you the way to add money to your apple Id-

  1. Open Apple Store app on your Apple device.
  2. On the top of the app, click on sign in or on your pic.
  3. Go to the bottom, you should see the option ‘add funds’. Click on add funds to apple id.
  4. Next, enter the amount that you want to add to the Apple ID balance.
  5.  Follow on screen instructions to complete the process.


It is clear that you can’t transfer Apple id balance to apple pay but you can use it to make different purchases which we have already talked about in the article. This way, it is possible to cash out the apple id balance.

Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer your Apple ID balance to another account for now. If apple introduces this feature in near future, you will get to know about it on our website.

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